[TAG] LouPaper Tag (anyone can join!)

Tag @angeli91 with national park

Lou paper for me please


Tag @Crystalinne

New Titina & Friends - see album to avoid duplicates

New Hello Kitty - see album to avoid duplicates

New Keep Calm see album to avoid duplicates

New LouPaper see album to avoid duplicates

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Tag @Citrine28 with Keep Calm

Lou Paper state card for me from origin please

I already have- CA, CO, GA, IN, LA, NJ, NC, MD, MU, MO, RI, WI, OH

Tag @journeyforth with state from origin (Michigan)

My wishlist:

Any LouPaper state from origin (I only have FL)
Any other LouPaper
Lantern Press or similar
Greetings From origin (large letters)

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Tag @SharonMI with Greetings From origin (large letters)

Lou Paper for me, please.
Does not need be from origin, but if state card, I already have Florida, Mass, Ohio and Washington. Thank you.

tag @Crystalinne

My Wishlist -

  • Chalk Art Cards
  • LouPaper States (not Maryland or Florida)
  • LouPaper non-state American Themed Cards
  • Cards featuring lemons and dark blue accents
  • Cards from the following states. Origin doesn’t matter! It also doesn’t matter much what is on the card but it should say the state name somewhere on the card. These will be cut up for a school project my child is working on so please don’t send super nice cards but we do want them written. :slight_smile: - Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Tag @Bellusion with a card from North Dakota.

Any new LouPaper for me please.
Here’s what I have already: Set - LouPaper | Flickr

@pammykay I can send you one from Massachussetts:)

My wishlist:

  • loupaper card
    -Inge Löök
    -fox card
  • snoopy card

You can see what I have in my link in my bio

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Tag @Cera1985 with Lou paper
New Lou Paper for me please
This is my collection

Tag @mayritasea with Loupaper MD

My wishes:
– viewcards with street cats from your country (my collection)
– viewcards from US states sent from origin state (my collection)
– view of a town on a mountain (my collection)
– view of a beach/the ocean (my collection)
– view of northern lights from origin (my collection)
– something from my Favorites wall (I also favorite cards I have received, so just please make sure it wasn’t sent to me first)

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Tag @stunclock with new Beach/ocean card

Lou paper for me please.

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Tag @Crystalinne with Lou paper

Lou paper state
Lou paper birds
Lou paper butterflies

Dear @Spender,
You are the “wishlist” part of this tag, so could you please edit to include a full wishlist (which may include LouPaper)?


@Spender can you please list your wishlist that you are interested in receiving. It’s a Loupaper-Wishlist-Loupaper-Wishlist Tag, so you would be receiving a postcard from your “Wishlist”

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not tagging

@Spender This is a LouPaper - wishlist tag, so it alternates a wish for Loupaper and a general wishlist. It’s your turn to post a wishlist.

Next to be tagged @Spender

For now I’ve taken your profile wishlist to keep the tag moving

Cute Illustrations (Animals, drawings, or maps)
Bees, butterflies, birds
Coffee, mugs and coffee shops
Any Lou Paper
Greetings from Series (I have Lichtenstein so far)
Cute spooky cards, maybe witches or mermaids (All year round)
Studio Ghibli (Kik’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Howl’s moving Castle, Totoro & Ponyo)
Disney Cards
Paddington Bear
Theme Parks & Tourist cards
National Park & State Park Cards


tag @Spender with bees/butterflies/birds

loupaper for me plesse :two_hearts:

edit: my collection gallery is still a wip but i have the following: california, birthday, snail mail, pastries

Next to be tagged is :white_check_mark: @sarahaeyo

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Tag @sarahaeyo with LouPaper NC

LouPaper State card (I don’t have any yet. Please send it from state of origin :blush: )
LouPaper any non-state card
Hello Kitty card
Stay Calm card
Harry Potter card
Any cute animals card
Food card

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Edited! Let me know if I need to modify a bit further.
BTW, your profile photo is so cute, I like it!!

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Tag @letshaveadrink LouPaper summer card

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