Seven Summits Drammen meetup Saturday June 3rd 2023

Please pick up mine! I will forward you the email

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Thanks, will do :+1:

I will be in Greece, sorry❤️ But if Marianne will bring postcards to the town of sun, and you will sign them, I would like to order 25.

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It’s just a dream meet-up! :star_struck:
I would be happy to get the meet-up card :smiling_face:
My offer
Harry Potter Offer
Tolkien offer

I wish you great weather and an excellent hiking!

I can’t speak for baguetta, but I’m sure we’ll at least sign them for you :wink:

Our meetup cards arrived today :grinning: There are plenty of extras, so do let me know if you want a few more. Or for any latecomers, let me know, there are lots of cards.

Is anyone ready to swap with that postcard?

can we swap

I booked a table at Pigen now from 6pm on Saturday. I hope we’re done with the hike by then :upside_down_face: Pigen is located at Bragernes torg 8, see map. If you’re not doing the hike, I look forward to seeing you at Pigen!

This is a little bit annoying :joy: Hope yr is wrong and that we get no clouds tomorrow!

It’s a lovely day for hiking :blush::blush:

We signed your cards, I’ll bring them to the June 29th meetup at Posthallen for you. :smiley:

Thank you!!:grin:

Thanks a lot to @Inger71 for the great meetup card, and for everybody signing! :heart_eyes:
Sounds like a fabulous idea to first go hiking through the forest and then writing cards in Drammen! :heart: :+1: :sunglasses:

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