Sorry for the boring stamps

All the post offices and grocery stores are out of stamps in my area. Sorry to anyone who receives one of these instead.

If you receive a postcard from the US with a stamp like this, it’s probably because USPS is insane at the moment.


Order online! Of course, if you need them now…bummer. :stuck_out_tongue:


I ordered stamps from and received an empty envelope :rofl:


Were you able to get any international stamps? You won’t be able to send a postcard outside of the US with those unless you use 3 of them

Yeah, I was able to buy international stamps from the self-service kiosk in the post office :+1:

Thats good. I am also in Austin and the Downtown postoffice usually has a lot of stamps. Welcome to Postcrossing

Dude the struggle is real, there was a line down the block for my local post office :joy:
Edit, also welcome to :postcrossing: and the forum!


I usually order my stamps from the USPS fulfillment center in Kansas City. This time of year is quite bad at the branches because all they have are uninspiring holiday stamps.


After last year when all of my local post offices ran out of holiday stamps and had only flag stamps left, I vowed to be more prepared. Which was why I ordered ahead of time this year.


I ordered stamps on on 11/22 and finally them on 12/14. :mailbox_with_mail:

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I ordered from usps official ebay account and they ship to me faster than the if I had ordered it from the usps site. There is no tax on my ebay order and the shipping rates are the same as if I ordered it from


Costco also is selling holiday stamps too. They advertise the red stamps called Holiday Delights. The one near me however sells the old Santa Claus ones called Sparkling Holidays from 2018. I haven’t checked out the other ones. They sell for 54.75 for 100 stamps. I was in Fullerton California a few weeks ago and that Costco’s stock of holiday stamps were being discounted at 52.00 for 100 stamps.

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Thanks for the great idea!

Op: the trick is to make your postcards interesting other than the stamp!


@pmunz: As a philatelist from Germany specialized on posal automation I’m curious where you got these stamps from. Do they give them to you at the counter, printed from their desk printer in the post office, or do they come from some kind of self-service kiosk/automate?

@all: Anyway I would be interested in swapping for one (actually two: an unused forever stamp inside an envelope and an international stamp used as postage for the envelope). I can offer current stamps from Germany and some postcards from Germany (view cards, Tausendschön illustrations including Christmas and Easter, map cards).

@shugal These stamps came from a self-service kiosk inside of a post office building.

One of these:

I’m more than happy to mail you one. Just send me a private message with your address


@pmunz Thank you very much for the inforation and the offer! I’ve sent you a message.

Interesting. So USPS has finally replaced the Automated Postal Center with a new design from the same company (IBM’s Wincor Nixdorf branch - German engineering inside :de:). At least the stamps now are more atractive! The old stamps looked more like a postal meter… I need to find the time to go to the USA again! :smiley:


I do this too, when ebay has their ebay bucks promotions. A few years ago, when ebay had $15 off $75+ or 20% off, stamps counted! Then whenever that promo was running, the USPS ebay store would be mysteriously away and not accepting orders. Now, stamps do qualify for the boosted ebay bucks. Just bought some myself on a 5% back offer.

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