Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

I like the calligraphy ones a lot!


thanks!We can send it for you each other.

Me too :slight_smile:

My postcards are usually about Chinese calligraphy idioms, and some of them are made by subtracting pictures from old magazines



There are definitely not enough cards with reading men around, so I made one myself. Just have to wait for the right person to send it to now. :grinning:


Cardinals are one of my favourite birds, these watercolours are beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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It arrived and the recipient liked it. :blush:


I’m new in the handmade postcard game. The first one refrences an online conspiracy, the otherbis a fun fly one I made to surprise a friend in Alaska. I feel a bit off sending my weord handmade cards off to people I don’t know cause I’m never sure how they’ll react.


I think your cards are great - very creative! :smiley:
Come and join us in the Handmade Round Robin! :slight_smile:


I think it’s a sign of times that I can’t make out whether this conspiracy is a joke, or if there are people out there who really believe birds are somehow not real. :flushed:


I’ve been reading here for a few days now and the cards have given me such motivation. But to craft a postcard and I think and think about it…
And then I remember, I had already made one. :see_no_evil: :hugs: Because I wanted to send more than just a food box beautifully made. And the profile what I had drawn it was…

I tinkered with love and dedication the card and it was somehow really good. I thought. And then just thank you and no heart.
That made me honestly sad. :frowning_face: And then I had tried nothing more creative.

Unfortunately, the scanned does not reflect the most beautiful. :rainbow: The authenticity stripes shimmer in all colors. Looked really cool. Handcrafted so well glued and the whole card has iridescent rainbow stripes.

So now I will start with the second card…my first one already existed. :smiley: :newspaper_roll: :scissors: :hugs:


I got into papercraft lately and made a couple of Harry Potter themed cards. All of them are a bit interactive and reveal a message.
I’m a bit hesitant to send them as I’m not sure if they still qualify as postcards. I desided to only send them if the recipient lists homemade and Harry Potter cards in the profile. So far, I’ve sent 2 of them through Postcrossing and got positive responses. What do you think? Would you want to receive card like these?


if i liked harry potter i would definitely want these cards. from what i can see they look like postcards to me. i’ve received store brought cards where you could open some doors or something.
so yeah if this was something of my interest i would enjoy it more than a screenshot from the film, for sure. your cards look amazing.


Those are amazing! I’d be thrilled if I’d receive one of those :heart_eyes:
But I understand your hesitation - I’m still new but I’ve already read in a few profiles that they don’t want handmade cards… I get that with cards that look like there was not much thought put in… but all of those in this thread look like there was so much love and thought put in…


I think your cards are great! I would love to receive one like this even though I’m not a Harry Potter enthusiast (but my youngest daughter is…) I would probably send them in an envelope, just to be on the safe side, but I guess it depends of the regulations of your postal service if these cards are considered postcards or not. In Germany it would probably depend on the size and the weight.


You could always secure loose parts with good washi tape (that can be easily removed by the recipient)


Martina, maybe you could consider writing about how you made these postcards (or share some links with the process) somewhere on the forum, as a “workshop” of sorts? I think they’re stunning and really inspiring! :heart_eyes:


I’ve made some cards with collages, some postcards I have sewn on and some I painted with acrylic paint and watercolor. Making cards myself is fun and it makes me so happy when people enjoy them :slight_smile:


Of course, these are postcards.
The ideas and craftsmanship really, really good. Small works of art are that.
And send such cards only to someone who really appreciates and loves this.