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:earth_americas: Hello - WELCOME to the VINTAGE Round Robin! :mega:

You like Retro, Vintage and Reprint cards? Then this is the place for you!

Vintage RR - We love living in the past!

:exclamation: Here’s HOW IT WORKS (rules & regulations):

  • you have to be an active member of the Postcrossing forum to join this RR (at least for the real vintage groups)
  • select a group from the open groups list
  • if you want to join a group, please post here in the thread (don’t forget the group #!).
  • if it’s the first time you join this RR please PM me with your address.
  • if it’s your first time here you can join ONE group, after all your cards are received, you can join more groups (max. 5 + all full round’s cards have already to be sent)
  • :warning: make sure you read (and understand) our group & card descriptions :arrow_right: here - and actually have the right type and age of cards on hand.
  • once a group is full, I’ll send the addresses via PM and you have 2 weeks to send your cards
  • don’t forget to write Vintage RR, Group Number and your nickname on the cards you send
  • Please post here in the thread when you SENT or RECEIVE cards from this RR.
  • If cards aren’t sent (new member) or re-sends aren’t received as well, and there’s no reply to reminders the member will be banned :frowning:
  • After three months a group can be archived, no matter, if all cards arrived.
  • and last but not least: be fair and have fun!

:writing_hand: For joining groups, questions or comments please only post here in the thread (not via PM).

:pushpin: If you have new group ideas let me know.

:mantelpiece_clock: I will update all groups regularly but please don’t forget my timezone!

:framed_picture: Visit our FLICKR ALBUM and browse the received cards (you can upload yours as well!)

And now: let’s start writing!
Have lots of fun with this Round Robin, may your mailboxes be filled with many beautiful Vintage cards!

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How this RR Works :postcrossing: more Info & Group Descriptions :postcrossing: Open Groups :postcrossing: Travelling Groups :postcrossing: Member Wishlists :postcrossing: No-Resend list :postcrossing: Gallery :postcrossing: Completed Groups


:bell: Open Groups :bell:

Group 851 - Cats and/or Dogs. Vintage Reprints.

  1. Miss-Cynical (GER)

Group 902 - Retro cards. Used/unused

  1. BrokkoliKatze (GER)
  2. MaybeMartha (MLT)
  3. (optional)

Group 903 - Vintage Reprints. Art
(Reprints of paintings/illustrations by (more or less) popular artists - created prior to 1945, e.g. Mucha, Klimt, any Art Noveau painters, van Gogh, Rembrandt, Bosch, Michelangelo, Dürer etc.)

  1. mezzanine2 (CAN)
  2. ChristineC (CAN)

Group 906 - People. Vintage used/unused

  1. Tycho (NL)
  2. Miss-Cynical (GER)

Group 915 - Greeting Cards (any kind of greetings) Vintage used/unused

Group 916 - City/Street View. Vintage Reprints

Group 917 - Vintage Reprints (general group)

  1. DymphieH (NL)
  2. Pixiedustlady (USA)
  3. Miss-Cynical (GER)

Group 918 - Vintage Reprints. Advertisements

  1. DymphieH (NL)
  2. Pixiedustlady (USA)
  3. Miss-Cynical (GER)

Group 920 - City/Street View. Vintage used/unused

  1. Miss-Cynical (GER)

Group 921 - Vintage Reprints. People

  1. melvnoble (USA)
  2. Miss-Cynical (GER)

Group 922 - Vintage Reprints. Travel posters

  1. Pixiedustlady (USA)

Group 923 - Vintage used/unused (General Group)

  1. Miss-Cynical (GER)
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:airplane: Traveling Groups :airplane:

Group 879 - Greeting Cards Vintage used/unused (:clipboard: sent 5. February 2021)

  1. iwritedeb (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  2. Tycho (NL) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  3. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 2.

Group 885 - Vintage Reprints. People (:clipboard: sent 19. February 2021)

  1. mezzanine2 (CAN) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 4.
  2. Dadida (RUS) :email:
  3. CorvusCorax (FI) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 4.
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 889 - Vintage Reprints (:clipboard: sent 20. August 2020)

  1. roxy (CAN) :e-mail: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 2., 3.
  2. dymphie (NL) :e-mail: -:mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 4.
  3. dariasmith (USA) :interrobang: :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :e-mail: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 891 - City/Street View. Vintage used/unused (:clipboard: 9. November 2020)

  1. coleandjojo (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 2.
  2. AnthonyAlmeida (BRA) :email:
  3. dariasmith (USA) :interrobang:

Group 897 - City/Street View. Vintage Reprints (:clipboard: sent 9. February 2021)

  1. Antich (CRO) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 4.
  2. AnthonyAlmeida (BRA) :exclamation:
  3. torryro (RUS) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 4.
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 3.

