Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

If you get my name, please send me that black one. I would love to get that in the mail! :grin:

I really like homemade postcards, decorating and pouring ideas on postcards with great joy if the recipient of the postcard will also be happy to receive them. This is one of the postcards I made from the leftover woven cloth, traditional North Sumatra, which is called “Ulos”, this is very popular in Indonesia!


I’m interested in the cross stitch postcards and how they’re made. So you do the cross stich, and then … ? How does it turn into a postcard that’s able to be sent? Any instructions would be welcome, thanks x.

These handmade postcards arrived at their destination during the previous days:


Sometimes I draw or paint postcards. But only when the recipient specificly asks for handmade cards or doesn’t mind them. And I try to match the image with the recipient’s interests.

The feedback is diverse. Some people are unbelievably happy, others don’t seem to care.

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I use two pieces of thick paper, like photo paper, and cut the ‘window’ in one of them, then I assemble the card with paper glue stick. I usually put an extra postcard / piece of cardboard in envelope to cover the cross-stitch side but I think it’s not necessary.


Oh I see. I would never have thought of that. Thank you.

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You are welcome! I found out that even 1 cm margin is sufficient to keep postcard together, but obviously it’s easier to have at least 2 cm margin around the ‘window’ to glue both canvas and back side of the card


Hello! Check out my handmade cards. I haven’t sent the drawn ones yet. Worth sending? :blossom::maple_leaf:


Absolutely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awesome cards :heart_eyes:

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I’ve sewn this one recently and was happy with the result :sweat_smile:


Добрый вечер! Отличная идея! я как раз не знала как закрепить! А вы покупаете марки номиналом на 54 р(международные)/21р(Россия)? доходят открытки? пускают по граммам на почте? :hibiscus:

Good evening! Great idea! I just didn’t know how to fix it! Do you buy stamps with a face value of 54 rubles (international) / 21 rubles (Russia)? postcards arrive? are they allowed in grams at the post office?:hibiscus:

Amazing! :heart_eyes:

I just received this card today. :heart:
Thank you, Robisa, for making this wonderful art! :smile:

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Thank you to you! :slight_smile:

Yes, cross-stitch cards fit within 20 grams allowed by the basic postage rate in Russia, even with an extra card! Off-topic: please check the postage rate, it’s 50/55 for international letters and I 23 (I think) for domestic letters.
By the way, love your hand-drawn cards!

PS it’s an international part of the forum so I’ll post the answer just in English, hope you don’t mind

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I’ve started to cross-stitch recently and this is perfect, totally used this idea! Thank you :cherry_blossom:


Super talented! Love these.

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