[Sharing/Call for suggestions] Postcard shop map in Singapore

Good to hear!

Also, the upcoming Olympic stamps have 85¢ denominations, if you are interested @Tinkatutu


Would I be able to buy those over the counter at Fullerton do you think?

And yes, I won’t have time now to organise things online and get them down here before I leave. This is all very last minute.

Buy which? The upcoming Olympics stamps or?

Fullerton should carry the latest issues (and some recent ones too - think last 3 years or so).
Can’t guarantee what stock they have though - always a nice treasure hunt to have :joy:
Their hours are 0900-1800 on weekdays!

The Olympic stamps are coming out on the 26th of July - the same day as the opening ceremony

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I don’t know if they still do but Universal Studios use to sell postcards

They don’t anymore! Information is accurate as of 2023 - I asked the counter staff there and they said no. I’ve seen photos of those postcards though - I wish USS still sold them!

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This is sad news. They had such fun postcards.

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Just welcomed my first contribution! Thank you so much to whoever it is :slight_smile: