[RR] North American September Round Robin - The Summer Cool-Down Edition - Addresses Sent

Hi all!
#27 reporting the cards I received yesterday and today!

#1 @cawindt - thank you for the Madrid card! I’m sure that Tigers game was fun! Hope they won!

#2 @CrimsonKing - thank you for the cute pin up bday card! I wish I could get my hair to do that! I love any cake as long as it has whipped icing!! Also, thank you for your generosity and sharing your bounty of pc’s with us! I love them all! The pencil really sticks out to me!!

#6 @mikeyz1 - thank you for the Nancy Drew card! I love it! And, for the sweet story you shared about reading with your daughter! The book nerd (and mom) in me loves that!

#24 @roxy - Thank you for the bookstore card! Now, I’m over here searching plane tickets to Mexico City so I can walk through it in reality one day!

#4 reporting:

The teenagers at work have drained me, so sorry for the short responses today. All cards were happily received and I appreciate all the messages and smiles they gave me.

#1 @cawindt : beautiful Florida map :beach_umbrella:

#2 @CrimsonKing : LP Big Sur. And thanks you for your vintage selection, how generous of you! :heart:

#3 @Cruzin : Great Edition Tausendschon with awesome sticker! :oncoming_automobile:

#5 @carolreader : Wish You were here … in space/earth :laughing:

#8 @Shesa-Renegade : LP Channel Islands :desert_island:

#9 @RobinP : Love Oak Island!! :thong_sandal:

#10 @emotis : fabulous banned books card! :books:

#11 @Sherri_B : gorgeous lighthouse :ocean:

#12 @Yarn-Lady : Seattle travel poster :smiley:

#16 @jacieslar : Hawaiian lighthouse :beach_umbrella:

#17 @ReadWithMelissa : Greetings from West Virginia :mountain:

#18 @LaurenceB : Mark Twain Lighthouse :heart:

#15 @ochoa626 : Texas map :world_map:

#23 @suatelier : LP Moose Outfitters! :fishing_pole_and_fish:

#24 @roxy : awesome Michigan Lighthouse! :bouncing:

#25 @rosiefreiwald : beautiful Cathedral altar :church:

#26 @sarahaeyo : Vintage Coke ad :cup_with_straw:

#29 @melvnoble : vintage Pittsburgh (I love Pittsburgh) :smiley:

#30 @RockyRoadTrip : Cape Cod National Sea Shore :heart_decoration:

Thanks again to all the best people!


#25 reporting that #6 @mikeyz1 sent me a Metropolitan Museum of Art postcard with The Green Car on it. Very beautiful. Thank you!!

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#2 reporting

#1 @cawindt sent a Florida gator, thank you Craig! Haha! An authentic German chef for a semester, how awesome! Will you be introducing him to Postcrossing? :smiley: Do you teach high school?

#5 updating with two cards I received just a few hours ago:

#24 @roxy - My only card received for the “classical music” challenge: a nice frontispiece from a work of Richard Wagner. Nice card - thanks! I would imagine our summer weather is similar to yours - but I know Ontario gets much colder in the winter!

#29 @ReadWithMelissa - send a baby elephant and his yellow ball. So cute - thank you! Nice back-of-card decorations, too!

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October is open!

#20 @Triol send me a new loupaoer card for my collection

#23 @suatelier send a cool new papersisters

Thank you guys :heart:

Hazygirl reporting

#20 @Triol sent a pair of adorable little piggies probably on their way to market.
#23 @suatelier sent Blue Cats yay yay Blue but really yellow this time Cats! :heart:. The idea of a family tree of them is brilliant.

18 reporting

23 @suatelier Thank you very much for a cute fox taking a bath! I have not seen any around here!

25 @rosiefreiwald Thank you very much for a beautiful linen postcard! You write so well! Everyone is obsessed about their grass here, always using pesticides and watering and keeping it super short. Meanwhile we just let it be and it looks even better!

26 @sarahaeyo Uh-oh! Your card arrived in one of those Canada Post bags that are always a bad omen… It was half ripped!! I can’t read anything you wrote, only saw your name stamp :frowning: But the flamingo washi is intact!! :heartbeat:

28 @Cera1985 Thank you for the pretty Peter Rabbit squirrels! We have so many squirrels here. Tacos and pasta are definitely recurring in our household too!

29 @melvnoble Thank you for the red cross parade! I had a hard time letting go of summer, we still have very warm and gorgeous weather, but as soon as it gets colder, I’m going full-on hygge mood!


#19 received

#1 @cawindt - thank you! I often dream of lounging on the beach all day, then the reality hits that I’ll end up burning and can never sit still, haha! St. Martin looks beautiful and I’m sure is I place that I could relax in.

#23 @suatelier - thank you! This is beautiful! If you see the cat again, never hurts to call the number on the sign and ask. Any sighting is helpful, I hope they find their cat.

#27 @ReadWithMelissa - thank you! This summer really has flown by. Work had been pretty slow, so maybe when the days blended, time went by faster, haha! I can’t believe it’s nearly October and the holiday season already!


