Same messages can't be sent!

Someone please help me! :sob:
I’m a host of a few RRs, and I just tried to send the addresses to the group members for the first time in this new forum.
I, of course, copied the addresses, and the first one was sent successfully, however the second one wasn’t.
The message window came out to warn sending the same text (I guess it’s against spam mails), so I clicked OK button, but it wasn’t sent.
I tried this again and again, but no success.
How can I send the same addresses to the participants, I wonder?

Have you tried slightly changing your intro message? Not sure on another fix though! That’s what I had to do when I was messaging two people for their addresses because they’d won a lottery I was running and the system wouldn’t let me send exactly the same message.

Can you just send them via the same message by using a comma after the first user name unless you don’t want both to see that the other is being sent the same email (if it were a surprise group or something)

Oh no, I hope there is a reasonable work around. I haven’t tried to send addresses out yet for any groups, but I think slightly changing each message would be really annoying. I hope they change this to work better for hosts, but have you maybe tried to send a group message instead, so everyone gets the same message at once?

Did you start your message with "Dear [group member]? I wonder if just using their individual names to begin each message would be enough to allow you to send.

We also have a group messaging feature here in this new Forum. In the “Add a User” field, you can add all the group members’ names, and just send that identical message at the same time to all of them. Just remember, any replies from those members will also be seen by everyone included in that group message.


Thank you, meleko!
I think you may have solved my problem although I haven’t tried yet.

I tried the group messaging feature right now, and it worked. Yeay! :grinning:
Thank you everyone who answered my question!


It is enough to replace a “.” with a “!”
Just one different character counts as change.
My address messages will always be different since I write the number and name of the group in it and that is never the same - and if it is, I made a mistake! :thinking:

Still annoying that when I want to update all of my bingos and RRs, I can’t just write “Updated” everywhere, no I have to phrase it differently every time :expressionless:

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How are you able to type only ‘Updated’? When I type something like that, it says ‘Body message is too small’.


Maybe it’s because I have a higher TL? :thinking:

if the system does not let me write


then I will write

Update. (with point)

And the next time I can write it again without point.

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Finished update
All is up-to-date
Updated + one of countless smileys

Only my creativity knows bounds… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Google translate? We will learn the word “updated” in every conceivable language.

Or add a little extra message, I guess. :woman_shrugging:
(To make it more personal. Or a quote. A poem. A limerick! :laughing:)

But yeah, I ran into the same problem with personal messages, but I do understand why it’s not allowed.

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You could use this Haiku Generator and type ‘update’ as the verb.

Shining break of day
A beautiful post updates
under the sandwich


There once was a lass who liked postcards.
She said, “See the lovely graveyards!”
It was rather more,
But not very shore,
She couldn’t say no to the shipyards.

Mmm, but no “update”. :thinking:

:joy: That site is great, thank you for the recommendation!!!

Fast, dependable
Update, write, post
So great when uploading

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Update 10/31/2020
Update 11/01/2020
Update 11/02/2020

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