:evergreen_tree: SPECIAL Group 900 - Xmas & New Year Cards (:clipboard: sent 1. December 2020)

  1. roxy (CAN) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  2. coleandjojo (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1.
  3. kyvintage (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 901 - Vintage Reprints. Travel posters (:clipboard: sent 19. January 2021)

  1. DymphieH (NL) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  2. Oceanfun (IND) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 4.
  3. mjefferson (UKR) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 905 - Vintage Reprints. Advertisements (:clipboard: sent 2. February 2021)

  1. DymphieH (NL) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  2. roxy (CAN) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 4.
  3. Dadida (RUS) :email:
  4. Vule101 (IND) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 909 - City/Street View. Vintage used/unused (:clipboard: sent 17. February 2021)

  1. Tycho (NL) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  2. esca0417 (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 4.
  3. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1.

Group 910 - Vintage Reprints (:clipboard: sent 14. February 2021)

  1. roxy (CAN) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 4.
  2. Antich (CRO) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 4.
  3. jaqueposts (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 911 - Vintage used/unused (:clipboard: sent 22. January 2021)

  1. coleandjojo (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 2., 4.
  2. avery27 (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  3. rhore3 (AUS) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 912 - Vintage Reprints. Travel posters (:clipboard: sent 23. February 2021)

  1. roxy (CAN) :email:
  2. minkero (FI) :email:
  3. tusik (CH)
  4. Vule 101 (IND) :email:

Group 913 - Vintage used/unused (:clipboard: sent 14. February 2021)

  1. ChristineC (CAN) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 3., 4.
  2. bazanovasa (RUS) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 3., 4.
  3. Tycho (NL) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 4.
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 914 - Vintage Reprints. Advertisements (:clipboard: sent 14. February 2021)

  1. roxy (CAN) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 4.
  2. satoko-k (JP) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:
  3. Pixiedustlady (USA) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 1., 4.
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: :white_check_mark:

Group 919 - Vintage used/unused (:clipboard: sent 28. February 2021)

  1. coleandjojo (USA)
  2. avery27 (USA)
  3. Tycho (NL) :email: - :mailbox_with_mail: from 4.
  4. Miss-Cynical (GER) :email:

:email: = cards sent
:clipboard: = Adresses sent
:mailbox_with_mail: = received (from)
:white_check_mark: = received all
:exclamation: = reminder
:bangbang: = 2nd reminder
:interrobang: = 3rd & last reminder
:skull: = banned

Completed Groups

:no_mobile_phones: NA - not active
:no_entry_sign: NR - no response to u2u
:warning: Groups not quite complete- please check and update
:+1: completed successfully
:pirate_flag: user banned
:innocent: angeled

