Send Me a Postcard Written in My Language Tag

When tagging a person, send him/her a card, written in their language.
If you speak it, great!
But if not, it might be very, very fun.
You are supposed to find an online translator, dictionary, phrase list, whatever helps you and use it to write a couple of sentences on the card.

“Tag” the last person in this topic, ask for their address by private message, send a postcard to this address, write “Send Me a Postcard Written in My Language Tag”, your username and a text in the receiver’s language – and then wait for someone else to tag you and send a postcard to you written in your language. Don’t forget to tell us which is your native language.

This tag was created by crna_ofca in the old forum. Next to be tagged is me @Feuerstuhl, please write a text in German for me.


Tag @Feuerstuhl

I love this idea! I don´t speak German at all, but challenge accepted :upside_down_face:

Please write to me in Portuguese.

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Wow! It would be intriguing!
Tag @fjsm18 (no one word I know in Portuguese :flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth:)
Write to me in Russian, please)

Tag @kampfetka

This very interesting tag that i join until now ,
I am gonna write Russian for the first time ,
Please tag me guys asap :smiley:
My native language is “Turkish”

tag @Elif__
I have always wanted to learn Turkish but have never made it beyond “merhaba” XD
that will be fun!
Next person please write to me in German

Tag @BrokkoliKatze

Feel free to write to me in a language other than English or French if you want just to make it more interesting!

tag LC-Canada

tag @vitamin1979
Next person please write to me in Serbian :slight_smile:

tag @Mackolino
I don’t know any serbian,but i accept this challenge.
Next person,please write chinese

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tag @siyuxing
I work for a Chinese company and started learning the language. I think it will be funny)
Write to me in Russian.

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tag @Konstantin_G

I don’t know any Russian and I have never written anything with Cyrillic alphabets so I’m very sorry in advance of how my message will be like. :laughing:
Next person please write to me in Finnish!

Tag @jokutiina
Please write to me in English!

tag @cali29

for me Chinese~

Tag @Suir

Sounds like a lot of fun, I don’t know any Chinese words :laughing:

My native language is German :slight_smile:

Tag @TinyOwl
And please write to me in Chinese :wink:

Tag @day_0523

This will be a challenge to write in Chinese :sweat_smile:

Please write to me in my native tongue: CEBUANO (Filipino dialect)

tag @jill2t04
I don’t know any Cebuano but I will try!
My native language is Chinese~

Tag @Kirilenko I will try hard to write some more than just Ni Hao…

I speak German.

Tag @manuchka

I only know a few words in German but I accept your challenge! Btw, my favorite German phrase is ‎”Ich bin satt”. Hehe :grin:

My turn. I speak Japanese :jp:

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tag @Doala1994
I don’t know any word in Japanese, it will be a challenge :relaxed:
I speak Belarussian and Russian, but Belarussian preferable