Some questions about safety!

Don’t worry - be happy!

I grew up in a world where every owner of a telephone had their name and address listed in telephone books - which were accessible to absolutely everyone, but…

  1. I never ever got any strange mail from total strangers myself nor even heard of anybody who did.
  2. Only once did it come to my adolescent mind that it might be fun to just pick a random address from a phonebook and send them a postcard. Nothing rude, nothing obscene, just a normal holiday greeting from a misterious stranger… And I think I didn’t do that in the end… if I remember corretcly that is.

People generally arent’ half as wicked as the press would make us believe :wink:


I think we grew up in the same time. :sweat_smile:

Infact I remember an article in the newspapers in the late 80s when they called the people exactly that: pick up a random person and send them a smile via postcards. I can’t remember any negative response.

Of course for people with bad intensions it’s easier in times of www - but every now and then it comes to my mind that some people are also a bit too anxious nowadays.

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That is actually a good point! I am old enough to remember that too… In fact I remember seeing phone books around up to maybe 10-15 years ago? Or maybe I misremember and it’s longer, but still, they existed, we all saw them!

So you’re telling me that you and your adolescent friends didn’t search for the phone numbers of your teachers to do prank calls? :no_mouth: That obviously didn’t come to our adolescent minds either, uhmm nooo :grimacing:

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Good ol’ times. One of my class mates could imitate voices of famous persons. Unfortunately also our teachers knew this :crazy_face:

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