Send me a card from my album of favourites - tag # 3

Please note :

Don’t tag here if you are the last tagger in any of the other "Favourites Tags ", showing this rule .
This to give more people a chance to tag

In this tag you post a link to a gallery showing your favourite cards from other postcrossers’ collections.

The person who tags you will then send you one of those cards and post a link to their album of favourites.

So you can only tag here if you can send the previous tagger one of their favourite cards!

Here are the rules:

  • You have to show the link of the postcard you will send to the person you tag.

You must have at least 500 pictures of favourite cards in your gallery.

  • In general, your card should be exactly the same as the card shown in the album. If you are willing to receive cards that are not exactly the same, but very similar to the ones shown in your album, please mention so in your post.

  • When you tag someone, send the member a message to ask for the address, to where you have to send the postcard to.

  • To promote diversity of participants, the same person can’t tag until 5 other people have tagged, you are only allowed to tag every 6th turn. There should be at least five taggers before you can tag again.

  • Cards should be exactly the same cards as shown on your Favourites wall (not a similar card, or by another photographer). They should be original.

  • If no one tags you after 7 days, you have to add more pictures of favourite cards in your gallery.

  • If the tag is stuck for 10 days, the next tagger is allowed to send you a card matching your wishes / PC profile / favourites.

Next to be tagged is @yudi,
Gallery of favs:

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Tag @yudi with this one. All you need is love…

My favourites.

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