[RR] North American Round Robin July 2024 - At What Temp Do Postcards Melt? Edition - Closed

#2 reporting

#19 @ellistrations Thank you Barbara for this little hot dog in snow! :snowflake: Did you get to finish writing all of your penpals that day? :smiley:


#8 Shesa-Renegade reporting in with 2 more received cards!!

#12 @virgomar0918 sends a “Tea time is me time” postcard. You are a woman after my own heart! I drink tea, too, and find my cup of tea when I get home from work to be a great way to relax.

#22 @uconn sends a card from the United Nations Postal Administration. I love this, and the openness of the counter. I think today most postal workers are behind glass/plastic. I hope you have a great time at the museums!

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So excited for 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 21, 23, 24, 27, 30


#17 received a cool card from

#28 @TwoDoggies Rehoboth Beach, Delaware sunrise. Great shot. Have a friend who lives there. It was over 90 here today, 3rd day in a row. Now, in the evening, windy and cloudy, and hopefully some rain.

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12 received a card from 19 @ellistrations thabks for the loupaper card- another one for my collection!


#22 uconn

#29 @melvnoble cool hand cancel from Point Pleasant, WV. Too funny about this statue!

#30 @RockyRoadTrip thanks for this card of the Pilgrim Monument tower, inspired by the Torre del Mangia in Siena. I’ve got a small collection now of the Torre del Mangia postcards from postcard show discount boxes. I’ll add this one to it. I know cards exist of the Waterbury CT Union Station tower, also inspired by the Siena tower.


18 reporting!

5 @carolreader Thank you so much for sharing one of your favorite cards - piggies with four leaf clovers! I love it too, we have a soft spot for pigs - my daughter is obsessed with them. I have actually received a TS card recently that seems to be a remake of this one.

17 @YOIYUMTEWA Thank you for sharing this house design room. If I’m ever rich, I’m hiring a cook before designing a music room :rofl:

20 @potatertot Thank you for the beautiful travel poster to add to my collection. I love random mixes of cards, but now I just have more than I can send in a lifetime!

30 @RockyRoadTrip Thank you so much for such a nice squirrel illustration! I checked out the website of the artist - love all the wildlife postcards!!

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first update of the month! :mailbox::two_hearts:

26 received: 2, 7, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 25
2 @CrimsonKing - thank you so much for the adorable transit AND book- themed richard scarry postcard! :books: i grew up on his picture books so this was such a pleasant stroll by memory lane :two_hearts:

7 @blubay2021 - thank you for the mail-themed cats postcard! :love_letter: i actually spent the holiday visiting my sister in toronto - so super low-key haha. hope you and your son enjoyed the fireworks! :fireworks:

15 @hootnoodle - what an outfit! thank you for the very fashion-forward postcard from the details on the street postcard box :framed_picture: we havent had a cool night in forever as well; i know that summer just started but i am looking forward to the fall already haha :see_no_evil:

17 @YOIYUMTEWA- thank you for beautiful viewcard of book park in seoul, south korea from the this is my bookstore postcard box :books::two_hearts: i also love bookstores; it hard for me to walk out of one with purchasing something haha

19 @ellistrations - thank you for the womens’ rights themed phq card (great olympic-themed stamps too!) :two_hearts: ugh i feel the same about the heat and omg your poor puppy :pleading_face: hopefully it cools down soon!

22 @uconn - thank you for the super cute gudetema postcard (and awesome united nations stamp and bullseye postmark! ) :fried_egg: literally me in the hot weather we have been having haha. i hope you had a great time in nyc and fully agree that the best way to get there is by train; amtrak from boston is so convienent and relaxing haha :tram:

24 @roxy - omg thank you so much for this someecards from my favourites :tophat: i absolutely adore these postcards; the dark (and sometimes crass lol) humour is topnotch haha :see_no_evil:

25 @4kids2pay4 - thank you for the ode to drummers (and matching elvis stamp!):drum: and fantastic drum solo recommendations! there’s a youtube video showing blink182’s travis barker doing a drum solo while on a vertically revolving platform - wild stuff! :flushed:

thank you everyone for the wonderful messages, postcards, decorations and stamps! :love_letter:



#17 I don’t think I reported these cards yet. Found them hiding on my desk under some other stuff:

#29 @melvnoble large letter retro “Greetings from West Virginia” card. Of all the multiview cards that exist, these “Greetings from” are the ones I like best. Mothman! You’ve gotta love all the oddities that can be found when you travel.

