Show us your handwriting!

These are mine, I learned Arabic when I was in high school, so, yeah, I can write them, the Arabic one is actually from an alphabet song called Alifun Ba :joy:


That looks amazing! Btw, there are two forms of the letter S in these old German handwritten styles. One is at the end of words (the one you use throughout the text) and one is in other positions, which is a vertical line.

So, for instance, the words “soll”, “so” and “ist” have to be written with the vertical S that you see in the middle of the pic above.

Didn’t mean to be nitpicky, but I thought that you’d want to know as someone who’s passionate about calligraphy and handwriting :wink:

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My standard handwriting is very different from how I write when I do Postcrossing. Especially when I do cursive handwriting. So when I write in german or english in cursive, I write slower and neater when I do official Postcrossing, but also swaps in the Forum.

What it really makes it hard for me, is writing block letters. While I don’t write it since elementary school (3rd class after german school system), my letters have more space between a single word as between the words itself. laugh But I do with joy when writing for peoples which can’t read cursive (for whatever reasons). I want that they can enjoy my handwriting and hoping, they don’t mind my “flying letters”.

So here is my handwriting, written the pens I always use for Postcrossing.

Cursive, Block letters, Cursive again - The same sentence in german and english for showing the difference.

It’s very exciting to see the different styles of handwriting! :writing_hand:t2:
In fact, when I look at postcards, I always look at the written text first and then the picture. When I write myself, I try to make an effort to write as legibly as possible and to avoid cursive writing.

Here is an example of my handwriting when I try to be very neat and make it look beautiful.

Unfortunately, in everyday life it looks very different… :see_no_evil:


I got the vintage Fountain pen from my Papa’s collection))