820. dymphie/ChristineC/minkero/Tiny Spark :+1:
821. dariasmith/AnthonyYnoh/Eremias :+1:
822. Ane-mone/barbie3000/dariasmith/kta67 :+1:
823. dymphie/AnthonyYnoh/Nadjafee/dariasmith :+1:
824. dariasmith/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
825. Mynta/dariasmith :warning:/AnthonyYnoh/Eremias
826. Mynta/roxy/Kristina333/Miss-Cynical :+1:
827. clouisesz/dariasmith/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
828. dymphie/barbie3000/Mynta/Miss-Cynical :+1:
829. clouisesz/dariasmith/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
830. Mynta/pjsubway/KDA/Miss-Cynical :+1:
831. Nadjafee/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
832. KDA/dariasmith/AnthonyYnoh/Miss-Cynical :+1:
833. deleted
834. Tycho/KDA/Miss-Cynical :+1:
835. KDA/Kyvintage/Geishy/Miss-Cynical :+1:
836. Nadjafee/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
837. Kristina333/KaT-85/Miss-Cynical :+1:
838. Eremias/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
839. Eremias/Kyvintage/dariasmith :warning:/kta67
840. dariasmith/clouisesz/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
841. dariasmith/Sprity/Kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
842. clouisesz/Kyvintage/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
843. Tycho/clouisesz/Miss-Cynical :+1:
844. Kyvintage/dymphie/minkero/ChristineC :+1:
845. clouisesz/Kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
847. ChristineC/Kyvintage/dymphie/Miss-Cynical :+1:
848. Kyvintage/roxy/KaT-85/Miss-Cynical :+1:
849. Kyvintage/dymphie/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
850. clouisesz/Kyvintage/dariasmith :warning:/Miss-Cynical
852. dymphie/minkero/sunsky/geminiscp :+1:
853. dariasmith/Kyvintage/AnthonyYnoh :+1:
854. Eremias/AnthonyYnoh/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
855. dymphie/Kyvintage/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
856. Kyvintage/dariasmith:exclamation:/kta67/Mis-Cynical
857. dariasmith/Kyvintage/ChristineC/Miss-Cynical :+1:
858. Kyvintage/kta67/AnthonyYnoh :+1:
859. Kyvintage/kta67/ChristineC/Miss-Cynical :+1:
860. ChristineC/dymphie/MystiqueDeep/Miss-Cynical :+1:
861. Tycho/clouisesz/AnthonyYnoh/Miss-Cynical :+1:
862. DymphieH/Angelthecat/Miss-Cynical :+1:
863. dymhie/roxy/DorH/Miss-Cynical :+1:
864. dariasmith :warning: /coleandjojo/Miss-Cynical
846. dariasmith/coleandjojo/Miss-Cynical :+1:
865. AnthonyYnoh/Eremias/kta67/Kyvintage :+1:
866. roxy/AnthonyYnoh/geminiscp/Miss-Cynical :+1:
867. Tycho/aomiya/Miss-Cynical :+1:
868. clouisesz/Kristina333/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
869. clouisesz/Kyvintage :exclamation: /Miss-Cynical
870. AnthonyYnoh/Tycho/Kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
871. dymphie/roxy/Kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
872. DymphieH/tusik/kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
873. Tycho/KDA/Miss-Cynical :+1:
874. Eremais/dariasmith/iwritedeb/AnthonyAlmeida :+1:
875. dariasmith/Kyvintage/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
876. roxy/dariasmith/Kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
877. thuegirl/Antich/Kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
878. roxy/minkero/mainekwok97/Miss-Cynical ::+1:
880. clouisesz/KDA/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
881. Tycho/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
882. roxy/thuegirl/dymphie/Miss-Cynical :+1:
883. clouisesz/Tycho/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
884. roxy/dymphie/minkero/Miss-Cynical :+1:
886. roxy/dymphie/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
887. Tycho/dariasmith/Miss-Cynical :+1:
888. clouisesz/Tycho/Timbp2016/Miss-Cynical :+1:
890. dariasmith/iwritedeb/Eremias/Miss-Cynical :+1:
892. EverettGal/akaroxy/DymphieH/Miss-Cynical :+1:
893. Tycho/KeithA/Miss-Cynical :+1:
894. roxy/alohagreetings/tusik/Miss-Cynical :+1:
895. roxy/TinySpark/alohagreetings/Miss-Cynical :+1:
896. KeithA/Brokkolikatze/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
899. roxy/Antich/serifluous/Miss-Cynical :+1:
904. kyvintage/Tycho/Miss-Cynical :+1:
907. DymphieH/minkero/kyvintage/Miss-Cynical :+1:
908. Antich/DymphieH/Dadida/Miss-Cynical :+1:

:heart_eyes: WISHLISTS :heart_eyes:

Have you ever wondered what your Vintage Friends here like to receive in general groups? Here’s a list!
That doesn’t mean you have to fulfill any of these wishes, but sometimes it may be of help when selecting cards for a group.

I like :+1:: colorful Victorian style illustration, vintage reprint advertising/travel poster,
cute retro/vintage greetings illustration, and animals and children illustration. I am not so into vintage photography or retro touristic cards. Please sent written in envelope if possible.

I like :+1:: I prefer singleviews with streets and cities, illustrated city views, linen postcards, b&w views, scenes of traditional culture, markets and fairs. If possible, unwritten in an envelope.

I like :+1:: humorous, people, mail-related, cards with a quote or lots of text on the front, anything strange/weird. I prefer my cards written (envelope or no envelope both okay).

I like :+1::

  • anything related to the sea (beaches, seashells, sailing scenes,etc.)
  • all boats and ships except military
  • Citroen 2CV (as the subject or as a detail)
  • reprint of vintage travel posters/anything with luggages
  • old movies (from the 1920s to 1960s)
  • all about literature/reading/books/libraries/writers
  • all about baths/soaps/perfumes
  • architecture out of the ordinary
  • anything related to champagne
  • people writing or cards showing old letters or writing objects
  • women with hats (from the 1920s mostly)

I like :+1:: landscapes, illustrations, ships, buildings, dancing/dancers, royalty, people, and surprises
Vintage Collection
Vintage Minnesota Collection

I like :+1:: Cemetary, burial grounds, library, post offices, Kewpies, Atlantic city, New Jersey shore, key west, Florida, Girl Scouts. I enjoy the old comic cards too and slightly off topics, the more bizarre the better! 1960s & 1970s, Moulin Rouge.
:-1: Not so much into war related/military, guns, & snakes.