#12 @virgomar0918 retro Bette Davis card. Even though I have seen a Davis movie or two in the past, when I hear her name, that “Bette Davis Eyes” song is the first thing that comes to my mind, too.


#9 Reporting many wonderful cards…

#5 @carolreader sent an adorable harp seal pup card. Thank you! He’s so cute! I hear ya about the hot dogs. Once or two a year I splurge on a vegan hot dog. They’re not much healthier than a regular one.

#7 @blubay2021 sent the sweetest Blue Cats card. Thank you! Sometimes we need a little mischievousness in our lives.

#11 @sarahgrab1 sent a great 3 of cups tarot card. Thank you! I love the illustration on this card (Sugar Skull Tarot Deck). 3 of cups is one of my fav cards in the deck. Where did you have your card printed? The cardstock is phenomenal.

#12 @virgomar0918 sent a photo of the stunning Vivien Leigh. She was something, wasn’t she? I was well into adulthood when I discovered Vivien was a British actress. I had only seen her in American films. She died far too young. Now I have the sudden urge to watch A Streetcar Named Desire.

#14 @Hazygirl sent great german typewriter keyboard card. I wonder how l long it would take to transition to a different layout. For me, probably a lifetime. Old habits died hard.

#15 @sleepyhippo1 sent the cutest die-cut panda. It made it to me in perfect condition. Thank you!

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA sent the cover of James and the Giant Peach. Thank you! I haven’t read it either, but now it’s added to my TBR pile.

#19 @ellistrations sent a wonderfully illustrated coyote from the Wild Animals of the World series. Thank you! I love the stickers too! I hope you had a great fourth!

#20 @potatertot sent a great Oregon coast card. Thank you! I love it. It’s perfect. Never any need to worry about what to send me. I’m appreciative of every card. It always amazes me how different the OR coast is to the NC coast. Night and day, yet still incredible.

#22 @uconn sent a terrific B&W photo of the United Nations Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar from a recent UN trip. Thank you and thanks for the wonderful stamps too! I wish I had gone there as an adult. I remember going a few times on class trips, but I have so much more appreciation for it now than I did then. I hope you have a wonderful time at the museums!

#25 @4kids2pay4 sent an incredible vintage card of the Amana Home in Amana, Iowa. Thank you. I looked up the Amana Home… their restoration blog is really interesting. It’s funny you mention potatoes and green beans…that’s exactly what I’m making this afternoon. It’s a southern staple.

#26 @sarahaeyo sent a great retro 4th of July card with wonderful washi and stickers. Thank you! I’m with you… I don’t know if I would have climbed aboard that flying contraption either.

#28 @TwoDoggies sent a card of the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook Arizona. Thank you! I saw this motel in person decades ago and I kicked myself for not taking a picture of it. Now I have one. I agree… bed sheets are a must, although many rentals here require you to bring your own bedsheets and pillows. I always thought it was a beach thing. Maybe it’s more common than I thought.

#29 @melvnoble sent a large letter Greetings from West Virginia card. Thank you! My best friend lives in southern WV and says Mothman statue and museum are a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful time!

#30 @RockyRoadTrip sent a Cape Cod beach with a hilarious bite missing out of it. Thank you! I hope you’re enjoying Provincetown. It’s always a blast. I wish you the best with your business there. It’s hard.


@WrenAtTheBeach it’s the real tarot card from the tarot box! I just put a mailing label on the back. I thought it would be neat to use the real card from the deck since you like tarot cards! I love tarot cards too even though I don’t use them haha! I just think they are so pretty with the art work.

What an awesome idea! Thank you!

#8 Shesa-Renegade sharing two more received postcards!!

#4 @jenhart sends a great view card from Barbados. I wish I was sitting on that beach right now! Loved your 6-word story! I just stepped outside to put out the trashcans and melted, too.

#24 @roxy sends a fun Disney postcard. It took me a minute to realize it was Orlando because my brain didn’t register the Mickey head as an “O”…haha. I don’t blame you for wanting to soak up all the sun in the winter!

Received 2, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 14, 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29
So excited for 1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 21, 23, 27, 30

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#17 reporting in with cards from:

#13 @ladybug513 Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newark, New Jersey. Hope the show in Atlantic City was a good one, and that you and your family enjoyed it.

#24 @roxy Herd of yaks living in the USA. Card says “the largest herd in America seen here” but it doesn’t say where “here” is. Hope your Canada Day was great!


#22 uconn

#10 @AtlasPostal thanks for this National Park card. Sounds like a fun trip

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#5 reporting:

#2 @crimsonking - “I love you”. Aww – I didn’t know you cared! Thanks for meeting my challenge!

#8 @shesa-renegade – So you got to walk part of the Camino! Fabulous! It’s “maybe” on my list. I have friends who have gone, and others who are planning a trip, but I’m undecided. I have no emotions attached to it, just wondering how interesting it is to walk (I guess it depends on which part. Flat doesn’t work for me.) But thanks for the great card and for sharing your experience a bit!

#12 @virgomar0918 - What a nice card to celebrate friendship! Thank you! I’ve let some friendships go over the years – they need to be nurtured. One of my best friends and I just outgrew each other. We used to run together several times a week, and then I couldn’t run anymore. That was our bond.

#14 @Hazygirl – The cemeteries in New Orleans – so unique. Thanks for this great card! Yes, I have been to New Orleans, twice. Both times, I stayed in the French Quarter – I had a stepson that lived there! But it’s been a long time.

#19 @ellistrations – Good pick for random words of “windy” and “zoom” - thanks! A different kind of Lantern Press card, but undeniably Lantern Press! I like it.

#20 @potatertot – My random word challenge this month certainly yielded some great results. I love this chess card. I learned chess as a kid, along with my two brothers. They both went on to be good players, reading books, etc. But I was too lazy to focus on chess. I can look at pictures, though.


#2 reporting

#4 @jenhart Thank you Jennifer for snow! :snowflake: :ice_cube: Ack, when does school start?! Summer vacations are too short for teachers. Do you normally get 500 freshmen each year? I wish you great luck! :crossed_fingers:

#6 @mikeyz1 Thank you Mike for more snow! :snowflake: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever said or written the words of “ready to go back to work!” :laughing: I’m not wired like that, lol.

#13 @ladybug513 Thank you Susan for deer and snow! :deer: :snowflake: I saw deer on July 5th at a camping park for trailers and tents, along with raccoons and skunks stealing trash, haha! We have rabbits that eat our grass and whatever’s growing in the mulch. :slight_smile:

#15 @sleepyhippo1 Thank you Marcella for snow! :snowflake: :mount_fuji: I have to admit that I’ve never been to the Grand Tetons, though this card could change that for me, haha.

:snowflake: :deer: :mount_fuji:

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#20 potatertot checking in :sunglasses:

#10 @AtlasPostal - I’d love to visit the smoky mountains at some point. They’re close enough that I could make it happen! I also haven’t touch my ACNH island in a hot minute but that game got me through some tough times for sure :smiling_face:

#15 @sleepyhippo1 - Making jam is one of my favorite things to do as the weather gets toasty. This card reminded me that I have some strawberries that are due to become spread for my toast :rofl:

#24 @roxy - It’s been fun seeing all the interpretations of vacation that this month’s challenge has produced. Folks choose such different locations so it’s fun living vicariously through y’all’s cards :smiling_face:


#10 received from

#2 @CrimsonKing

Thank you so much for the llama card! I appreciate their help :smiling_face: I already took my big trip for the summer but I’m going to take my grandma to Niagara Falls for a day in September :heart:

#4 @jenhart

I feel quite lucky that Ohio doesn’t have any fees for our state parks, although if we did maybe some of them would be a little nicer! Anyway I hope you guys can get some cool days to enjoy them :leaves:

#14 @Hazygirl

I haven’t heard of swamp ape either LOL He must be Bigfoot’s Floridian cousin :rofl:

#29 @melvnoble

I love Point Pleasant! All the people I’ve met in the shops are so nice! I went to the mothman festival once but too many people, you can imagine 15,000 people packed into that small town LOL


#14 hazygirl reporting

#13 @ladybug513 sent an excellent zodiac of my mom’s sign. Great choice!
#15 @sleepyhippo1 sent a cute rubber duckie.That quilt you made sounds adorable.