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My cards for 116 are written.

Group 116 is in the mail

this is one of the perks of the new forum :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


116 from @AccentOnHakes. That will be nice to at least spend it with one relative. We will have Thanksgiving with my mother-in-law and no one else. Thank you for the great Illinois Sunset card.

All cards received from senders for #119 Birds
@Angeldreamer a beautiful painting of some sea birds. Thanks!

updated. I had to give up trying to update within the forum itself, and now moving text back and forth from WORD for all the beginning posts. I still don’t have time to make it ‘look pretty’ again. Bear with me. I am behind on my card writing so that is my first priority, then my own reporting…then maybe way down on the list is beautifying these pages. lol

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@Angeldreamer send me a great local sunset! Wow! Those fireworks sound amazing. I’ll skip the storms, thanks.

116 from @Cinpy sends a beautiful Sunrise on Mt. Rundle with a great covered bridge stamp. Thank you very much.

116 from @AccentOnHakes- beautiful sunset over a lighthouse in Michigan. Wow…getting soaked from a passing boat…might be fun in the heat of summer, otherwise at least it is a good story to tell!!

116 from @kyvintage beautiful sunset over lake cumberland, the only chili I like is from Sonic or Wolf Brand, haha. I am very picky and most people’s homemade chili is more ghoulash with way too many beans and other things.

new groups have been opened hit the arrow by my name to go straight to the open groups post

updated addresses sent out for 3 groups

Groups 129 and 130 for me, please! :snowflake:

My cards for 117 will go out today.

Group 120
Cards going out today!

122 went out today. :mailbox_with_mail:

116- I received a lovely card from @Cinpy of a beautiful sunset over Banff. Thank you or the lovely drawing and Chinese greeting, such beautiful characters!!

I will get these addresses sent out in the morning…I changed some of the topics to Christmas themes and some to generic themes :)… sorry…I got called into work for the worst route that needs extra time… not for me to show up an hour late to start! Was kind of a day from hell but my postmaster gave me lots of help. I will do this in the morning a long as I don’t get another call.

120 is in the mail :mailbox_with_mail:

116 from @Angeldreamer thank you for the great card of your home landscape it is beautiful. I am trying to cover my tree my farm up in trees but here the land is not flat so we cannot See For Miles like you can thank you

group 117 in the mailbox!

Group116- Received beautiful cards from @kyvintage, @AccentOnHakes and @Angeldreamer, thank you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: