[RR] North American August 2022 Round Robin - The "It's Hotter than Blazes" Edition - Closed!

Don’t worry at this point. Looking through, only 9 of your cards have not been reported yet. A few of those people haven’t updated their received cards in a while. Plus, cross-border mail can take a while.

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@beatriceh Please, write details. I like details.


26 received: #1, 6, 7, 11, 18

1 @cawindt - craig, hope you enjoyed your time in greece! thank you for this view card of sounio - it is gorgeous (awesome stamps too)! :classical_building: i can almost hear the water below and feel the sea breeze while i look at the photo haha - i am extremely jealous!

6 @mikeyz1 - mike, thank you for the cool stamps and for sharing this card of diego rivera and frida kahlo in front on rivera’s “detroit industry” mural - it is wonderful and haunting. there is something so intimate and personal about the way this was photographed - like walking in on a private moment between the two :eyes:

7 @mere5oh - meredith sends a wonderful architectural watercolour sketch by frank llyod wright :art: - thank you so much! sounds like a busy day haha but i am glad that you ended it on a note that you enjoyed! agreed - i’ve always found that talking with an outside party such as a therapist helped me zoom out and focus on the the big picture, making it easier to make decisions and understand other perspectives!

11 @volvomom - kristin, thank you for the may-britt moser from the women in science box! it was so fascinating to read more about her discovery of and worth with grid cells, a type a neuron! :microscope:looking forward to seeing you as well~ i am so excited as this will be my second ever meetup!

18 @LaurenceB - laurence, i am enjoying the summery space vibes of this postcard (and matching apollo 11 stamp!) alot haha, thank you so much - anja’s illustrations are always so cute and whimsical! awww omg i am so happy to hear that you really enjoy your first vacation as a family :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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#19 received

#11 @volvomom - thank you! This counts for both animals and bubbles! I had a great summer, time really flew by, but I really can’t complain. Finally glad the weather has cooled a bit.

#10 reporting this weekend’s arrivals:

#7 @mere5oh I have seen this cat poster a zillion times, and never knew who did it. Postcrossing to the rescue again!
#9 @ljbbauer Motel rooms of America. There is so much truth to these pictures. And omg… the finale of Saul . LOVED it!
#21 @mdmsamm So nice to meet you! And I love your art and your message. The Supreme Court is a headache these days… I’m supposed to teach a Con Law seminar in the spring. Ummm… no thanks. Where to even begin.

Thanks all for the wonderful cards!!!

To Receive: * 20, 23


September is open!


#27 beatriceh reporting

#1 @cawindt Thank you for the Greece card. It looks beautiful! I was supposed to go there in 2011, but the universe was against me. Perhaps I’ll expand on that in my next card…And great stamps!

#29 @melvnoble Wow, what a fascinating museum. So many skulls. I like it! And I really like the ice cream sticker. Thanks!

#18 @LaurenceB Another great card! For some reason, this makes me think of the recent Salman Rushdie incident. Great washi tape. Thanks!

#12 @Yarn-Lady This does look like a cool bookstore. Combining a bookstore and art gallery is a great idea. I remember wanting to work at a bookstore in high school. A few of my fellow English majors in college got to work at the strand, which is pretty nice. I hear you have to pass a literary test.

Thanks everyone!


#2 @CrimsonKing Thank you for the great illustration of a woman submerged in water, except for her face. I do enjoy a bath, but not in our tub. It’s old, like cast iron old, and shallow. One of these days, though, I will have a nice deep tub. :bathtub:

#21 @mdmsamm A picture of a doll she rescued! Thank you! I think what you do is great as well. This one looks like Raggedy Ann. I used to love that doll growing up, so I thank you for sending this one to me!

To Rec:


#17 received another cool card

#11 @volvomom a postcard that highlights some of the past generic lettered stamps (A-H). I remember those stamps, and some of them were pretty boring. You said you were expecting rain as you were writing cards…We are awaiting a thunderstorm to drop some rain here right now. It’s noisy outside, but not raining yet.

#22 uconn

#1 @cawindt great Parthenon, Athens card. Great old stamps too

#11 @volvomom fun Halloween theme card. I remember one costume dressing as an old man with a rubber mask and using my grandfather’s pants and hat

#20 @Triol very cool art, thanks

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#4 @jenhart reporting:

#1 @cawindt : beautiful Greek card. I rarely like the big cities best either. I like small towns and “boring” countryside with scattered homes.