#23 reporting

#2 @CrimsonKing Thank you for all the vintage cards and a vintage maxi card! Amazing how you can feel the history through them

#3 @Cruzin Thank you for the Mr. Impossible card! Huskies are one of my top 5 fav breeds and I wish I was dog sitting one too!

#4 @jenhart Thank you for the Alaska view card! Glaciers are definitely gorgeous and I hope to visit next year

#5 @carolreader Thank you for the Cleveland card! Wait I didn’t know these were statues! I’ve never been to Cleveland before but now I want to go find them!

#8 @Shesa-Renegade Thank you for the stages of sugar card! Omg “So raw it’s invisible” vs “Basically toxic warfare” had me dying. Love it!

#12 @Yarn-Lady Thank you for the violin card! I used to play it but stopped after about 15 years once I entered University. Regretted that decision a bit as I definitely lost my touch.

#13 @ladybug513 Thank you for the LP Pennsylvania card! It still surprises me how early children are getting their first phone

#16 @jacieslar Thank you for the LP Key West Card! I hope you finished painting all the furniture! It has been getting quite cold lately and I’ve been waking up shivering sometimes

#17 @sarahgrab1 Thank you for the Loupaper Butterflies card! I really enjoy festivals with arts&crafts stalls and food trucks so I’m sure I’d love Mule Day too! It’s coming out next month and if you’re going, have fun!

#20 @Triol Thank you for the Loupaper Sweden card! I’m so excited that Loupaper might end up making international cards!! Can’t wait if she does!

#27 @ReadWithMelissa Thank you for the red stable card! It’s so red!! Looks like an amazing little shop - love to visit one day

#29 @melvnoble Thank you for the Painting in Scotland card! I’m okay with houseplants I think but they seem to be dying faster this year than any other year I tended to them…


#25 reporting that #1 @cawindt sent me a gorgeous Korinthos postcard and told me about his trip to Greece. I LOVE it! I would love to see this in person someday.


#10 @emotis – Beautiful Labrador! I understand why they are so popular.

#20 @Triol – Sweet little harp seal! I love those little animals!

#29 @melvnoble – Pittsburgh scene from the Negro Motorist Green Book traveling Smithsonian exhibit.
Great postcard.

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#22 uconn

#20 @Triol thanks for this nice art card.

#23 @suatelier
Thanks for this vintage costume card.

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#19 received

#6 @mikeyz1 - thank you! I would be more into this department of the museum, haha.

#20 @Triol - thank you! The summer really has flown by this year.

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#17 reporting

Today, I received from:

#1 @cawindt I love the Athens postcard. I’m jealous you got to visit. Its on my list one day!

#10 @emotis I love the Salem witch postcard. Its so cute! I will definitely be looking for that series by lantern press. Reese’s are my favorite too!

#14 @Hazygirl I love the mule/donkey postcard. I can’t tell which ones they are. I always get them confused too!

#24 @roxy I love the Tim Holtz photo card. I love all of his stuff. He is so creative with his collections.

As of today, I have received from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30.

Just waiting on 20 and 23 to arrive.

#29 - The rest of my September postcards have arrived!

#1 @cawindt - Thank you Craig for this postcard of President Joe Biden! September is a strange time of year, but I can’t imagine how tough it is for teachers! My new job is with adult education, so I’ve witnessed it a bit more than I ever have. Good luck this year!

#11 @Sherri_B - Thank you Sherri for this postcard of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area! I’ve never heard of this place before, but it looks beautiful! I’m not much of a camper, so it was probably off my radar. Glad to hear you had a great time!

#20 @triol - Thank you Olga for this postcard of The Presidents of the United States through Obama! I’m trying to find a good way to showcase my president postcards in a physical album of sorts. Good luck with your school year!

#23 @suatelier - Thank you Charlotte for this postcard titled “Canine Casanova” for my Disney collection! I love these kinds of sketches and concept art! I am not sure if I’ve ever been on a ferry. Maybe as a kid? There is a tour boat in Pittsburgh I want to go on before winter though!

#27 @ReadWithMelissa - Thank you Mel for this Lou Paper postcard of Pennsylvania! I had no idea the state bird was ruffed grouse! I didn’t get to do much exploring over the summer due to the ongoing smoke issues and the excessive heat. I hope to do a little bit of local exploring in the fall!


#2 reporting

#22 @uconn sent the 14th card, thank you James! I think I’ll be picking a number for a card each month now along with other things, it’s fun to see what shows up in the mailbox. :smiley: Neat stamps too.

#28 @Cera1985 sent mice, thank you Sarah! This is a cute card. :blush: D&D is fun and it definitely helps you to become more creative and think a bit deeper. :smiley:


#25 reporting that I received a card from #20 @Triol . She sent me a LouPaper New Jersey and I absolutely love it!! Thank you so so much.

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Received #27 @ReadWithMelissa today!
A cute shape card ! Thank you

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