Special World Postcard Day cancellation mark

Good news!

Like last year, the Portuguese Post is doing a special cancellation mark for the World Postcard Day, and making it available to everyone. This year, it is inspired by the official postcard — here’s what it will look like. :heart_eyes:

In order to have this postmark affixed on your postcards, you’ll need to send them to the Portuguese Philatelic service already written and addressed (inside of an envelope). You’ll need to include in the envelope the same number of IRCs (International Reply Coupons) as the number of postcards you’re sending. Sadly, some countries no longer sell these IRCs, but you’re often able to find them in post offices or philatelic shops. Mail your things to:

Operações de Filatelia
Rua João Saraiva, nº9, piso 1
1700-248 Lisboa

Don’t forget to add a note stating that you’d like them to use the World Postcard Day cancellation mark. :slight_smile:

When your envelope arrives to Portugal, they’ll swap the IRCs for real stamps, put the cancellation mark on the postcards and put them on the mail. The cancellation mark is available throughout the month of October, so your postcards will need to arrive in Lisbon until October 31st in order to have it.

Let me know if you have questions below — I’m happy to help!


Can we write this in English?

If it’s better to write in Portuguese:
Could you please tell us what to write? :wink:


IRCs are kind of expensive in China, so I plan to directly buy some stamps from CTT official website.
So until when the postmark be available, or it won’t be available just after Oct 1st?

Yes! As long as it says “World Postcard Day” somewhere, it’ll be fine! The people there speak English and they don’t often do this service on non-philatelic items… so when written postcards start arriving, I’m sure they’ll know what to do. :smiley:

The postmark will be available until October 31, so your envelope with the postcards will need to arrive to Portugal before then. :slight_smile:


thanks for the awesome information.

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What is the postage rate for a Postcard from Portugal to India? Asking for sending Stamped self addressed Postcards

You can look it up here: Prices of stamps for postcards in all countries/territories (wiki)

Should be €0.91


Thank you @Axolotl_ and @meiadeleite

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Does anyone know how to get IRCs in the UK given that Royal Mail stopped selling them back in 2011?

UK hasn’t been sell and accept IRCs for very long time… So it might be really expensive if you would like to get some.
My advice is directly get the stamp from CTT official webstore.

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I did this last year and it worked a charme (nice stamp with clear cancellation). Note of advice though for everybody sending IRC’s & postcards to them: At a later stage, probably even after the cards were already received by their recipients, you’ll also receive an invoice from CTT. It is for informational purposes only, they are NOT asking for another payment. So don’t be confused :sweat_smile:

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