Special World Postcard Day cancellation mark

My cards arrived a few days, maybe even two weeks after the invoice. Be patient!

I sent mine same date as you, and I haven’t received anything yet either. But I did this last year, too, and it worked. So I’m fully confident, that I just have to be more patient and that I’ll receive mine eventually :smiley:


so sad, I’ve been so patient, but this year, none of the the 3 cards, which I sent off to Portugal for the special cancellation, have arrived at their destination (yet) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Last year, it was all a lot quicker. I’m still holding a little hope, but it’s slowly vanishing! Perhaps the service was too popular this year and they have a backlog?!? Or perhaps they were understaffed because of corona? :mask: Anybody else still waiting for theirs to arrive, too? :thinking: I haven’t even received the invoice yet…

Though I guess the possibility for the cards to arrive seem to be smaller and smaller, I’m still waiting as well. :stuck_out_tongue: I sent four postcards (not with IRC but with Portugal stamps on). One to Germany and three to Taiwan, but none of them arrive so far. I’ve seen a Taiwanese postcrosser who requested the postmark with IRC successfully received his return card with nice cancellation on it in late October / early November. So I think I may do something wrong about the way to request the cancellation or just an unexpected accident happened during the delivery. Anyway, no matter the cards arrived at me or not at the end, it’s still a nice experience for me to request special postmark from abroad. : - ) By the way, here is how I prepared the requesting envelope :

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So far none of my cards has arrived :pensive: - neither those of the RR I thought would be a good idea to send this way, neither the ones to my cousin and myself. I will now consider them lost and will check in with the RR’s host and prepare to send replacements. It’s really disappointing. I‘m just glad I tried this with 4 cards only, so it’s only 9.70€ and the cards wasted. I just find it sad that of all envelopes and cards I did send in the days leading up to and on WPD exactly this one, so carefully prepared and addressed, obviously never made it to Portugal (because I can‘t imagine that the cards got stuck there at their office, that doesn‘t make sense in my mind). :confused: Anyway, lesson learnt from my side. :ok_woman:t2:

This sounds really disappointing, so I’m going to contact them by email and ask what’s up. :disappointed: I’ll post an update here on the topic when I hear back from them.


Many thanks in advance for your effort & help!

I hope you will succeed in finding your lost cards!

Today I received an envelope from Portugal - containing the philatelic catalogue 2021. That’s really weird - I sent in 5 cards with IRC and in return received a letter with a bill and a letter with a catalogue. :thinking:
So now I’ve got to find an idea about what to do with that catalogue after looking at the beautiful stamp images of the previous months :wink: