Rubber stamps

I am personally interested in petroglyphs. After viewing the petroglyph photo exhibition, I made an impressive petroglyph with an eraser stamp. If I have the opportunity to send a postcard to Central Asia, I want to use it


Just two signature stamps…

And I just recently got an owl post cancellation stamp (and owl post postage stamps) for people that want cards in envelopes…


Hello! Not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but my apologies if it isn’t. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my small, reusable username stamp dropped to the floor and broke. :frowning: This is similar to the ones people use especially at meetups. Does anyone have a recommendation of where to find one? I can’t remember where mine was from. And it was so cute!


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A little off topic, but in what way did it brake?
Can you remove the part that is the stamp itself, glue it to a handle and use with separate ink pad, if it was a stamper that inks the stamp for each stamping?

I have so many stamps and nothing is broken so that it’s not usable, only silicone/clear stamp has “melted” when stored wrongly (?), but I think that doesn’t happen when a stamp drops, so that’s why I suggest this, in case you like it so much you would still like to use it.

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Ordered a personalised stamp from a seller on eBay. Very happy with seller and result, so happy to recommend if anyone is interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Just to note, it takes a couple of weeks for the orders to come through, which is understandable given the handmade nature; also that this seller is working alone, as far as can tell.)

I also ordered one of these (screenshot from seller’s page on eBay, so this address is already in the public domain):

The stamps are so stinking cute!!! :heart_eyes::smile:


Unfortunately it was one of those re-inkers. :frowning: When it dropped it complete broke and it no longer has the push mechanism intact. I hope I’m making sense! :slight_smile:

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OMG I think I now know how I am going to spend my Saturday afternoon…and part of my paycheck! Thanks so much for the link!

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A great discussion!
I have my own personal stamp for cards, if I have room I add it to the card. Usually it’s used for meet ups!
We just returned from Europe and I was surprised on how many tourist places have stamps! Here r some examples from our trip! My favourite is from the Aron Islands and it’s in the Irish language!

You can also find them here in Canada and USA!



I really like penny black rubber stamps.
I am looking for suzy’s zoo rubber stamps these days, but q rare ig