Sending the new Europa Peace stamp to Russia/Belarus

What is your opinion about the new Europa 2023 Peace stamps?
Will you use that stamp on a postcard sent to Russia or Belarus?

If my post or my questions are offensive please moderators deleted it. But I am really curious to read the replies to my questions. I hope the discussion will be calm and polite.

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We have already a topic where we talk about that new stamp in general.

So please answer here only to the question about the 2 countries.

If it comes to political fights here again, the topic will be closed immediately.

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I’ll send them to all countries. An innocent wish for peace shouldn’t offend anyone, in my opinion.

Edit: After all, If you don’t wish for peace, that means you enjoy war… and how could anyone wish for people to die? …


Agree with @Axolotl_! I don’t see why we shouldn’t send it to Belarus and Russia… Do you mean that their postal service might not deliver it? I don’t think so. And I don’tthink Russian or Belarusian postcrossers would feel offended at all.


According to a Belarusian postcrosser’s profile to whom I sent an official card, a peace message stamp was cut out before arriving at her recipient’s mailbox.

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In this case I believe it was just stolen by a post worker.

I have send last year around 30 postcards to Russia, which says on the stamp in german “No more war”. It was once issued because of the start 100 years ago of WWI in 2014.
nomore war

And none told me something of missing stamp or anything like this.


I see no problem
I’d like to get this stamp


I won’t send it to anyone, as I won’t be buying it. I don’t understand why there couldn’t be the usual competition, just with peace and/or solidarity as a theme.


I’m in Russia and I’d love to receive it. And I hope it won’t cause delivery problems, but I’m not sure about that.


I’ve just received a card with this stamp