Summer Meeting in Ryazan - 6 July 2024

:world_map: RYAZAN, Ryazan region
:round_pushpin: Central city Library named after S.A. Yesenin, 74 Pervomaysky Prospekt., Ryazan, Ryazan region
:calendar: 06.07.2024
:alarm_clock: 11:00
:page_facing_up: We sign postcards, we communicate


3rd card is beautiful, is it showing any rituals?

This ceremony is held on the second day after the wedding. When the young are already becoming a family. And in the morning they wash and dry themselves together with the same towel. From that time on, they have everything in common. This postcard is dedicated to our holiday, which is celebrated on July 8th. The day of family, love and fidelity.

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@Irina_Eremina Добрый день! Можно с вами обменяться на первую открытку? Могу прийти в ВК в л/с :slightly_smiling_face:

Приходите :slight_smile:

The first one is extremely beautiful!