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Hi All,

Best I can tell, Postcrossing is-- BY FAR --the best site of its kind. But there are at least two others, Postfun (phone app only) and PostcardHub, both of which I am participating in.

So far, Postfun has yielded addresses highly tilted toward Russia and Eastern Europe. I have ZERO problem with that in an of itself, but postcards to/from those countries can move quite slowly, so the site hasn’t quite been the solution for speeding up my entry into this hobby as I might have hoped. The only US address I’ve drawn so far on Postfun is about to expire. It would be nice if they also had a website.

I only started PostcardHub last week; they only let you start out with two cards; one of the addresses that I drew was about three miles from me. I thought that was cool/funny. Their website is rudimentary and not particularly well designed. Postfun has far fewer participants than Postcrossing, and PostcardHub has far fewer than even Postfun.

Despite partaking in all three already, I can’t get enough. Are there others out there that I am not finding? If so, please let me know.

Thank you!



I have spotted on Instagram that there is a website called unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about it as Postcrossing is only website I use. :blush:


Wow! This one looks to be quite substantial. More in line with Postcrossing than the other two I described. Thanks!


Hi and welcome to postcrossing! It’s very nice to see you’re so enthusiastic - and I’m sure you mean well - but please be aware that at least one of the mentioned sites is not secure and is downright copyright infringement material (they more or less cloned postcrossing, site and principles and all). Any personal data (such as your address or credit card info) you might share with such sites may be at risk.

The first few months on postcrossing are slow - especially with a full fledged pandemic running loose and messing up postal routes and transit times - but give it a few more weeks, maybe months and you’ll soon have more and more slots available to send official cards (I’m at 31 now, and they’re rarely all full).

Meanwhile you can check the forum games, Tags, bingos, direct swaps - plenty of fun to go around, and great cards that fit your wishlist :slight_smile:


And you can never delete your account there… beware!


I’m glad you added that info, in case if someone is willing to sign up there. :+1:
Btw, it sounds a bit weird to me that people can’t delete their accounts if they want to stop sending cards. All those ghost profiles floating there… :roll_eyes:


PostcardUnited is horrible but I still use it so I can get more cards out. There is about a 60% chance nothing will get registered and no one will respond to your messages. Beware!


There really isn’t any site comparable to Postcrossing, in my opinion. Prior to joining 11 years ago, I was very active in Yahoo US based postcard groups. But I got out of each one after joining here.


I’ve never heard of other postcard sites honestly. I never thought about the idea until my aunt told me about postcrossing. I never have looked for anything else in the months I’ve been here because everything is so well run and organized!


There is I can’t vouch for it, I just recently signed up and one of my two cards has been registered. We’ll see how it goes!


Interesting :thinking: but as already son concern come up with security I’m careful tbh.

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I use for stamp exchanges so might also be good.

I have found that organizing direct swaps (via Facebook, Instagram or this forum) works well.

I would also echo the recommendation for the various activities here - I :blue_heart: the Round Robins. I’ve successfully exchanged many dozens of cards this way, and I’ve been doing this for only two months.


There’s also Postcard Funatic app, I saw someone mention it in instagram.

But, I only use Postcrossing. Some of the above don’t even have the rules anywhere to read before you join.

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Where do I find the Round Robins?

I would love to sign somewhere else as well, but it think it can be dangerous to share your address everywhere.

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We all had to take a similar risk to jump in here, no?

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There is a subreddit called RandomActsOfCards ( where you can give, reclaim or exchange postcards and regular cards. I’ve used it a lot before arriving on postcrossing, has a nice community, and most are Americans.


Well yes and no, it depends on the security of the website as well. If I wouldn’t be able to delete my Adresse here if I do not want to use this service anymore, I would have never signed up.


Hi All,

A few weeks ago I inquired about this communities’ experiences with other services similar to Postcrossing. That thread generated some discussion and I thought it would be worthwhile to report back on my experiences with other services since then.

First, let me say that without questions, Postcrossing is the biggest and the best, as well as having the most aesthetically pleasing and robust web interface. That’s just my opinion, but anyone with different thoughts would have a tough argument to make.

But that said, it doesn’t mean that the other services are not worthy of your consideration; indeed, many Postcrossers are also on these sites. Like me, I imagine some others took such a deep dive into this and as a newbie on Postcrossing found that the cards weren’t moving fast enough, even with side trades. I wanted more, and here is what I found.
According to some, these folks completely ripped off Postcrossing. Could be. I honestly don’t now. Also, people had concerns about what they’d do with your data. Again, I don’t know. Didn’t really care on both counts. I dove in head first a couple months ago and the postcards are moving along nicely. No complaints.

This is a phone app only. The interface is basic and there is no forum or blog, so no real sense of community. But it works exactly as it should and the cards are moving along.
This is an interesting site. Not all that many users. Website colors were picked, I’m sure to evoke National Geographic, and the site has a somewhat narrower mission that Postcrossing. It matters on this site where you send a postcard from, and whatever you send is supposed to be from your hometown, because-- apparently, I guess, I think --people are collecting the cards almost like the piece of a puzzle, attempting to get a card from every “subregion” of the world. All of this is about as clear as mud, though, on their website, and I got called to task for running afoul of this. But lots of people clearly just cut/pasted their Postcrossing profile, which might indicate that they like Disney cards, or holiday cards, or whatever. Consequently I once sent a Disney card or some such and got a bad review for that trade. But otherwise, I’ve had a good experience here and now I just resort to always sending a local touristic card from my hometown. Oh, another quirk about his site, which surely has to do with the low number of people on it, but also the mission of trying to match you with regions you have not traded with before, is that when one of the cards you sent is received, thus opening you up to send another, another “compatible” trader is not always immediately available. I’m glad to be on this site, but again, aspects of it are a bit of a mystery to me; if anyone else has any insight, I’d be game to hear it.
Definitely not recommended, though of course, what’s the risk? A couple stamps and a couple of postcards, right? They allow you two cards out of the chute. I sent them two months ago, but neither has been registered. Coincidentally, one of those recipients was just across town from me. The site is very minimalist, with no info on how long it takes for cards to expire, for example. I assume those cards will expire eventually and I’ll be able to request a new address, which I will. Again, little risk.

Reddit Postcard Community
Not sure if I got the name exactly right on this, but I signed up for this, and get an email every now and again from them, but for the life of me, I just don’t get what is going on here or how to grab a handle to hop on this train. Made a concerted effort on a couple occasions to see if I could figure it out but gave up.

Am I missing any? Good luck, and wishing you all full postboxes.