Spell the word RR

Spell the word RR

Welcome to Spell the word RR!
We have a Flickr group.

Last update: 5 /March/21
Thanks to the previous host, Lelek.

I am Yolanda, the new host of this RR. I hope it runs very well :lol:

In this RR, you should choose a letter from the name of the group to receive postcards related to it and send to the other members postcads related to their chosen letters.
For example, you choose letter I. You can receive an “Iceberg”, an “Island”, an “Illustration”, but also an “independent woman”. You can play with words like you want.
It is funny to try to match the letter with the postcard. Please, use your imagination. The most important is to enjoy! :smiley:
(It is not a wishlist RR, but it will be a nice surprise if you could match the letter with the wishlist or favourites of your partners :wink: )


  • Please, don´t sign up for a group if you are not going to send postcards. It is very annoying for others if you don’t send your cards :frowning:

  • If you want to join, post on the thread the group number and the letter you wish to join. Then, please send me a U2U with your address (if you are new in this RR). I do not add members to a group without having their address.

  • First-time participants may only join a group and when all the other participants have received your cards you can join other groups

  • Send only professionally-published cards (no ad/free cards or handmade)

  • Please, send your cards within two weeks of receiveing addresses and put your username, group number and tittle of the RR on your cards.

  • Multiple member per country is OK

  • Be respectful and polite. If your card get lost, be kind and resend

  • Don’t forget to post here when you send and receive cards

  • I reserve the right to exclude unreliable participants from this RR

Let’s start

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Here we have some words for playing :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy group 39 (Send and receive 3 cards)
Choose the letter you want

Group 155- MEDAL (Send and receive 4 cards)
1- M pammykay (USA)
2- E sraelling (USA)
3- D
4- A
5- L

Group 156- NEST (Send and receive 4 cards)
1- N
2- E pammykay (USA)
3- S
4- T

Group 157- IRON (Send and receive 3 cards)
1- I LindaJ (Switzerland)
2- R blue44 (Germany)
3- O
4- N


:postbox: (postcards sent)
:love_letter: (all cards received)

Group 146- TRAIN (Send and receive 4 cards)
1- T dackelerna (Germany) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
2- R gforp (Denmark) :postbox: rec: dackelerna, nordbaer, Z001
3- A Z001 (Japan) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
4- I Nordbaer (Germany) rec: :love_letter:
5- N pammykay (USA) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
addresses sent on 30 December, deadline: 13 January

Group 147- STAR (Send and receive 3 cards)
1- S ilovepiggies (USA) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
2- T Laidlaw (USA) :postbox: rec: ilovepiggies_, coleandjojo
3- A pamalee (USA) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
4- R coleandjojo (USA) rec: :love_letter:
addresses sent on 21 December, deadline: 4 January

Group 148- FILM (Send and receive 3 cards)
1- F LindaJ (Switzerland) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
2- I Z001 (Japan) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
3- L pamalee (USA) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
4- M IlluminatiD (China) :postbox: rec: Z001, LindaJ
addresses sent on 25 December, deadline: 8 January

Crazy group 37 (Send and receive 3 cards)
Choose the letter you want
1- littleredtamale (USA)- letter W :postbox: rec: Laidlaw, rhore3
2- Lleytoncassidy (China)- letter B :postbox:
3- Laidlaw (USA)- letter A :postbox: rec: pammykay, rhore3
4- rhore3 (Australia)- letter S :postbox: rec: littleretamale, Laidlaw
addresses sent on 21 January, deadline: 4 February

Group 151- FULLY (Send and receive 4 cards)
1- F Lleytoncassidy (China) :postbox: rec: coleandjojo
2- U pammykay (USA) :postbox: rec: coleandjojo, littleredtamale, rhore3
3- L littleredtamale (USA) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
4- L rhore3 (Australia) :postbox: rec:colandjojo, pammykay, littleredtamale
5- Y coleandjojo (USA) :postbox: rec: pammykay, littleredtamale, rhore3
addresses sent on 21 January, deadline: 4 February

