[RR] North American June 2021 Round Robin - Summer's Here Edition - Addresses Sent

I would love to join again!

Updated to here: only two spots left already! Spots go fast!

I’d like to join. This is my first time! :grinning:

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Wow! Only one spot left!

May I take the last spot? :partying_face:

It’s yours!

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The month is closed less than 24 hours after opening with 30 participants. You are welcome to start getting cards ready. I will get addresses out this weekend, but do ask that you NOT send your cards until June 1.


Again i am too late:(( i`m crying:((

Darn, too late. Spots are in high demand these days. Hopefully I will see everyone in July.

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I can give up my spot to @Triol to stop those tears! I’ll be in another big RR with the US to US group about the same time. If someone has already written a June card to me, I’ll send one in return.

While I truly appreciate the sentiment, I don’t want to set the precedent of people swapping in and out after I’ve closed the RR. It can lead to confusion and, to be honest, more work for me. @Triol has already requested that I add her for July, so she’ll be back then :slight_smile:

Oops, that makes a lot of sense, Craig.

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Sorry that I didn’t get addressed out this weekend. Between getting some long overdue chores completed, a power outage (caused by a mylar balloon hitting a transformer), and a failed internet router, I haven’t been able to access the forum as much as I wanted. Rest assured, you will have the addresses in plenty of time.


Addresses have been sent! If you notice any errors, please let me know! Get ready to send starting June 1!

All cards are written and stamped. They will go to the post office tomorrow, 1st of June 2021 and will be on the way to their mysterious travels.

All cards are written and will start their journey tomorrow, June 1st!

My cards are all written and will be in the mailbox in the morning! :bouncing:

#27 jaqueposts - all cards going out with June 1st’s mail! :sunny:

Happy June everyone! Let the sending begin! :smiley:

I’m on my way to the post office with my postcards.