Show us your handmade postcards and Mail Art

Recently sent for the Handmade RR - background is a wooden stamp on the gelli plate, a die cut from marbled paper, and some stickers.


I did some cards for different handmade RR-Themes and also some for friends.

Hope you also like this.

Its so nice to see the diffrent styles here.


I had a direct swap some time ago, and now we write to each other from time to time :blush:.
I answered yesterday and I made a small drawing for May 01, with an explanatory letter.
As I sent the postcard in an envelope it was an opportunity to write a little more.
I hope she will like it !


I’ve sent this one as my first card ever and I was both happy with it and apprehensive. It’s watercolor, so it had to go in an envelope. The recipient liked it, so it’s OK :+1:.

I like to draw and I was thinking that joining this community would give me an additional inspiration to do that. I’m happy I found this thread :slight_smile:


Congrats on your first card ever! I would be super happy to get a card like that. I love the shadows and the way the trees are lightly sketched in near the horizon.

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I’m thinking of other portrait stamps that could use amazing bodies. This is inspiring.


This is one of favorites from this week. This lady’s hat is an EAGLE. She’s tough!


very lovely work - love it a lot

“Oh I fell in love with a roller derby queen! Meanest hunk of woman that anyone’s ever seen, down in the arena.”


I really love this!! Beautiful!

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Awesome work! Love it!!

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Thanks to @Feuerstuhl and her wonderful Goody Two-Shoes RR I discovered the concept of “Chaotic Art”. :grin: I must say, I love to lose myself in this once in a while, just clipping and glueing away with no special theme or concept in mind - it’s very relaxing! And I really like the resulting collage cards, even though some people may find them a bit wild. :slight_smile:

:green_heart: :fox_face:


Some vintage designs


Wine in the morning :wink:



Tonight, I went through some old pictures of mine. I shared them with PC friends and @Feuerstuhl convinced me to scan them and order them as postcards. Guess what I did :smiley: :rofl:?!


Hi, I really admire your creativity and how many very different cards you came up with. I would suggest for future projects to tidy up the edges of the cards a bit more. Straight edges and rectangular shape would make your work look even better. I like the card with the wolves best by the way. :wolf::star_struck:


Thanks I just trimmed them a little bit ago. And some time my hands shake a lot. Thanks for the tip I try the rectangular. Plus I am happy I can do this with my 7year old son.

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I really meant it in the nicest way possible. I bought a guillotine-cutter because I am not so good with the scissors myself. But as I said, I admire your creative output. Best greetings!


I am not upset and with my dyslexia I don’t read like everyone else I thought you where nice about it. And if someone thinks you where rude I would just brush it off. Thanks again for liking my creativity.