So excited about my new penny black stamps

My penny black stamps came today. I am ridiculously excited about using these on a card, i cant even tell you. I found them on the royal mail website. They were made for a 2020 exhibition that was cancelled due to covid and theyre just there, on the site, for sale in 6 stamp books. Valid penny black, twopenny blue and penny browns. Love them!


Those stamps are very cool, but you should inform any intended recipients that the stamps are re-issues, otherwise they might think the postcard or letter to which they’ve been affixed had been travelling for about 180 years.


I could double down and send them on a vintage card and just deny everything


Thus implying that you’re in fact 180 years old

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Either that or i have a good friend called Doc Brown and access to the most futuristic 80s car ever created


If you remove the serrations of the stamp, it will be more like the original sample.:smiley:

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But removing the serrations would make it look tampered with, and the postal service might reject it. I would not risk that!

They are very cool :smiley:


The British Penny Blacks are really great, I like them a lot. There was also a commemorative edition of the Penny Blacks in Germany once in 2015. But it had a big white border, so I think the new British ones look much better. Especially since they come in different colours. :+1:
Thank you very much for showing them, @Natea


I recommend reading the book “Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” by Alan Bradley. The mystery plot involves the Penny Black stamp!



Thanks! I’ll check it out. I’m always on the lookout for a good book to read

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