[TAG] NA Community: CANADA - USA tag

Originally posted by Lynyrd:


Since we’re neighbours and all, I thought it’d be nice to have a tag with Canada-USA. :)

…I’m @PamUSAOhio , the last person to tag in the old forum, so am transferring this topic here. Looking for someone from CANADA to tag me, and then someone from USA to tag that person, and so on…

Anyone want to play? :smile:

You can share the postcards you’ve received from this tag on this topic.

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Tag @PamUSAOhio

Tag @roxy

tag @serifluous

tag @JasonDavid

tag traveling yogibear

tag @cj23

Tag @ceceg

Tag @roxy

tag @sannah82

tag @JasonDavid

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tag @theosprey247

Tag @HarleyGirl73

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Tag @KatieM

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Tag @AlbertaGirl71 :us:

tag @dnrhott

Tag @JasonDavid

Tag @theosprey247.

I have your address. :slight_smile:

Tag @roxy

I have your address :grin:

TAG @BarbL