[Solved] Contacting With Moderators

How I can contact with moderators?

Hello @bayankod,

You can send them a private message or you can “flag / report” a post .
You can choose an option .

see below

You can choose " * Actions and Reactions

  • Reporting a Post (aka Flags) ".
    ( At the right of the page you will see a menu . )

Kind regards,
JetteLise , moderator

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I sent you a pm because you said you were a moderator.I hope you can help me.Thank you

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I have sent a reply :wink: .

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@bayankod - You can also go to “hamburger menu” (3 horisontal lines) > About to find the moderators. Then you can click on the usernames to find the option to send a message. Or you can go to Help > Contact on the main site.

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