Crazy group 38 (Send and receive 3 cards)
Choose the letter you want
1- katkero2 (Belgium)- letter K :postbox: rec: Tolkien
2- Tolkien (Catalonia, Spain)- letter L :postbox: rec: katkero2
3- kampfetka (Russia)- letter A :postbox: rec:pammykay, katkero2
4- pammykay (USA)- letter Q in any language :postbox: rec: katkero2
addresses sent on 1 February, deadline: 15 February

Group 149- FLOW (Send and receive 3 cards)
1- F katkero2 (Belgium) :postbox: rec: MikaKlunder, pammykay
2- L jilltootee (Philippines) :postbox:
3- O MikaKlunder (Netherlands) :postbox: rec: pammykay
4- W pammykay (USA) :postbox: rec:katkero2, MikaKlunder
addresses sent on 5 February, deadline: 19 February

Group 152- GOOD (Send and recive 3 cards)
1- G pammykay (USA) :postbox:
2- O blue44 (Germany) :postbox: rec: Vanamo, pammykay
3- O Vanamo (Finland) :postbox:
4- D MystiqueDeep (USA) :postbox:
addresses sent on 12 Febuary, deadline: 26 February

Group 153- LEMON (Send and receive 4 cards)
1- L PamUsaOhio (USA) :postbox: rec: Laidlaw, Nordbaer, manencov
2- E Nordbaer (Germany) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
3- M lamelemon (Romania) :postbox: rec: :love_letter:
4- O manencov (Romania) :postbox: rec: Nordbaer, lamelemon
5- N Laidlaw (USA) :postbox: rec:PamUsaOhio, manencov
adresses sent on 11 Febuary, deadlin: 25 February

Group 154- HILL (Send and receive 3 cards)
1- H LindaJ (Switzerland) :postbox:
2- I Nordbaer (Germany) rec: LindaJ
3- L jaqueposts (USA) :postbox: rec: Laidlaw
4- L Laidlaw (USA) :postbox: rec: jaqueposts
addresses sent on 24 February, deadline: 10 March


Group 4- Cold- amakara, Mosshumla, KittyCatBee and genau_jetzt :thumbup:
Group 6 -STAMP- Tolkien, Goyesca, KittyCatBee, Roos and littlestardweller :thumbup:
Group 7- Mail- KittyCatBee, Roos, jenniloveshockey and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 8-PEN- Goyesca, Tolkien and sanity65 :thumbup:
Group 10- MAIL- MacModel, Goyesca, kibele and postcardsproject :thumbup:
GROUP 11- SNOW- hootnoodle, wiese, Jieun and Kristie :thumbup:
GROUP 13- RAIN -KittyCatBee, Goyesca, hootnoodle and sunrider :thumbup:
Goyesca, hootnoodle and KittyCatBee :thumbup:
Felicia-C, not reported, assumed received.
Group 15- HAPPY- pammykay, casperAn, kentish belle, simplydeep and Goyesca :thumbup:
GROUP 16-HOPE- hootnoodle, kentish_belle,KittyCatBee and sunrider :thumbup:
GROUP 17- LOVE: sunrider, Goyesca, simplydeep and kentish belle :thumbup:
GROUP 18- FUN: kentish belle, kisskaoru and KittyCatBee :thumbup:
Group 19- NICE: kentish belle, Joy Wang, Tolkien and alliebear :thumbup:
Group 20- MOON: simplydeep, kentish belle, KittyCatBee and Goyesca :thumbup:
Group 21- ROSE: kentish belle, Goyesca and simplydeep :thumbup:
Shukra (assumed received from simplydeep)
Group 22 - STAR : KittyCatBee, kentish belle and simplydeep :thumbup:
Stephawell (assumed received from simplydeep)
Group 23- SMILE: pammykay, kentish belle, Rho, KittyCatBee and alliebear :thumbup:
Group 24- SUN : kentish belle, pammykay and KittyCatBee :thumbup:
Group 25- RAIN : pammykay, kentish belle, Goyesca and saintsgomarching :thumbup:
GROUP 26- JUNE: kissyberlin, Rho, pammykay and kentish belle :thumbup:
GROUP 27- SEA : Norway_girl, kissyberlin and kentish belle :thumbup:
Group 28- EARTH. pammykay, kissyberlin, kentish belle and Tolkien :thumbup:
Joy Wang (assumed received from pammykay)
Group 29- JOKE: pammykay, kentish belle, Roos and Goyesca :thumbup:
Group 30- BLUE: kissyberlin, KittyCatBee, kentish belle and roos :thumbup:
Group 32- FIRST: KittyCatBee, Rho and kentish belle :thumbup:
Joy Wang (assumed received)
Group 33- PINK : pammykay, kissyberlin, Rho and readg4fun :thumbup:
Special group for Christmas: pammykay, Evi07, Goyesca, kentish belle, sakura8341 and katkero2 :thumbup:
Group 34- SMILE
mary29sabah, pammykay, annemudyayolanda, kentish belle and allibear :thumbup:
Group 35- FIRE: pammykay, allibear and kissyberlin
simplydeep (assumed received)
Group 36- FUNNY: kaeroo, morsmordre, kentish belle, Goyesca and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 38- BABY: kissyberlin, wiese and pammykay :thumbup:
MacModel (assumed received from wiese)
Group 41- GOAL: pammykay, Tolkien, whoisshe? and barbie3000 :thumbup:
Group 43- RIGHT: Sosedka007, whoisshe?, pammykay, Tolkien and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
Group 44- POST: JuliankaWonder, uconn, rainingheaven and RonyaRaeubermama :thumbup:
Group 45- TRUE : pammykay, Goyesca, dorod59 and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Group 46- WORD: barbie3000, pammykay, cathytangtang and katkero2 :thumbup:
Group 49- BLUE: barbie3000, Luzia, uconn and DinkaSlon :thumbup:
Group 50- DARK: pammykay, kentish belle, ahren and mary29sabah :thumbup:
Group 51- LINE: kentish belle, katkero2, whoisshe? and amalcka :thumbup:
Group 53- BAG: whoisshe?, pammykay and miraclemaker :thumbup:
Group 55-MAP: nandonna2016, bekkajeanne and kentish belle :thumbup:
Group 56- ASIA
kentish belle, Toucinho do Cèu, Lleyton and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Group 57-JUMP: pammykay, Qinghe, dackelerna and Toucinho do Cèu :thumbup:
Group Crazy 1: pammykay, JuliankaWonder, kentish belle and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Group 58- TWO:kentish belle, uconn and LaLaFa :thumbup:
Group 59- TRUE: ahren, kentish belle, whoisshe? and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
Group Crazy 2: pammykay, kentish belle and whoiishe? :thumbup:
alliebear (reported from whoisshe, others assumed received)
Group 61- GOAL: pammykay, whoisshe?, oogami and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group Crazy 3: katkero2, ahren, pammykay and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 66- ROUTE: dackelerna, pammykay, Paulo Topa, kentish belle and whoisshe?
