[RR] North American September 2022 Round Robin - The Labouring Over Postcards Edition - Closed!

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This month filled up in about four hours! We are now closed with 30 participants. I will send addresses later today, as the next couple weeks, once again, will be fairly busy for me with students returning on Tuesday. Remember to please hold off sending your cards, though, until the first of September…the exception being cards that are being sent from the US to Canada or vice versa.


And while I was sleeping…hope to see yall next month!

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I’m so sorry you missed it this month! :crossed_fingers: for October!

Addresses have been sent!

Again, I want to stress, do not send your domestic cards until September 1.


I had planned to post that I was going to sit this month out because of a lot of other things going on…then I noticed that it was already the 22nd of August, and that it certainly wasn’t necessary. I hope to get back for October!


ALL cards ready to go out Thursday, Sept 1st.

If I didn’t post now, I knew I may forget. :slight_smile:

ALL cards ready to go and will be mailed tomorrow 9/1
Side note - I really enjoyed reading everyone’s profiles and picking out cards for everyone. Hope I chose some good ones. :smile:


Mailing #s 9,16,17,18,23 and 24 tomorrow!

All cards sent out today!

#19 ellistrations

Just following up and confirming that all my cards have been picked up by the post today.

All cards were mailed out today. :smile:

#22 uconn

All mailed today

#26 sending cards #1-16 on friday~


sending #s: 2,4,5,6,10,15,25,26,29,30 later today.

Mailed all today!


All sent :slight_smile:

#26 should have all cards travelling by saturday~

#9 1-10 mailed today.

#22 uconn

#17 @Hazygirl love the Corn Palace. I’ve never been there, but have seen it from postcards. Nice choice

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