I like :+1:: photos with people, vintage housewifes, photos with retro cars, all types of ads

I like :+1:: homes (exteriors & interiors), nature, dogs, landscapes, animals, flowers, JFK, cute things!
more wishes here. Prefer unwritten!

I like :+1:: mail related, anything about books or reading, fairy tales, clocks, multiples of any kind, Motorcycles, advertisements, globes, People at work, maps, Pin-Ups, Children’s book illustrations, travel posters

I like :+1:: Botanical illustration, flora, fauna, mountains, caves, nature, national culture and crafts, beautiful city views, illustrations, cute things, ad cards.
:-1:: Please don’t send pin-ups or anything violent.

I like :+1:: (pre-1950) movie-related, travel-related, pre-1980 advertising and fashion, maps, and surprises!


I like :+1:: old advertisements, food-related cards, transportation cards, magazine covers, Greetings From, Mucha and vintage cities

I like :+1:: military, nautical, women (esp. single woman, full length that shows her outfit); police/fire/fire dept.; anything related to medical or science prior to 1930s; mixed media (embroidered, tin, wood, etc) or linen; cards w/areas hand colored; people working; industry and machines including rural machinery and railroads; ads & travel posters (for this reprints are fine); and horses

I like :+1:: Portraits, Royalty, famous people, actors/actresses in costumes, movie-related, advertising and fashion, life, books, letters, libraries, castles, manors, old universities , cityviews , mountains. Old view/touristic cards from France, UK, Austria, USA & Canada , anything cool / awesome , kitsch & glittering & coloured / shiny (with sparkles, like cards like Holidays, St. Patrick etc.)
:-1:: Please don’t send me military & anything war-related
I prefer vintage cards sent in an envelope.

I like :+1:: Art, dogs, mountains, lakes, night sky with full moon, castles/cathedrals, cityscapes, ships / boats, cars, airplanes, movie-related or anything cool / awesome


I like :+1:: propaganda, Soviet-related, war-related, historical events, unique or interesting architecture, trains/trams/metro, single views (street/city/landscape)

I like :+1:: travel posters, ads, national parks, botanical illustrations, cats, people, fairytales, Halloween
collection: http://marnie.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Vintage+reprints+[My+Collection]/

I like :+1:: Movie-related, quirky/weird, advertising, risque, propaganda, pin-ups, travel posters, maps. If card is quite old and fragile I prefer to receive it in envelope and unwritten.

I like :+1:: ads (all themes), travel posters, cat and animal illustrations, vehicles, educational posters/school boards, book and magazine covers, botanical illustrations

I like :+1:: cats, ads, fairy tales, witches & witchcraft, fortune-telling, gypsy wagons, people (esp. human marvels & oddities), motorcycles, spooky & scary stuff (Krampus cards, tombs, graveyards, skeletons, skulls, devil), Death (anything death-related, mourning cards, Memento mori, Death portrayed in Art, Elterngrab-Postkarten aus Deutschland), tattoos, sideshows/circus/artists, Scotland, beautiful landscapes - I prefer vintage cards sent unwritten in envelope - thank you!
:-1:: Please don’t send me military & anything war-related or religious cards (churches, cathedrals etc. unless they have a graveyard, Christmas, Easter) & retro cards (1960+).
Vintage Reprints Collection
Vintage Collection

I like :+1:: botanical things, windows & doors, spaniels, rabbits and rodents, drawings, cards with some informative text on the back, or anything else interesting

I like :+1::
-Anything with old vehicles (cars, trains, motorcycles, airplanes, ships, etc)
-Views of cities, or small towns
-People in their natural surroundings (working, walking on the street, riding horses, etc. )
-Unique or interesting monuments, buildings, statues, bridges, lighthouses, train stations, etc.)
-Historical events

I like :+1:: Portraits, romantic scenes, actors/actresses in costumes, Christmas/Easter/Valentines cards, illustrations of myths, fairy tales or ballads, castles & mansions

I like :+1:: Vintage Advertisements (1900-1962) Travel Posters, Pin-ups, Movies and actors (1920s-1960s), Vintage Magazine covers, Ballet and Ice skaters, Vintage Housewives, Vintage Toys, Circus/Carnival/Theme Parks. Ads for Candy/Sweets. Vintage Soviet Union, Royal Families. Anything and everything that relates to World War 2 including any and all war propaganda/Posters/Ads especially items from Germany/Soviet Union/UK (Nothing will offend me, items do not need to be in English either). If no additional cost, I prefer cards mailed in an envelope as our postal machines have destroyed/mangled many of my cards.
:-1: Please NO Cats/insects/snakes (I am scared of them) Please no religious cards or churches.

