Series postcard acronyms?

I often see GF which I know means Greetings From, which I love, but I am not familiar with FOTW HPC MOTW MPCS and the rest. I figure ‘OTW’ stands for ‘of the world,’ but would like to know if anyone has created a directory of all the series acronyms. I’d like to start collecting some more series.

Thank you!

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Here’s a good place to start: Postal related dictionary and abbreviations

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We need to add to this wiki as many are missing

That is helpful, thank you.

Is that something anyone can do?

Yes, absolutely, that’s what a wiki is set up specifically for - so everyone can add things - a collective effort!

I added a couple tonight from my own list I had to figure earlier on in my Postcrossing days - there will likely be others to add as well.

If you add something, just check the formatting of an existing entry in terms of the brackets & punctuation etc & follow that formatting so it’s looks the same as other entries. If you get stuck, just ask someone for help.

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Thank you @LC-Canada!

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Ah ha! Found a better list in the German language section - enjoy! (First click on the arrow in the upper right corner below and make sure the arrow is pointed up, then click on the FAQ link)

Hi @Cassiopheia, do you know of any easy way to transfer this lovely list above to Postal-related dictionary and abbreviations (wiki) ?

And I’m not asking you to do it unless it’s super easy. If we have to cut & paste it, one by one, then I’m happy to do it. I’ve been wanting to have a fuller list there for a while & I’ve been adding a few I know from time to time. While searching tonight I found that lovely list in the German language section. Hurray! lol

Sure, I made that list in the German FAQ and can simply copy and paste it. It’s only 3 words that need to get translated.


most of them are already included in the wiki though, so I’m not sure how I should add it in there.

If you have an idea, just feel free to copy my list from the German FAQ and here is the picture belonging to it with an English header:

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Great! Thanks, I’ll do this tomorrow, cheers, Lynn

Thank you @LC-Canada and @Cassiopheia! I just added my own little edit to that wiki. Great resource!