Group 67- BIRD: LaLaFa, rubycwk6241, Marja40 and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 68- MAPS: pammykay, Paualo Topa, mary29sabah and January :thumbup:
Group 69- NOISE: oogami, LaLaFa, pammykay, KittyCatBee and dackelerna
Group Crazy 5: dackelerna, pammykay, amalcka and qhasami :thumbup:
Group 70- KISS: pammykay, Paulo Topa, LaLaFa and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Group 71- MAGIC: darkesperu, KittyCatBee, whoisshe?, pammykay and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
Group 72- MOON: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, pammykay and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Group 73- LAKE: shirlily, Tolkien, Paulo Topa and qhasami :thumbup:
Group Crazy 4: dackelerna, pammykay and whoisshe?
ahren (assumed received from whoisshe?
Group 74- FUNNY: dackelerna, LassLilac, Paulo Topa, pammykay and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Group 75- LION: paulo Topa, dackelerna, whoisshe? and Boyana :thumbup:
Group 76- FLOW: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, pammykay and whoisshe?
Group 77- SANTA: Paulo Topa, pammykay, Trinch, akiko.s and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 78- STAR: Nalao, LaLaFa, pammykay and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
Group 79- MOUTH: pammykay, heatherc, shirlily, LaLaFa and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
GROUP 80- GREAT: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, jaxs, Gudanova_Irina and whoisshe?
Group 81- MISS: whoisshe?, dacklerna, pammykay and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group crazy 8: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, pammykay and PurpleViola :thumbup:
Group 82- BROWN: pammykay, dackelerna, Paulo Topa, Galegale and Goyesca
Crazy group 9: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, Gudanova_Irina and whoiishe? :thumbup:
Group 83- TRAIN: LaLaFa, qhasami, dackelerna, pammykay and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
Group 84- FLOW: Paulo Topa, whoisshe?, jaxs and pammykay :thumbup:
Group Crazy 6: dackelerna, Tolkien,whoisshe? and pammykay :thumbup:
Group crazy 10: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, whoisshe? and pammykay :thumbup:
Group 85-STORY: Paulo Topa, Zion, pammykay, whoisshe? and dackelerna
Crazy group 13: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, alliebear and pammykay :thumbup:
Group 87- FULL: LaLaFa, whoisshe?, pammykay and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 88- TEAR: whoisshe?, Goyesca, dackelerna and pammykay :thumbup:
Crazy group 12: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, Galegale and pammykay :thumbup:
GROUP 89- FIND: whoisshe?, Galegale, dackelerna and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
Group 90- WHITE: LaLaFa, Goyesca, pammykay, dackelerna and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
Crazy group 11: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, Goyesca and Galegale :thumbup:
Group 91- WORD: dackelerna, Paulo Topa, pammykay and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Group 92- RING: LaLaFa, dackelerna, Paulo Topa and Goyesca :thumbup:
Group 93- ZOOM: Paulo Topa, pammykay, qhasami and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 94- BALL: Paulo Topa, packrat, alcott1 and alliebear :thumbup:
Crazy group 15: Paulo Topa, dackelerna, yudi and pammykay :thumbup:
Group 95-FILM: pammykay, MystiqueDeep, whoisshe? and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 96-MATCH: alcott1, dackelerna, pammykay, oogami and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Crazy group 16: dackelerna, whoisshe?, pammykay and MystiqueDeep :thumbup:
Group 98- FROG: packrat, MystiqueDeep, Galegale and yudi :thumbup:
Group 99-START. LaLaFa, pamykay, dacklerna, whoissshe? and nordbaer :thumbup:
Group 101- BIRD: pammykay, packrat, Nordbaer and Galegale :thumbup:
Crazy group 17: packrat, dackelerna, Hexyr and sunrider :thumbup:
Group 102- TEAR: pammykay, Aquila83, hexyr and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 103- KING: MystiqueDeep, hexyr, galegale and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 104- FISH: yudi, Heyr, pammykay and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 105- TRUTH: MystiqueDeep, snowice, Tolkien, Aquila83 and pammykay :thumbup:
Crazy group 19: dackelerna, pammykay, hexyr and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Crazy group 20: dackelerna, packrat, sunrider and nordbaer :thumbup:
Group 106- ROSE: nordbaer, yudi, pammykay and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 107- HEART: pammykay, Galegale, Mister_O,jocrafts and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 108- GREY: dackelerna, kissyberlin, yudi and nordbaer :thumbup:
Group 110- SNOW: whoisshe?, pammykay, kissyberlin and nordbaer :thumbup:
Crazy group 21: yudi, dackelerna, hexyr and packrat :thumbup:
Crazy group 22: dackelerna, hexyr, packrat and euniceyu :thumbup:
Crazy group 18: dackelerna, packrat, pammykay and alcott1 :thumbup:
Group 115- GiantAnteater, yudi and pammykay:thumbup:
hexyr (assumed received from yudi)
Group 112- FIRST: pammykay, Killewips, RachelDing and murongqianhua :thumbup:
Group 113- PLAN
dackalerna, pammykay and hexyr :thumbup:
bitsnbbobbles: not reported from dackelerna (assumed received)
Group 114- RIGHT: packrat, Aquila83, dackelerna, hexyr and nordbaer :thumbup:
Crazy group 23: dackelerna, yudi, pammykay and BabyShukra :thumbup:
Group 116- YOUNG: nordbaer, MystiqueDeep, hexyr, yudi and Aquila83 :thumbup:
GROUP 117- WRONG: pammykay, Semy08, nordbaer, LaLaFa and annieZ
Crazy group 25: yudi, packrat, dackelerna and kaeroo :thumbup:
Crazy group 26: packrat, dackelerna, nordbaer and yudi :thumbup:
Crazy group 27: dackelerna, nordbaer, annieZ and murongqianhua :thumbup:
Crazy group 28: dackelerna, nordbaer, Eeniceyu and pammykay :thumbup:
Group 119- AUTUMN: MystiqueDeep, pammykay, dackelerna, Semy08 and annieZ :thumbup:
hexyr (not reported, assumed received)
Group 120- PLAY
packrat, MystiqueDeep, yudi and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 121- SPOT: packrat, MystiqueDeep, nordbaer and pammykay :thumbup:
Crazy group 29: dackelerna, nordbaer, packrat and Semy08
Crazy group 30: packrat, dackelerna, sunrider and nordbaer :thumbup:
Group 123- FRIEND : RachelDing, dackelerna, Semy08, pammykay, LaLaFa and nordbaer :thumbup:
Group 127- FLAG
nordbaer, Lleyton and pammykay :thumbup:
haggledoe: not reported, assumed received
Group 128- TRUE: AnnaGermanovna, dackelerna, pammykay and packrat :thumbup:
Group 130- COOL: nordbaer, packrat, dackelerna and littleredmatale :thumbup:
Crazy group 31: lleyton, dackelerna, packrat and jacq4926
Crazy group 32: packrat, nordbaer, dackelerna and pammykay :thumbup:
Crazy group 33: Lleyton, dackelerna, packrat and Layali :thumbup:
Crazy group 34: dackelerna, littleredmatale, LindaJ and pammykay :thumbup:
Group 132- DUNE: pammykay, LindaJ, raindear and dackelerna :thumbup:
Group 133-SUMMER: raichiff, pammykay, nordbaer, dackelerna and Tangyaya :+1:
bekkajeanne (not reported, assumed received)
Group 134- MOON: Tolkien, littleredtamal, dackelerna and packrat :+1:
Special group- Alphabet: LindaJ, pammykay, dackelerna and qhasami :+1:
BOAT: pammykay, Tolkien, LindaJ and raindear :+1:
Group 137-FLAT: pammykay, MystiqueDeep, coleandjojo and travelingyogibear :+1:
Group 138-FLOWER: katkero2, Tanhgyaya, LindaJ, pammykay, coleandjojo and travelingyogobear :love_letter:
Group 139- GREY: dackelerna, ana_banana, Lleyton and pammykay :love_letter:
Group 140- BOOK: pammykay, LindaJ, Nordbaer and dackelerna :love_letter:
Group 141-ROAD: pamalee, blue44, stellsie and LindaJ :love_letter:
Group 142- STORM: libsem, pammykay, coleandjojo, dackelerna and rhore3 :love_letter:
Group 143- RAIN: MystiqueDeep, travelingyogibear, dackelerna and pammykay :love_letter:
Group 145- SNOW: pamalee, Z001, littleredtamal and dackelerna :love_letter:
Crazy group 35: dackelerna, Lleytoncassidy, pammykay and serifluous :love_letter:
Crazy group 36: dackelerna, kampfetka, Nordbaer and pammykay :love_letter:
Group 150- GRID: LindaJ, MystiqueDeep, sraelling and pammykay :love_letter:
Special group Christmas: pammykay, katkero 2 and LindaJ :love_letter:

