Sending a postcard to Crimea from UK?

Hello everyone! I’ve run into a bit of an issue. I’ve just pulled out an address in Crimea. In the UK, services to Crimea, Sevestapol, Donetsk and Luhansk Oblast are currently suspended. The user’s provided address says RUSSIA. I have no doubt that the Russian postal service will accept the card, but I’m just wondering if Royal Mail will actually give it to them considering the address has ‘Crimea’ in it? Does anyone have any experience of sending to Crimea from the UK, or anywhere else?


The status of Crimea is a huge political issue, so it’s a bit confusing! Regardless of the political complexities, Russian Post are the postal service who deal with that area at the moment, and a postcard with “Russia” as the country should be routed correctly to them and delivered in that area. Certainly members in that area are receiving cards OK, despite the political confusion.

I’m fairly sure that the Royal Mail don’t check that addresses in other countries are valid, and will just go off the “Russia” part.


thanks for the quick reply! i’ll send it with the given address and hope it arrives :laughing:

I am from Sri Lanka. I have once did a private swap with a person from Crimea. The address was in the same format. The country was mentioned as ‘Russia’. The postcard was delivered on time without any problem.

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thanks for your reply – this gives me hope!

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