[RR] North American Round Robin June 2024 - The Sunshine in the Mailbox Edition - Closed

Received from @Triol #20

OH! I hope your injury is better! Thank you so much for the New Jersey card!


26 received: 5, 20
5 @carolreader - thank you so much for the awesome national parks wpa travel poster postcard! :volcano: i am so jealous; it sounds like your trip to hawaii was quite an adventure :two_hearts:

20 @Triol - thank you so much for the beautiful and whimsical alice in wonderland postcard! i hope you are recovering well from your injury - sending positive vibes :two_hearts::sparkles:

thank you everyone for the wonderful messages, postcards, decorations and stamps! :love_letter:


#9 Catching up on reporting cards…

#6 @mikeyz1 sent a wonderful Greta Garbo and John Gilbert MGM photo from the National Portrait Gallery with incredible stamps. Thank you! I love silent movies too!

#13 @ladybug513 sent a beautiful Aloha Oe sheet music cover. Thank you! I love playing this song on the ukulele. I hope you have a wonderful time in Cape May. I miss going there in the summer. It still holds a very special place in my heart.

#15 @architeuthis sent a wonderful Wisconsin Point Lighthouse card. Thank you! I would love to stay overnight in a lighthouse. There’s something magical about them.

#18 @LaurenceB sent a lovely illustrated white-faced ibis card with beautiful bird stamps, stickers and washi. Thank you! I love bird cards too!

#20 @Triol sent a great LouPaper mail card from my favorites list. Thank you! How is your finger doing? I completely understand your stress. I hope you’re feeling better.

#21 @Beachyblonde sent a trippy black cat card. Thank you! That sounds like one big cat you had!

#26 @sarahaeyo sent a beautiful Audrey Hepburn card. Thank you! She was the epitome of elegance. Lucille Ball defines old Hollywood for me. Her I Love Lucy series was wonderful, but Miss Ball always managed to captivate her audience in her earlier movies. Even when it she was playing a bit part. I usually having something Lucy playing in the background every single day. I’m a bit obsessed. :blush:

#29 @melvnoble sent a terrific fireworks over Pittsburg card. Thank you! I miss the big city fireworks. I love our little beach fireworks, but nothing compares to the city displays.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip sent a wonderful Hyannis card with great stamps. Thank you! I’ve never seen that NC stamp before. I wish I was at the Cape right now… although, I could do without the traffic. Thanks for the book recommendation. I will definitely check it out.


#20 Triol
Sent all
My dear friends!
I would like to thank everyone individually for your understanding and patience…
I would also like to say a huge thank you for your wonderful cards! They are all from my wishes, and some are even from Favorites! I really appreciate your attention and choice!

It’s still difficult for me to write and type a lot, but time does its job - my hand heals! I really hope to meet you in August NA RR…
Virtual hugs to everyone! Have a nice summer!

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#17 reporting a cool card:

#20 @Triol Map card of the USA showing all 50 states and some of the symbols. Hope your finger is feeling better.


#6 reporting

#20 @Triol sent raccoons. I hope the finger is working well now!


#4 received:

#20 @Triol ; LP of gorgeous Savannah. I hope your finger is healing well so you can get back to your full self on the piano :hugs:

Thank you


Report #5

Some late arrivals to report:

#18 @LaurenceB: sent a shot of the Lincoln Mall in Miami Beach. Surprisingly, the property still exists, a pedestrian “outdoor” shopping mall that offers upscale boutiques. Working hard is fine, but not if it comes at the expense of a postcard show! Stay cool. Thanks!

#20 @Triol: sent a shot of the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. A sobering reminder that this alleged business “genius” managed to drive multiple casinos into bankruptcy! I like a businessperson who doesn’t screw up a free lunch! Good luck with your recovery.

Rocky Road Trip #30




#12 @CalicoBeer What a green-filled card from Callaway Resort and Gardens! It looks lovely. Hopefully the conference was interesting!

#20 @Triol I send out many Chicago cards made by The Postcard Factory, but I don’t think I’ve ever received one from anywhere else. So I was absolutely delighted by this gorgeous New Jersey card made by The Postcard Factory. The skyline view is stunning to me. I really love it.

Thank you both!


#5 reporting:

Thanks to #12 @CalicoBeer for these two flappers at a cafe. They seem to be having a great time!


Updated! Thank you everyone!

For June…received from @Triol Thank you for the wonderful Native American Chief card…hope you are healing well…and back to playing the piano!



#3 received from @Triol Really hoping for a full speedy recovery!!! Thank you!!


26 received: 1
2 @Bakersmom - thank you for the pixar postcard! :honeybee: i hope your summer is going well :two_hearts:


#5 reporting:

#20 @Triol - you picked the right person for this postcard. Thank you. I love this huge scorpion photo! (I only like them in pictures, though. I would freak out to see one in person.) I hope you are healing well!


#3 received from #13 @ladybug513 a card that took a very scenic route to get to me!!! Postmarked 6/4 and received mid July! Thank you!


#28 reporting a card received from #13 @Ladybug513 Thank you for the illustration of a fairytale. I have some cards from this artist but can’t figure out which one this is from. Maybe Cinderella?

Waiting for card from #7 @nursegarry

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Hello friend… I sent that card about 45 days ago… it must be lost. Another on its way! Garry

Hello all…I resent cards to #24-#30…it looks like something happened to those cards…enjoy. Garry

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The illustration is of the Twelve Dancing Princesses which was included in Grimm’s Fairy Tales. One of my childhood favorites!

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