Group 1- Welcome
Tolkien, sarasvalit, mailhappy, PaperCameron, genau_jetzt, parel :thumbup:
jeanettemiami: waiting for sarasvalit and parel (not reported, maybe :question: )
Group 2- Winter
sarasvalit, KittyCatBee, hootnoodle, Dulplevista and maryllie, all waiting for Lelek
maryellie- waiting for sarasvalit and Lelek
Lelek- not reported, maybe :question:
Group 3- March
Closed, only a participant
Group 5- Love
Completed, but addresses not sent
Group 9- POST
Goyesca, volvomon and Tolkien :thumbup:
hootnoodle, waiting for volvomon
kentish belle, Goyesca, sakura8341 and Tolkien (all received, excep from Aichun2929) :thumbup:
Aichun2929 :flaming:
Group 12- COLD- launched on 12 February
hootnoodle and kentish belle :thumbup:
marina_k (waiting for hootnoodle) resent to kentish belle and maryellie on 4th August
maryellie (waiting for hootnoodle and marina_k)
Group 31- PEACE
kentish belle, Rho, pammykay and readg4fun: received all except from Joy Wang
Joy Wang (sent u2u about not sent cards; ignored) :flaming:
Group 37- WOMAN
Tolkien, mary29sabah and Morsmordre :thumbup:
jacqcoen (not reported from Tolkien and mary29sabah)
ba_yeats (not reported from Tolkien)
Group 40- KISS
pammykay, barbie3000 and Goyesca :thumbup:
ba_yeats (not reported from barbie3000)
Group 42- IDEAL
pammykay, fisherman, bear_eyes and whoisshe? :thumbup:
ba_yeats (not reported from bear_eyes)
Group 47- VOCAL:
pammykay, whoisshe?, katkero and miraclemaker :thumbup:
JuliankaWonder: waiting for pammykay
Group 48-FLAT:
katkero2 and Amorushka :thumbup:
pammykay: waiting for whoisshe?
whoisshe?: waiting for katkero2
Group 52- FROG:
Tolkien, tata and Toucinho do Cèu :thumbup:
kentish belle: waiting for tata
Group 54- BIRTH
Paulo Topa, pammykay, shirlily and JuliankaWonder :thumbup:
dorod59: waiting for pammykay
Group 60- STRONG
katkero2, dackelerna, whoisshe? and kentish belle :thumbup:
barbie3000: waiting for katkero2
ahren: waiting for katkero2 and kentish belle
Group 62- PIANO:
mary29sabah, dackelerna, Qinghe and jbeckyn :thumbup:
whoisshe: waiting for Qinghe
Group 63- ROOF
pammykay, LaLaFa and whoisshe? :thumbup:
ahren: waiting for LaLaFa
Group 64- MUSIC
whoiishe?, ahren, barbie3000 and kentish belle :thumbup:
pammykay: waiting for LaLaFa
Group 65- HUGS
kentish belle, whoiishe? and dackelerna :thumbup:
Qinghe: waiting for dackelerna
Group Crazy 7
dackelerna, Momo and pammykay :thumbup:
Hexyr: waiting for Momo
Group 86-SHIP
LaLaFa, dackelerna and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
whoisshe?: waiting for LaLaFa
Crazy group 14
dackelerna, cj23 and whoisshe? :thumbup:
Paulo Topa: waiting for cj23
Group 97- LION
LaLaFa, dackelerna and MystiqueDeep :thumbup:
Mister_O: waiting for LaLaFa
Special group 100
pammykay, packrat, dackelerna, alcott1, whoisshe? and Paulo Topa :thumbup:
LaLaFa: waiting for packrat and alcott1
Group 109- MOUSE
snowice, pammykay and dackelerna :thumbup:
hexyr: waiting for snowice
nordbaer: waiting for snowice
whoisshe?, yudi, cj23, pammykay, dackelerna, nordbaer, Tolkien, hexyr- waiting dor medileen and dragan2003
LaLaFa: waiting for medileen, dragan2003 and jaxs
jaxs: waiting for medileen, dragan2003 and cj23
dragan2003: all received but nobody received from him :flaming:
medileen :flaming:
Group 118- PARIS
pammykay, PatiNoel, Jette and Semy08: waiting for murongqianhua
murongqianhua: waiting for Jette and Semy08
Crazy group 24
packrat, dackelerna and nordbaer :thumbup:
pammykay: waiting for dackelerna
Group 122- TRIP
pammykay, RachelDing and jocrafts: waiting for GiantAnteater
GiantAnteater: sent u2u :flaming:
Group 124- TEXAS
nordbaer, pammykay and dackelerna :thumbup:
jocrafts: waiting for Semy08
Semy08: only reported from pammykay
Group 125- LIGHT
yudi: sent to pammykay and GigiDegas, rec: :thumbup:
pammykay, Tolkien and packrat: waiting for yudi
GigiDegas: waiting for yudi and Tolkien
Group 126- JAPAN
qhasami :thumbup:
jocrafts: waiting for QingHe
pammykay, RachelDing and QingHe: waiting for jocrafts
Group 129- SMILE
boricky770, MystiqueDeep] MystiqueDeep, dackelerna and pammykay :thumbup:
thelopho: waiting for boricky770
Group 131- NOMAD
pamalee, dackelerna, packrat and nordbaer: waiting for suzannehiett
suzannehiett: not sent and not reported :rage:
Group 136-BEACH
sraelling, travelingyogibear, LindaJ and pammykay :love_letter:
Mother_of_Alice: only reported from LindaJ
Group 144- TEARS
LindaJ, coleandjojo, pammykay and dackelerna :love_letter:
littleredtamale: waiting for dackelerna

