[RR] North American August 2022 Round Robin - The "It's Hotter than Blazes" Edition - Closed!

I’m in :slight_smile:

So excited to participate again and see all my buddies!

I would like to join again. If #27 is still open, I’d like to have it again, please.

Uh oh…am I in time? Would like to join again.

Join please

Wow! A new record! This month’s RR filed up in less than 8 hours. We are now closed with 30 participants.


I’m so excited to be back! Thanks, @cawindt !

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Addresses have been sent! As I say in the address message, the reason I am sending the addresses so early is because I leave for Poland today and will not be bringing my computer. Please do wait to send your cards until August 1st. However, cross-border cards, feel free to send those earlier as we all know that international mail takes more time.

I’m going to buck the rules this month and send all my cards out on the 30th on my way out of town for vacation. I don’t expect them to get to anyone before the 1st!

ALL my cards are ready to go out on Monday, Aug 1st! :grin:

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From #21.

All 29 cards are in the mail from Canada however it’s a long weekend so I suspect mail won’t get sorted till Aug 2nd…

I blurred it all out, can I just say, dang that was a lot of writing, I felt like I was back at U.before computers:)


#22 uconn

Mailed cards to Canada today; the rest will drop in the box for Monday

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cards #20-30 were dropped off this morning and working on getting out the rest over the next few days (ran out of stamps!) :blush:

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All cards are going out today! Yay! :tada: :confetti_ball:

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#17 reports that All cards were taken to the post office this morning at 9AM. They should be on their way out of town soon.

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Guess I should have waited to post.
#17 now reporting arrival of first cool card

#14 @scoutingbear photo card of Annie Oakley. Cool that you got to do the train to the Canyon. That’s a fun trip. Funny about Hopi House doorways–I am short too, and if I remember correctly, I didn’t have to duck for the doorways either!!

#24 here - all cards have been mailed.

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#19 elllistrations
Received my first card!

#14 @scoutingbear - thank you! Enjoy the trips! Haha, I remember Girl Scouts some. My favorite part was the Swaps. Love this cute wagon card.


#29 - First postcard for August!

#14 @scoutingbear - Thank you Karen for this old west postcard of Pat F Garrett! I bet I spend more on postcards and souvenirs than food when I go on trips. It’s just so exciting to get items to remember the trip by, and now more than years ago I need to consider postcards for my NARR friends!

#22 uconn

#14 @scoutingbear cool that they have wild burros in that town. Thanks

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