I like :+1:: VW Beetles & Campers, Motels, 50s/60s/70s interiors (kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms) and furniture, 60s/70s fashion, pop culture, television, advertisements for toys, food, restaurants

I like :+1:: travel-posters and ad-posters, propaganda, old cars, motorbikes, interesting scenes from life
Vintage Art (Ads, Travel…)
Vintage and Retro Reprints

I like :+1:: reprints of ads and travel posters

I like :+1:: people, old romantic cards, all kinds embossed cards, graveyards, cityview with or without people, landscape, illustrations, advertisement, movie-ads, birthday, christmas, easter etc. - I prefer my cards sent in an envelope - thank you!

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:recycle: NO RESEND LIST :recycle:

Sometimes cards and letters get lost on their way around the world :airplane: this is sad but nobody’s fault (except for the postal services or the postcard monster :space_invader:).

Established members “no-resend” list
(established = frequent member, cards sent/received for at least 5 groups in the past)

The following members do not want other established members to resend if cards get lost:

:innocent: You do not have to resend to (but you can if you want to!):

  • Miss-Cynical (GER)
  • Mynta (FI)
  • EricB (USA)
  • KDA (USA)
  • clouisesz (USA)
  • ilydolls (USA)


  • Vintage specific and Retro groups consist of three participants
  • Vintage used/unused general groups have four participants (but close with three after 2 months)
  • Vintage Reprint groups have four participants
  • Vintage = antique cards older than 1959* though the older the better!
  • Retro = Cards that date between 1960 - 1990*
  • Vintage Reprints = new store-bought cards that depict vintage motifs
  • Vintage Reprint Ad Cards (Real postcards not Ad Cards)
  • Used cards = must be previously postmarked or stamped. Some will have written messages and some only the address.
  • Unused cards = Vintage or Retro cards that do not already have a message written on the back. You can treat it like any regular postcard and send without an envelope or you can leave it blank and send it in an envelope. Your choice. Take into consideration the age and condition of the card (and what sorting machines can do to your beautiful card on its journey).
  • RPCs = real photo postcards (antique!)
  • any card - you can sent Vintage, Retro or Reprints.

*If you don’t know what type of card you have - just make your best guess - if it’s old, we’ll love it!

reserved for host - please do not delete

reserved for host - please do not delete!

:partying_face: Here we go again! Welcome to the NEW forum, dear Vintage-Lovers! :sunflower:

Please don’t post in the old thread anymore - only here. Thank you! :love_letter:

If you are experiencing problems, I will help whenever I can, but please understand that I cannot give technical support. Please check out the FAQ and introduction:

I am happy with the new forum.
I can now join new groups!
For me, please:


I request changes to my wishlist and description.
Thanks for your adjustments, Astrid.

I prefer singleviews with streets and cities, illustrated city views, linen postcards, b&w views, scenes of traditional culture, markets and fairs. If possible, unwritten in an envelope.

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My Postcrossing username is AnthonyAlmeida. In the old forum was AnthonyYnoh. I believe that in this new community my official site username will remain. Anyway, it’s me, old Anthony.

Hello good old Anthony :joy: and welcome onboard again!
Changes have been made according to your wishes.
Group #900 doesn’t even have a subject yet so I can’t list you here right now. Still waiting for suggestions from the community.
Otherwise we’ll make it a Christmas Group …

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I feel a bit stupid.
Is this the way to post something?

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:mega: Dear members,

like in Anthony’s case I will have to adjust some of the usernames to the new forum specifications. It would be very helpful if you could let me know if your username has changed!

Also I still need your suggestions for Group #900! Any ideas?

Thanks for your help! :heart:

My Usename is changed i little bit to my offical name.
so no more


yes, you did it! Welcome here, dymphie!

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Hey you can like a post, i like that


woohooo, first group in the new forum!

:postbox: Group #874 is full and addresses have been sent! Have fun sending & receiving!

:new: Group opened: #902 - Vintage used/unused

:wrench: updated

Group #894 - from roxy
Brenda is thinking positive in these weird times, stating that it could have been even worse (like in WWII). That is definitely true, that’s why a lot of really old people are not that afraid of Covid-19 because they survived something even more sinister. Love the card too, food crate on a parachute! Reminds me of the “Rosinenbomber” (Raisin or candy bombers) of the allies that transported food and important goods to Berlin. The hint “buy wisely - cook carefully - use leftovers” is valid today as well. Thank you, Brenda! :heart: