Surprise me tag!

Surprise me tag!

For this tag, you send a surprise card.

Please first tag @Tolkien

Tag @Tolkien

Tag @Yelena

Tag @AlessiaGordon

Tag @RFS
This is my 1st time to join a tag… So, do I send 1 surprise card to RFS? :smiley: And the next person sends to me?

TAG @Ezzi !

Yes, you are totally right, you send your card to RFS and I send a surprise card to you… :writing_hand:

Tag @towonder :slight_smile:

Tag @melvnoble

Tag @RFS

tag @Rayloo

tag @atlantidochka

tag @UsanduK

tag @emmawon
I have your address :slight_smile:

Tag @Sury

Tag @Rayloo

Tag @RuiH17

tag @iamfromhk

tag @falconplants :slight_smile:

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Tag @mingshu

Tag @wenxincn
I have your address.