If you add a sticker to a postcard, would it require more postage? Either a pretty sticker or an address label.

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No, adding stickers won’t require more postage.


I add stickers to my postcards all the time, and no extra postage is required.

I put washi tape along the bottom; decorative stickers near the stamps or in the body of the text, and I always use a sticker address label because my handwriting is abysmal.

But avoid the thick, puffy stickers - they may create a problem going through the sorting machine

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No, adding a sticker or address label to the card does not require additional postage. The current USPS first class international stamp rate is for a 1 oz. piece of mail; whether it’s a postcard or a card in an envelope. For US mail, I believe the domestic postcard stamp rate is also for 1 oz. Either way, that means you can definitely add some stickers :smile:
The only thing to watch out for is puffy stickers. Those may be too thick to go through the sorting machines, and therefore would require additional postage.

Here’s some related forum topics if you want to explore different ways members decorate their cards.

Have fun! :earth_africa:

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USPS postage rates are based on the size and weight of the item. For example they charge extra for oversized postcards. I would use a regular first class stamp for these.