Sharing some vintage/antique postcards I found (1891, 1910, 1900s)

Hi guys!

I recently found some vintage postcards in an antique shop two days ago when I was in Melaka. I am absolutely in love with them and perhaps some of you might like it too!

I don’t know if I need to censor the address as they are very old postcards. Please do let me know if I need to reupload a censored version

I believe they are from Germany but I’m not quite sure.

One of the cards is dated all the way back to 1891! It’s the oldest postcard I have in my collection now, with the previous record being 1900.

And here is an invitation card that has the matching state stamp of Penang and postmark. It’s the first matching stamp-postmark that I have outside of KL


Wow the handwriting was so beautiful on those days! We’ve been damaged by the hurried times we have in this century~


I agree. They had beautiful penmanship :heart_eyes: @gdelospalotes

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Yes, they are German. Waldsee, Berlin and Frankfurt are in Germany and “Königreich Bayern” means kingdom of Bavaria.(Also in Germany). I don’t think you need to worry about the addresses as they are over 100 years old and they have just names and towns, anyway. Cool cards and beautiful handwriting. Such a treasure!


Thanks for your confirmation that they are from Germany :blush: And yes, these cards are definitely a treasure. I hope I will come across cards like these again in the future

The first image shows a card that was sent to Frankfurt but I’m having trouble to decipher the rest of it. It’s an address in any case.

The second and third images show a card that was sent from Waldsee to Isny, I think on Christmas Eve in 1902. I cannot read what was bought with the money (Lontos?) and I have no idea whether I transcribe the receiver’s name correctly…

Address side (German transcript)

F. Schiele, Eisen-, Stahl- u. Werkzeug- Handlung, Waldsee.
An Herrn
in Isny
Telephonruf No. 22.

Address side (English translation)

F. Schiele, Iron, Steel and Tool Shop, Waldsee.
To Mister
in Isny
Telephone call No. 22.

Text side (German transcript)

Herrn Burger Verkmeister Isny
Ihre werte Einzahlung im Betrag von
M 105.42 habe einstig erhalten & Zuzügl.
n = 30 Pf
M 105.72 unter höflichem Dank Zum
Ausgleich Ihrer werten (?)
Empfehle uns & Grüße
Waldsee, den 24/XII 1902
F. Schiele
Telephonruf No. 22

Text side (English translation)

To Mr Burger Verkmeister Isny
Your valued deposit in the amount of
M 105.42, I have received at once & in addition
n = 30 Pf
M 105.72, thanking you politely, used in
compensation for your valued (?)
Recommend us (or this could also possibly mean just saying goodbye rather politely and impersonally) & Greetings
Waldsee, 24/XII 1902
F. Schiele
Telephone call No. 22.

The fourth and fifth images show a card that was sent from Berlin to Lichtenfels. This one was written very neatly and is easy to read.

Text side (German transcript)

Firma: M. Marchand. Lichtenfels.
Auf meine Karte vom 26. Jan.
bin ich bis jetzt noch meiner ohne Ihre
Nachricht betreffs der vor 4 Wochen
bestellten Henkelkörbchen No. 40811/1.
Mein Kunde ist sehr eilig da-
mit & bitte umgehend Sendung ma-
chen zu wollen, oder um Nachricht,
wann bestimmt darauf rechnen
kann. Ihrer sofortigen Lieferung,
resp. Nachricht sehe entgegen & zeichne
Berlin, 3. Febr. 10. Hochachtungsvoll

Text side (English translation)

Company: M. Marchand. Lichtenfels.
To my card from January 26, I am still without your reply regarding the little market basket No. 40811/1 ordered 4 weeks ago. My client is very urgent with it & would like to request to send immediately, or to send word when to expect for certain.
Looking forward to your immediate delivery resp. message & signing
Berlin, February 3, 1910. Respectfully

Address side (German transcript)

Robert Schein Nchf.
M. Marchand.

Address side (English translation)

Robert Schein Successor
M. Marchand.

The seventh image shows a card that was sent from Alzenau. I cannot read two words at the bottom. And I have no idea what is scribbled in the corner. I guess the second line is a number?

German transcript

Alzenau 16. Juli 1891.
P. P.
Ersuche um postwendende Uebersendung
von Turner-Vignetten
mit Ausnahme der (Zeichnung) welche ich schon besitze.
Bitte aber dieselben, da ich sie umgehend benötige
gleich im Blei zu senden muß im Probeabdruck
werde mir passende aussuchen u. (?)
endes retournieren
M. Ischwig, Buchbinder

English translation

Alzenau, July 16, 1891.
(To) P. P.
Request for consignment by return of mail
of Turner vignettes
with the exception of (drawing) which I already own.
But please, since I need them promptly,
must send right away in the lead in proof
I’ll select fitting ones and (?)
send back
M. Ischwig, Bookbinder

These transcriptions and translations are without guarantee… :sweat_smile:

Very interesting, thanks for sharing these with us!


Thank you for the translation. It seems that these postcards weren’t personal postcards to friends as I had initially thought. It’s interesting to see postcards were used as a form of business communication in the past

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Thanks for sharing it

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