[suggestion] Please increase likes limit on Forum

Please consider increasing the likes limit multiplier on the forum. I am guessing the current limits are the default discourse limits, but they are limited when likes are the way to send appreciation as much as they can wholesomely, without harming the forum. I am not sure if that will increase the server load, but on a whole it’s worthy tradeoff maybe.

I suggest a multiplier increase by 3x, 5x, 8x, … or something the team can decide for each level perhaps, instead of the default 1x, 1.5x, and 2x for member levels.


As for me the amount of likes is more than enough :slight_smile:

Just try not to be like Instagram Generation people who “likes” every post in it’s feed by default :slight_smile:


I’m the host of the Postcard Set RR and when I do my updates (keeping track of sent and received cards), I always ‘like’ the posts I’ve dealt with. This makes it easier for me to make a distinction, especially since people post different things (joining open groups, sent and received cards for specific or various boxes) which I have to edit 3 different posts for. When I’ve given an update/post my :heart: , it means I no longer have to deal with it. It doesn’t occur very often since I try to update a few times a week, but it has happened that I ran out of likes, which means I have to stop updating :wink: So, in short, I wouldn’t mind having more :hearts: .


When I’m hosting a lottery I “like” each post, and sometimes,when it’s a very popular lottery, I ran out of “likes” so I’d like an increase of likes too :smiling_face::+1:t2:


What is the current limit?

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The difference here would be people picking the posts they follow quite closely instead of Instagram’s default feed algorithm that focuses on attention economy :slight_smile:

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I haven’t noticed, but the default discourse forum limits per level are

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And funnily this happened exactly on that message @June060310 :joy:

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Yes, it is 50 for the base level, I counted today :grin: @Furciferka