[RR] Winner Takes All RR - North America Edition - Looking for NEW host

Sorry for the double post, but I’d like to join Group 8, please!

I’m sorry for the delay. This got lost in my crazy life. FF1 is on its way to @mere5oh.

May I join groups 9 and S-1 please?

Group L2
ckip sent me a postcard of Joe Patti’s Seafood Company with a great old pick-up on the front. Such a cool card! I love it :slight_smile: Thank you

Group L2

BeachyBlonde sent me a great Lantern Press card showing bears from Tennessee. Thank you! Supposedly there are bears in the mountains near where I’ve live too, but I’ve never seen one either.

Group L2

@MystiqueDeep thank you for the beautiful card starring a 1915 Willys Overland. Honestly, I had never heard of a Willy, but I’m sure I’ve seen them on tv. I hope you all are able to get one and restore it. It looks like a fun ride!

@Beachyblonde thank you for the spirit of Tennessee card. I love the illustrations! There’s a nice little poke and boba place in Cordova that I like to go to. I hope you get to see your friend soon!

Everything should be updated. Thank you, everyone :smiley:!


I received from @Pezimaniac - Thank you for the Christmas card and the Post office stamps! No worries on the length of time. :slight_smile:

Thank you, mere5oh! I have updated :smiley:.

@meritahti, L2 needs an update to show MystiqueDeep received my card on December 1st.

Thank you!

Sorry - fixed it :wink:.

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Group L2

@PamUSAOhio Thank you for the Mammoth Cave card! When I first looked at it, I was thinking it looked very familiar. I checked the back to confirm it was Mammoth Cave and sure enough I believe I know that exact spot, the Mammoth Dome. I past by it several times during by Master’s research.

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Group 5 - received cool cards from alohagreetings in a beautiful envelope :slight_smile:

Interestingly the left side of my address got wiped out and the zip code was marked over by those postal lines so I guess it took the post office a while to figure out where to send the envelope. I’m glad it reached me in the end :slight_smile:

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Thank you, ckip and wayness! I have updated :smiley:.

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Hi all,

Due to the increasing demands of the Monthly Alternative RR in the main RR forum, I am looking for a new host for this RR.

Group S3

Thank you, @Tigergirl, for the great cards!

Group 5 - thank you tigergirl for these unique mural cards :slight_smile:

Thank you, wayness! I have updated :smiley:.

Here is the link to the new thread: