[RR] 🇺🇸 US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine - We Want YOU!

Rec’d from #1146

I don’t think I’ll be traveling to see my children anytime soon. We had a huge uptick in our positivity rate so best to stay away. I sure hope soon. Thanks for the fun postcard.

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So happy to see you here (I was pinkstarfish). Please add me to a five person group.

Please add me to the next group.

Group 1142

MeaganMS sent a gorgeous red Chevy pickup truck. Thank you, Meagan! I love it! :grin: And glad to hear your husband has progressed to rehab now. :hugs:

This card completes Group 1142 for me.

Hello my fellow Americans!
I started out on the Original site as BeMySwapOrPenPal in 2007. Many years into the Forum, I changed my Forum name to Hyshu65 as the one I wanted, simply Hyshu, was taken and the person had not signed on in years. Fast forward to the new Forum. In case you didn’t know, or care about it, When the new Forum was launched, everyone who had changed their Forum name was now their original name. I was not thrilled about this, so I made a comment under the “Help?” thread. Would you believe that Paulo, himself, replied and told me how to change it all to one name. As i was doing this I thought to try for Hyshu before I tried Hyshu65. Well what to you know, now all my names have been changed to Hyshu!


I’m testing my newly learned reply skills! Thank you for all the work you put in on this @MichelleW. See I did learn a couple things! LOL!


1147: @leolikesdvorak, thanks for the cool Chinese covered jar art. I’m glad to hear that you had a good cross country season!

And @MichelleW, this RR looks great! Thank you so much for your hard work to move us to this new home! :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

I’d love to join a new group, please.

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I love our new home and everything looks fantastic! Great job! Thank you! :heart:

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Group 1150 – Double-Bogey Group :heart:

Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX. Looks like a nice place for a leisurely walk. Glad you had fun with your watercolor pencils and YouTube is my go-to for many things. Great fall stickers. Thank you, Rene!

A heart drawn in snow and it looks like this person hiked to find the perfect spot. Love! There’s still plenty of snow for me to draw a heart today. Thank you, Pam!

Beautifully-illustrated lightbulb. Have you seen what people do to reuse/recycle them? Great black-necked crane postage. Thank you, Lukas, and I hope you’re doing well!

Zebra! Thank you for adding the additional info on them. A dazzle of zebra seems appropriate! Enjoy Halloween in Salem. What is your costume? Thank you, Katie!

Beautiful skyline of Portland, OR. I hope you’re able to get out and about when things get tedious. Thank you, Stephanie!

May I join the next 2 small groups? So excited to see this forum on the new community :slight_smile:

SB04 from @coleandjojo a wonderful vintage card of a Washington DC restaurant. I love to be the first one to write on the old cards.

SB04 from @Shesa-Renegade an ad Apollo fact card. We don’t have them in Kentucky so I learned a lot. I should be pulling apart my garden for next season too but I will like to do that in cold cold weather, i must be crazy.

1144 @digihawk sends a Wall e card. I am not the best composted. I have piles everywhere on the farm but I never turn them.

1146 @coleandjojo sends a virtual meetup card for world postcard day. I was supposed to be in that meetup but had to attend my nephews wedding instead. I hope I will be able to attend the next one.

1146 @anon5596355 sent a card from Florida. It must be nice to travel around while you are working.

1147 @leolikesdvorak sends Bobby hutcherson playing tge marimba and a great historic preservation stamp. No cats for my I am allergic but i do have 5 dogs that are rotten and spoiled.

1147 @sleepykitty sends a pumpkin carved in an appropriately creepy manner. My Halloween tradition is to buy candy knowing full well no trick or greater will come down my farm lane. And I talk to my ancestors as if they can hear me but the genealogist in me does that all year long.

1149 @clouisesz sends a lovely vintage card of the New York post Office. I love old post office cards. I am like you they usually don’t leave my collection.

1150 @coleandjojo send a covered bridge built about 1860. Wow 2 groundhogs and not many people would miss them when they move. They are fun to watch.

1150 @Blue_Fox sends a Woody Guthrie card and yes he is a great folk singer.

1150 @jocrafts sends a Diana Ross card , yes i like her daughter as well.

Thank you all so much.

I wasn’t in group 1146 and I checked, I don’t think I’ve sent you cards in any other groups so you may want to recheck that - thanks!

Getting used to “new” user IDs is going to take some time!! :crazy_face:

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I can’t say enough to properly thank @paulo and Ana (@meiadeleite) for their work and help. It’s hard to really understand what had to be done to make this happen. If you’ve ever worked with a platform/system change, then you know!

Glad you found us, Hyshu! :laughing:


It just said Lisa no user name and when I typed that in you came up so I gave it a shot. Thanks for checking. It should have been focus9920

Well, another group open and shut! I sent the addresses for Group 1153.

I also received a perfect-for-me card for Group 1149 from clouisesz and I’ll paraphrase, “Keep Calm - Are you crazy??”

Thanks, everyone! Your encouragement means more than you understand!! :gift_heart:

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Thanks @Digihawk for the Disney Pixar card. I hope your back is better. I know back pain all too well.

Thanks @JannCady for the granola food package with the Mayflower stamp. Delightful!

Getting group #1153 in the mailbox today. Great job Michelle on getting us up and running. I know you had help but you still are amazing.

1152 in tomorrow’s mail.