[Stamps] UK stamps, prices, Royal Mail & Post Office matters

Got my first delivery today since last Wednesday - 55 cards! I think my regular postman is on holiday.


Hello , they are not sealed and are for mailing. I normally get one with each new set and use for someone who prefers an envelope


Hi All :wave:t3:

I received a Postcard of Doom yesterday from RM, I’m loathed to pay the £5 ransom they’re insisting upon without knowing what it is.

So, two questions…

  1. has anyone sent me a postcard/BITE in recent weeks that I have not thanked them for?

  2. can this only be regarding an item sent within the UK?

I am expecting an envelope from the ‘Choose 9 cards’ tag which the American postcrosser only seemed to have put the standard Daisy Forever stamp on, I’m wondering if that might not be enough - but surely if it wasn’t it would have been stopped within the US, not here?

Any advice would be super helpful, thank you :smiling_face: x

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Around here there were some election leaflets that didn’t have enough postage on them triggering £5 fines and reimbursement from the printer!
Are you sure it’s a postcard?

I thought that i had heard that the £5 fines were only triggered by UK mail, as the system doesn’t track what 'correct postage ’ is in every country. May be a rumour, but makes sense.


You can go down to the sorting office and view the item before paying the fine. I thought that the counterfeit stamp fee had been dropped by RM following complaints/inconsistent application of the fines, so it would “have” to be a “no postage paid” item…?

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No, not sure at all, there’s no information given so it could be anything.

That’s my thoughts too, but I wondered if anyone actually knew for sure. It does seem unlikely they’re monitoring all the overseas postage, especially when they don’t seem able to monitor their own stamps correctly! x

Can you, I must admit I just assumed they wouldn’t let you see it first. Thank you :smiling_face:

I don’t think i’m expecting a postcard, but I don’t monitor my BI Tag cards, so I thought I’d check with everyone. There has been instances of stamps falling off. Sadly one of mine did to another UK postcrosser & I’ve seen it mentioned several times on here before & experienced it on other cards I’ve received x

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@bendoodle Could you please point me to the website url where I can see these cancellations.


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If anyone’s in the market for buying stamps, Philatelink
have packs of 100 2nd class stamps at the moment for £69 (worth £85). Of course, you can buy them in smaller quantities too.


I’m going to visit the UK at the end of this month and as I want to send cards in travel mode I want to order stamps in advance. So for international postage I have to make up £ 2.50. That means 1x 1st , 1 x 2nd class stamp and make up values 10 p plus 20 p ? is that correct? And than there is international economy (outside Europe) 1x st and 1x 2nd. Does the international economy take very long to arrive? And last but not least, is there a list of ‘International Economy’ Countries?
Thank you for your help in advance :heavy_heart_exclamation: :uk:

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International economy is just as quick. There’s no difference in timing.

International economy can only be sent to countries that are outside Europe. Even if a country is partially in Europe, it has to go by the more expensive rate. This includes all parts of Russia (including the far east of Siberia), Turkey, Kazakhstan. There probably is a list somewhere deep within the Royal Mail website. Just a question of hunting for it.


@Florallle Thank you for your quick reply, now I can order my stamps :smiley: I have done some digging and found this:

https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2024-07/online-price-guide-july-2024-v1.pdf on side 7 there is a map and a link:


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The only thing I would mention is the make up issue (international standard = FCM + SCM+10+20)I think this is correct when buying from Royal Mail, who no longer offer a 30p stamp, but you can buy valid 30p stamps at a discount from Philatelink, the online dealer, if they have them in stock


@CEBooth thank you for your reply and for telling me about Philatelink, I visited the website and ordered the 32p stamps (as they were the nearest to 30p available), hope they will arrive in time :joy: :see_no_evil: usually mail from the uk does not take that long :grinning:


Just popped into a local village sub Post Office and seen the Dungeons and Dragons set and Minisheet and all the other paraphernalia, I think they’re cool although i know nothing about D & D. There are 4 First Class in a strip, 4 at £2-50 in a strip, and a Minisheet with 6 First Class self adhesive, there’s a lot of detail on the Minisheet for a sheet of that size , this is not a cheap set, for the stamps plus minisheet £23-50 and that’s without the postcards.The set will be issued by RM on the 25th July. Should i put up some pictures, of the cards ? I haven’t seen them anywhere else. There are 15 postcards that cover the entire set individually with 14 stamps plus one of the Minisheet complete !
Regards D


Norvic is embargoed and can’t show images on his blog until a certain date (possibly the week before issue date). Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog isn’t embargoed (I don’t think), but does show low res pictures sometimes ahead of the general “press” release.

Yes, i know there are embargos, seems crazy to me youd think theyd want to advertise as early as possible. Spread the word so to speak. Ill hold fire for now put them up when Norvic does.
Best wishes D

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And they are up on Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog, along with other stamps! Commonwealth Stamps Opinion: 2528. 🇨🇾 🇬🇧 Cyprus Remembers Turkish Invasion; Royal Mail Dungeons And Dragons Issue.

Edited to add - and RM has it up on their website.


Thank you Fairyfoot, Commonwealth stamp opinion are usually first but yes with low resolution. Ill take a chance put them up next week. Not sure theyre really my cup of tea, bit of a traditionalist. Enjoy your day all. D

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