Can I join group 142 R please?

May I join group 139 R please?

Welcome to the RR, rhore3! :smiley:

Group 142 closed and addresses sent

Group 139 closed and addresses sent

updated :+1:

#136 received from @Mother_of_Alice a vintage Agitational poster saying no to Alcohol. Thanks for using so many fun stamps as well.

#138 Thank you all for:
@pammykay E for Equality.
@katkero2 E for Edgar degas.
@LindaJ E for Edleweiss

Thanks for reporting :smile:

updated :+1:

My cards for 139 and 142 are ready and will go out in tomorrow’s mail.

#139 and #142:

my cards are written and sent :slight_smile:

#138 L
katkero2 sent me a Inge L ook postcard. Woow :heart_eyes: I really love this series postcard.I already collected for more than 30 postcards.
LindaJ sent me 4D L ambs :smiley: postcard .It’s so special big postcard. so amazing .
Thank you so much.

Hello there :heavy_heart_exclamation:

May I join group 141 for letter “O”, please ?

Welcome to the RR, @blue44! :smile:

Thanks for reporting :grinning:

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I apologize for all of these posts. I have not figured out the new forum yet and it is still driving me nuts!

Group 138 , letter W:
Thanks to travelingyogibear for a map of Lincoln Park in WEST Seattle. I looked at photos of this park. What beautiful views! I also love the stamp of Bugs Bunny, the original Wascally Wabbit!

coleandjojo sent a card with WATER and WISCONSIN…sailboats at Fish Creek. I also love this RR. Sometimes it is a challenge to find a card I think the recipient will like and that also features with the correct letter.

Group 140, letter B:

dackelerna sent an illustration of Herkules from the BERGPARK Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel.

LindaJ sent a photo of the BAHNHOF BRIG, a train station that she goes to often.

nordbaer sent a photo of the BIKINI shopping center on BREITSCHEIDPLATZ in BERLIN.

Thanks to you all for the great cards!

Also…I am on vacation this week, so yes, at the moment all is well.

Hello there! I’d like to join group 141, please!

You don’t need to apologize.
I am also discovering new things in the forum.
In some days we will be expert! :laughing: :laughing: