[RR] North American July 2022 Round Robin - The Summertime Edition - Closed!

#26 received: #4, 12, 14, 23, 25

4 @jenhart - thank you for the retro-futuristic travel poster card! :comet: :sparkles: omg the photos from the JWST were gorgeous and breathtaking! it is amazing how far we have come with technology to be able to capture something as vast as the universe (and i will wait patiently for the postcard versions of these images haha)

12 @Yarn-Lady - sends fun facts about crater lake national park! thank you omg this park is gorgeous! :mountain_snow: i wasnt planning to stop by crater lake on my pacific northwest trip but omg i might have to see if i can squeeze it in (or i will just have to make a second trip!)

14 @dnrhott - thank you for the nautical-themed van gogh :sailboat: summer so far has been h o t haha. we are currently in the midst of a heat wave, so today would have been a lovely day to have been out on the water!

23 @suatelier - LITERALLY ME THO. stay at home club is my favourite - SAHC definitely have not helped my snarky enamel pin problem. thank you so much :mango:

25 @teddypostcrossing - thank you for “many lands under one sun” omg your stamp is so cute! i dont think it is smeary at all :dog: my summer has been busy, as well - i am in the perpetual cycle of preparing to go on vacation → going on vacation → crying at my email inbox when i come back from vacation lol


i grew up in london on (aka “fake london”) - half way between windsor and toronto. although currently, most of my family and extended family live in toronto or in the greater toronto area :blush: so that is “home” whenever i am in town for a visit!

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I drive past London fairly regularly! In fact, I just did this weekend when we visited friends in Kitchener. I think we’ve only ever stopped in London a couple times, and that was just to eat on the way to the Falls.

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Thank you! Don’t think of it as butting in. I appreciate the help :smile:

Updated again :slight_smile:

August is open!

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@cawindt @sarahaeyo I just drove through London on July 4! In fact, we stopped in London to visit the Coventry Market. LOVE that market!! Bought some strawberries that we then had to rapid eat just before we crossed the border because i wasn’t sure about fruit rules and had some yummy Parisian pastries there, too! I miss Canada!



#21 @Beachyblonde sent me a Little Skate card - a little creature similar to a Sting Ray, but with no stinger. These guys are so cute!! Thank you!
#25 @teddypostcrossing A Yuko Higuchi illustration! Thank you!! Where in NM were you?! I hope you enjoyed your time here.
#30 @RockyRoadTrip Great illsutrated map of NY and with hot air balloon! Thank you! Of course I won’t forget my friends in NY! Thank you for the welcome home message, too! Now it’s your turn to come here! :stuck_out_tongue: :clap: :partying_face:


#4 has received 2 more:

#9 @ljbbauer : vintage cycling card. I would definitely smuggle my Rico :sunglasses:

#10 @emotis : Very cool card from the Antwerp Zoo. Very cool to have friend who is also a Postcrosser!

Thank you!

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#8 Shesa-Renegade received two cards in the mail today!

#12 @Yarn-Lady sends a beautiful jellyfish card from the New England Aquarium. I agree that they are graceful ocean dancers. Another of my favorites in the aquariums are weedy sea dragons. Adorable!

#20 @jacieslar sends an adorable card with a doxie in a mailbox. I would be so excited to find this little one in my mailbox…haha! Thank you for adding the dog to your pack. I am always so sad when I hear that dogs/cats have been returned to shelters. :broken_heart:

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I have received one more card for this month! Thank you to #25 @teddypostcrossing for the awesome living flag card. I love that whole set and this is one of two cards I received from that set this month!

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#27 beatriceh reporting

Received a lovely New Yorker card from #9 @ljbbauer I keep saying the next time I move, I’m buying a king size bed just so that my cats have more room, but I don’t think it will matter. They expand to take up the room available :wink: Hope you enjoyed the Ark!

Thanks for the gnome card @teddypostcrossing #25 I visited Colorado for the first time post-2020 and most things were closed. I’d love to go back again and experience more.

I’ve never received a button card before. Thanks for giving me my first one! @melvnoble #29 I’d love to visit the museum.

Thank you for the Paris card @dnrhott #14 I’d not heard of Prince of Egypt. I really need to catch up on current movies.

@jenhart #4 Thanks for the Niagara Falls card. My friend just got married there two weeks ago! No worries about the recipe. We all have our strengths. I’m not a fan of salt so more salt for you and more sugar for me :smile:.

What a cool bookstore! @mikeyz1 #6 my friends had their wedding reception at an independent bookstore and they bought all of the guests a book to benefit the bookstore. It was great.

Thank you for the pottery card @TwoDoggies #28 I wonder if your Belgium trip crossed with Erin’s. What a coincidence!

Thank you for the mussels and French fries card! @emotis #10 I’m jealous of all of the great food you’ll have. I would never think to combine mussels and fries. Interesting combo. But I’m sure people would think the same if chicken and waffles.

This cat card is great! @suatelier #23 They really do have so much power, but then they show you their belly and you can’t help but love them :heart_eyes:

Love this crimes of Paris card! @CrimsonKing #2 I’ve also wanted to go to one of those dinner and murder mystery events. I did pet my cats for you. They were grateful :smile:


#26 received: #7, 9

7 @ljbbauer - sends a collection of “finding meaning” themed-books from the bibliophile series, thank you! :books: i havent read any of these books, either, although alot of the titles sound familiar! i dont tend to read alot of self-help books - i guess i enjoy just suffering through my problems lol :see_no_evil:

9 @mere5oh - sends a bright and colourful assortment of hot air balloons! i think i might have mentioned that i especially enjoy the specialty shaped/themed ones and its so awesome that you crew for one! thank you for sharing this card with me~ :zebra::two_hearts:


#6 reporting

#19 @ellistrations sent a great LP card from NYC with the Statue of Liberty there!

#25 @teddypostcrossing sent a great Norman Rockwell card of the soda jerk!

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#16 @TheHassFamily reporting July 22 -

#25 @teddypostcrossing sent a great Colorado card for us to dream about taking a hike someday! Thank you so much!

xx Tara

#19 ellistrations received

#25 @teddypostcrossing - thank you! Been a fun, hot summer. Stayed indoors mostly, the humidity is really bad this year. Looking forward to cooler weather so I can enjoy walks again.


#4 @jenhart – Niagara Falls, New York–I think the Falls are much prettier from Canada, but you’re right–the crowds can be awful!

#15 @AccentOnHakes – “Santa Claus So Jolly” made me think of snow and cold weather–happy thoughts when the temperature is 102!

#21 @Beachyblonde – Beautiful old home in Key West, Florida. Around here, the old homes I like to see are the Sears, Roebuck houses in Carlinville, Illinois, built by Pullman (of railroad car fame) for his employees.

#25 @teddypostcrossing – Cute Fourth of July postcardI love the summery stickers!

#30 @RockyRoadTrip – Compliments of Holiday Inn, Mountain River Country–this will go with my Holiday Inn postcard collection, although I don’t see a Holiday Inn! It’s prettier than most Holiday Inns anyway.

Thank you!

#21 BeachyBlonde

#5 @mikeyz1 Thank you for the awesome “la course” postcard! I was a runner a few years ago, but the most I did was a 10K. Some days I miss the high of running and I would still like to do a half, but I just don’t have the time yet!

#7 @mere5oh Thank you for the epic Bison postcard! I wanted to see a Moose when I was in Maine too! I only ever saw the Moose Crossing signs! hahaa

#23 @suatelier Thank you for the lovely Oleander-Leaf Protea postcard! I hope your legs are better!


#23 reporting. Thank you to:

#3 @Cruzin for the hugely shaped California card! It did end up getting to me in one piece, thank you!

#14 @dnrhott for the Blue Cat card! I love this series and I believe they are a couple as well. Would be nice to travel the world like they do!

#15 @AccentOnHakes for the Salt Lake City card! I hope you’ll be able to actually explore this city. I myself have heard a lot about it but never been to sadly! Maybe one day.

#17 @YOIYUMTEWA for the Grand Central Terminal card! Maybe you’ll be able to visit NYC again and slowly visit more and more places until you’ve seen it all!

#19 @ellistrations for the PHQ card! I also can’t wait for cooler weather. It’s been so hot lately and I’m dying for autumn, my fav season!

#21 @Beachyblonde for the Loupaper Tennessee card from my favs! I hope your kids will be able to see their grandparents more often now, when it’s safer of course!


#22 uconn

#8 @Shesa-Renegade love this Crazy Horse card, thanks!

#9 @ljbbauer he’s really into that hot dog :joy: thanks!