Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

Many of you would like to offer your #handmade cards and other #mailart items for swap in #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery. The place for swaps is #trades-requests-offers:postcards or #trades-requests-offers:other-trades, though.
In order to make it easier for the #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery community to find your swap, please remember that there’s a topic in here where you can tell the community about your swap - it’s like an advertisement: DIRECTORY Handmade Cards & Mail Art

I added this information to the first post in the directory topic:

Please remember to tell the :postcrossing: community about your swap-offer here if you open a swap for handmade cards/items!

People who are active members of #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery will have a higher chance to see your offer if it’s linked here.
If you like to, you can also add it to the wiki in the first to third post of this topic.
Please post the offers for your handmade items in #trades-requests-offers:postcards or #trades-requests-offers:other-trades. Then please add the optional tag #handmade and/or #mailart to your topic to make it easier for those who are interested in these things to find your offer.

If I move your swap topic you posted in #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery, I might remember to put an information in the directory. But all other moderators won’t, guess. At least I cannot promise.

So the best way to make your swaps visible to those who follow #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery is to post them in the “correct” place straight away and advertise them here.

If you want to be informed about new posts in this topic in order not to miss any new #handmade or #mailart swaps, you will be informed about new posts by the forum system if you put the topic on “watching” or “tracking” instead of “normal”. You can find these settings at the bottom of each topic.


I thought it’s part of commercial from Semper, which is I think baby food and their Finnish website could be :smile:


I have already shown several of my homemade postcards. I would like to exchange this kind of postcards or others, or even buy them if that is possible on the forum. I am a bit lost in this community without knowing the right :arrow_forward: way to achieve my goals. I am new here though I am a 7 years postcrosser. Regards, Francisco Lima.

If you’d like to exchange (swap) homemade cards, you have many possibilities.

You could also open your own swap offer in #trades-requests-offers:postcards and tell this community by posting a link to your post in the directory topic.

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Hello fellow Postcrosser’s

I’ve only recently joined and I’m trying to read as much of the forum as I can in between sending cards. I have made my own Mailart for sometime now, mostly envelopes, however I am looking to make postcards in a similar style.

Could you please let me know if you would be happy to receive a postcard like this? I ask because I’ve read numerous times that people aren’t keen on receiving homemade cards and I don’t want to send them out if it’s not the correct thing to do.

An example of my Mailart;

Many thanks for taking the time to read my post, if you’d like to see any more of my Mailart I have a dedicated Instagram account for it.


Happy Postcrossing


Welcome Darrin!

I usually send commercially made cards, but if a Postcrosser profile indicates they like handmade art, then I look to see if I have any handmade cards that ALSO fit their taste and interest. For example someone who likes handmade and likes ocean themes might really love the first of your cards, but might not be open to seeing the blood and gore of the second card. Someone who loves handmade cards and reading murder mysteries might adore the third card, but not someone who loves kawaii (ultra-cute, innocent). Sometimes I don’t find a fit so I would send a commercial card which matches their interests and style rather than a handmade card that might put them off.

After all, you spend real time and care making a handmade card - better to send it to a good home where someone will really cherish it.


I love them all! But I guess most people reading this topic would love such a well made mailart!

I feel the same!


Omg this is so beautiful! Love it!

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recycling of tea tag. I only made 2 postcard as I only have 2 teapot stamp. . For swap with free movie ads cards or show me your offer


Wow, I‘d love to get an envelope or a card like yours, they’re amazing!

Maybe you want to join us on this RR:


@Radieschen Thank you and I will definitely take a look at the link you left :blush:


I made this one in 2021, but am just sending it out now. I wish it good travels and I hope it is well-received.


I am very pleased with the cat birthday card.

Harry Potter

I am always confused when making collage cards :frowning:




Spring Fever!
I changed my card a little bit, it needed some color, I thought.


Your art is awesome! I agree with @Radieschen You should totally meet us over there in the Handmade RR. It’s so fun, and I’ve learned a lot.

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I’ve been really excited about US-9170648 I made and it arrived today.

these are really beautiful ^^

A few more sketch cards heading out

Hope they are liked


So, finally I added something to the golden landscape. Just a bit heart …