Sun science stamps, weird

Maybe (well, absolutely) I need to use more artistry in my stamp combos – good point! I just got the lamp & love that, I haven’t seen the necklace here at my P.O.

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I find it fascinating that some people like these stamps and others don’t. It seems like there’s always a contingent out there who dislikes stamps from the US. This always makes me conflicted about using any stamps at all whenever someone writes on their profile that they want “beautiful stamps”. No matter what I do, I’m going to lose.

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I’m definitely not that harsh! I’m interested/grateful in whatever comes my way. My comment was solely about how I wanted my postcard to look & when I put on a stamp that I had previously thought was awesome, it just didn’t work for me. Some stamps are winners, others OK, others no so much, no matter where they originate. But it’s all just for fun, so nothing serious about my observation - just a comment!

I like these stamps, I’m looking forward to seeing them on a card. I think the US issues a great mix of themes, there’s always something for everyone.


The US actually are one of my favorite countries for stamps, as there are so many designs and very often they’re really pretty. :slight_smile: So don’t worry!

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I love these stamps, I think they’re some of the best that the USPS has put out. That said, I wish they were smaller as they take up a lot of room on my smaller postcards. I love that holographic design, though.

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Agree!!! I love the silver teapot and Tiffany Lamp and the Navajo Necklace series!

American decorative arts!


[High five for American decorative arts]

There’s a Chippendale chair, too!



I just bought a pile of these & slap them on for fun, not because any extra postage is needed!

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I’m getting used to them & finding certain cards, themes that they work fine. Just not on my flowery, “pretty” sends :grin:

Wow, sad and crazy comment to read. The Sun Science stamps are gorgeous. I think they work perfect as stamps. The photo posted with the caption is terrible photography and is most certainly a poor reflection of what the stamps actually look like.

It is disappointing to see such a low quality photo do 0 justice to the stamps and low comment about the US Sun Science stamps.

They are truly beautiful. I would encourage collectors and USA Postcrossing members to get some for sure. Very much worth it.

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@syaffolee That surprises me! I love getting US stamps, I think many of them are very beautiful, including these. The Art of Magic stamp I got from a lovely US Postcrosser last week made me so happy! (And at the same time so irritated, because Canada Post’s offerings look pretty pitiful when compared to the USPS variety.)

It seems my comment is rather misinterpreted by many here & I think that has snowballed into people reading other’s reactions & attributing that to the original thought. I do agree the photo is not the best quality, my bad on that, but otherwise it’s just an opinion & neither sad nor crazy. People have likes & dislikes, I also do not like chocolate chips in chocolate brownies! Too chocolaty, yuck. Wow, insane, what a thing to say. I think our aesthetic interest in various stamps, cards etc. is part of the fun, discourse etc. to be found on PCing. IMHO I mean, after all, it’s only a stamp. :thinking:

I didn’t say anything about “US stamps” except for one stamp that IMO was not as aesthetically pleasing TO ME in general for the look of the postcards I send out – I think the USPS could have done a better job presenting these - that’s all. Other people think otherwise. Not dissing on US stamps, I like US stamps, I agree 100% that many are very beautiful.

I agree.


I was responding to @syaffolee’s statement that she felt conflicted about sending any stamps at all to people who say they want beautiful stamps in their profile because there are people who seem to just dislike US stamps. I was just saying …That surprises me.

Sorry for the confusion, I thought my tagging that poster would make it clear that’s who I was responding to.

I just bought 2 sheets. I love the foil.

I guess they might be a little hard to photograph, but they’re worth it.

As someone who has once dabbled in the space sciences, I must say, these Sun stamps look great. As a philatelist, however, I find them (like so many pictorial issues since the 1950s) quite too many at once. They would be OK in my book if they were the only pictorial issue in, say, about a year. The black background also makes it difficult to read the postmark.

Just joined this group and I thought it was about corresponding with people, but not for critiquing other countries stamps?? I started stamp collecting in the 1990’s and have seen my share of ugly stamps but it never occurred to me to think one way or another about their ‘aesthetic appeal’… my apology if I have offended anybody but maybe my understanding about this group was wrong?