Separate "Favourites" and "Wishlist"

I like the idea. At the moment I don’t favorite received cards, with this option I could “heart” my favorite received ones as well. :slight_smile:


Yes to question one. In my fantasy world, there would be two icons “Add to Favorites” and “Add to Wish List.” You could check one, both, or neither. Maybe if you had to have an icon, one would be a Heart (favorite) and one would be a Fairy or Shooting star or something (Wish List).

To your question 2 (default list), no. Again in my fantasy world, there would be no default.

To make it easier for existing Postcrossers who maybe have extensive “favorites” lists, (once more again in my fantasy world) when the transition was made, people would be asked if they wanted their existing “favorites” to be marked as “favorites,” “wish list,” “none” or “both” or there would be a “select all” option that would allow people to move their existing list from “favorites” (the current term) to “wish list” (the added term) if they wanted.


Me too! I favourited a bunch when I was brand new as a sort of wishlist, and then realised after a while that many people use it as a way to communicate with the sender… And so I’m conflicted about mixing up my favourite received messages with the list of random cards I found in the gallery. But I feel really guilty about it, because I am really humbled when someone I sent a card to favourites it… So many feelings! Two lists would help me sort them out :joy::joy::joy:


I think it should be the other way round, ie there should be just a favourite list and not a wishlist (so basically what it is now).
One problem is that having a Wishlist (exclusively or next to the favourites) endorses the whole wishlist thing. Yes, everybody does it, but everybody has lists all over their profile while the rules state that the purpose of the profile is to write about yourself (and okay it mentions ‘demands’ are forbidden and not ‘wishes’, but as we know sometimes it is hard to tell the difference).

And then what if the pickiest people, those who are here just for their collection, start expecting things because “hey it’s in my wishlist” and “why did I receive something that is not from my wishlist”. I would really, really not endorse the wishlist concept, even if it is (sadly, in my opinion) tolerated.


Totally support this idea!

It would be very usefull for people who would like to favourite some of their received cards but also have a sort of wishlist of cards they would love to receive.
And for people who would not use the “favourite” option since really they love every card they receive, or they do not want to hurt the feelings of the senders if they don’t favourite a card, it’s quite simple : they could don’t “favourite” any card, but only use the wishlist option

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I saw how the idea was implemented on the Russian post exchange website (like heart were for cards you like, and stars for one you want to receive), it looks a bit confusing and overcomplicated even though the functionality is very nice to have.

So I am split in whether I support the idea. I have 10K+ favourites, I like clicking hearts on cool cards to show appreciation for people who send them (especially now when there are so many nice cards, each of them gets less hearts than before), I doubt many people look at mines as wishlist directions.

I never use favourites for cards that I received. Seems a bit rude to me to favour certain cards. If I like it a lot, I use the comment section. For me favourits are a wishlist/showing that I like a certain card. Initially a lot of people used it this way, it was fun to see how popular cards were. A good solution would be to make two type of lists.


Official Postcrossing rules state that you shouldn’t make demands in your profile. Wishlists are tolerated but that’s just that. If Postcrossing will make an official Wishlist thing it will contradict its current policy about this.
It would be really nice to have wishlist function but I’m afraid that it’s impossible to do.
Yes, I use Favourites as wishlist and I have a list of my postcard interests in my profile. But I’m not demanding for anything and I don’t understand people’s aggression toward wishlists. I mean, to my observations, it’s not like people without wishlists write about themselves more than people with wishlists :roll_eyes:


It’s never a demand. I state that in my profile, any card is ok. To favour a card for me is also showing that I like a card, a more generic appreciation. Not a demand for a specific card. Personally I prefer that people give me a wishlist on their profile/in their favourites. Part of the fun is picking a card that someone really appreciates. It’s so boring if someone indicates: every card is ok. Doesn’t inspire me at all.


One of the guidelines in postcrossing is “Use your profile to write about yourself -
Your account’s profile is the place where others can learn more about you, so please enter a few sentences. If you mention which postcards you like in your profile, keep in mind that others are not obliged to send you a postcard that matches your preferences. You can not make demands about what you want or don’t want to receive”

A wish list would do just that - make demands about what you want or don’t want to receive.

I am always a bit disapointed when I see a profile with a long list of wants and DO NOT wants. I understand stating things like “family friendly” or mentioning something that truly bothers you (I came across a profile that politely requested no snakes as the postcrosser was deathly afraid), I just think it spoils the intent of postcrossing when any of the community guidelines are ignored


I like this option! :blush:


How would it do that? A wish is not a demand.
It’s a wish, what you would like, and it it doesn’t even mean they wouldn’t like other cards.


I’m sure this is just a personal preference on my part, just like a wish list is a personal preference on your part

Most of the profiles I have encountered that give (sometimes) long lists of what they want seldom say “All postcards are welcome,” and if I don’t have any cards (or stamps) that fit their “wishes,” I have to wonder if it’s even worth my time and $$ to send something NOT on their list


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Yes, of course. If person stated that all card are welcome that means that all card are welcome. There’s no need to overthink it.


What, do you mean it’s personal preference that wishlist turns into demand list? Or that you interpret wishes as demands? Why would anyone prefer to think so?

Wish list is not a personal preference (?), it’s a wish list. No hidden meanings.

If there was be a separate wish wall for cards, you could still send any card you like. It would be just a wish list in picture form. Not mandatory to even look at :slight_smile:

could it just be a list “my favorites” as in, received favorites and a “favorites” in general? which seems as a wishlist but doesnt endorse the wishlist-demands point of view? or we could “star” our own favorites and keep the favorites list as it is…

It seems you just want to be right, not actually have a constructive conversation surrounding this suggestion. It’s clear only your desires matter

I’m out

Good luck!

No - everyone does NOT do it - some of us abide by the community guidelines

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You’re wrong on this. For me it seems the opposite; you avoid constructive conversation, since you don’t answer me (to the question), or explain your statement (which is the key to constructive conversation and understanding each others in my opinion) but of course you don’t have to.

For me it doesn’t matter how the favourites/wislist ends up, as most likely I won’t ever favourite a card I’ve received, because it can be the message I like more, not just the picture.Also, I think I would feel bad if a card would be close to favourite, but then not, and the sender thought they sent a poor card.

I use the favourites as wishlist and just for fun for myself too, to look at the pretty cards that I don’t (yet) have.


(I think it was meant as a generalisation.)

But: wish lists are not forbidden. Telling about what cards you like is not forbidden, not even “not encouraged” to do.

Listing expired card is (not encouraged). I only mention this, as I think you might want to know it, and might care to remove it from your profile if you like it to be by the guidelines.

(I know this is not related to wishlist/favourite-topic, but as you refer to yourself as one who abide the guidelines, I assume you don’t know it’s not encouraged to keep expired list n your profile.)

But back to the topic:

I use this sometimes too, or leave a message under the card image. But, not everytime, and not even often.

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