#2 @CrimsonKing : Lantern Press Card of Cable Mill in the Smoky Mtns. I only live about 2 1/2 hours from there and yet had no cards from the mill (much less a great LP) - in fact I have ever only seen it once. Thank you!!

#3 @Cruzin : Nouvelles Pasta card. I have not received a Nouvelles card in years - what a treat! I am ashamed to admit I did not try to better myself in 2020 or learn to cook. I read a lot :laughing:

#6 @mikeyz1 : multiview of the Luberon in Provence.I love it! We were there years ago too. One of my favorite memories of all time is eating lunch from a bakery on a bench on the grounds of the church in Bonnieux at the top of the hill :heart:

Thank you!


#7 @mere5oh I love this postcard. The buildings look deserted and I can almost hear the stillness. I hope you have a great experience with your two foreign exchange students I think you’ll have a lot of fun with four teenagers in the house!

#11 @volvomom Great postcard showing the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, VT. Thanks! It looks like a wonderful place to shop. I’d love to visit New England in the Fall sometime.

#27 @beatriceh Thank you for the beautiful Iris card. I would never think to look in a garden shop for postcards! Iris do really well here and also grow wild in the mountains. There is an Iris farm in Hondo, NM that has over 400 varieties of bearded iris for sale.

#29 @melvnoble Thank you for the card from the Philadelphia Mint. I’ll bet the mosaics are even more beautiful in person. We were just talking about trying to get a reservation to tour the Denver Mint this Fall.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip I really like this postcard showing a satellite view of Cape Cod and the islands. The terrain looks very interesting. Provincetown sounds a lot like Key West with a New England flair.



Report 2 from: Rocky Road Trip #30

More August scorchers…

#03 @Cruzin: sent a card from artist Yasmine Nasser Diaz who’s known for exploring the ten sions that exist around traditional religion, gender, and third-culture identit ies in modern society. This one, labeled They Said He Was a Softie, shows a business man with a large, throw pillow for a head. Exposes the micro-aggressions hidden within our everyday language. And shame on your dad! Thanks!

#04 @JenHart: sent a wonderfully detailed illustrated guide to the iconic landmarks found in and around Minnesota’s twin cities. Everything from Target Field and Mill City Museum (a personal fav) to The Witches Hat water tower. Good luck getting back there! (Or better yet, blow them off and go on a cruise in an accessible cabin!) Thanks!

#05 @CarolReader: sent a glorious linen card showing tourists, all looking at the camera, enjoying a sip at the St. Petersburg Fountain of Youth. I always thought the “real” Ponce De Leon Fountain of Youth was located in St. Augustine. But it would seem they are ALL man-drilled tourist traps! Yes, you’re right, why do they show a toddler at this Fountain of Youth? It’s like they say: “Youth is wasted on the young!” Thanks!

#06 @MikeyZ1: sent the classic Holiday Inn sign (so much classier that today’s Holiday Inn Express splash logo). Features that roadside monstrosity “the great sign” which the company got rid of since they were expensive and difficult to maintain, and the ill-conceived, lantern bearing, John Holiday, allegedly an early American hotel manager known for his outstanding warmth and hospitality. You’re right, this was a highway beacon. Thanks!

#10 @Emotis: sent a hilarious, vintage, Belgium bargain-bin find: a shot of the popular Blankenberge seaside resort with a giant bathing beauty “photoshopped” in among the bathers. So funny. Thanks!

#13 @Ladybug513: also sent an interesting Holiday Inn motel card… one that doesn’t feature an exterior shot with the “great sign” but, rather, an interior shot of their dark, wood-paneled dining room and outdoor pool. Yes, the best part of a remodeling is that you have to evacuate the house for the floor refinishing. Enjoy and thanks!

#21 @mdmsamm : It’s interesting, I was just thinking about powers and telephone lines and how we ever allowed such a visual abomination upon our landscape – because we were blinded by the convenience of powered lights and phone communication. Ha, we had a town that went underwater for a reservoir. Now they’ve built an Indian casino on it after draining! Anyway, yes, all this sparked by a shot of Norman Rockwell’s classic The Lineman. Thanks!

You can view these August choices here on my Flickr account.

And all my August cards are mailed out

Rocky Road Trip #30

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Updated again :slight_smile:

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This was an incredible delight missed out here for September but will embark for the overflow with @LaurenceB -I suppose we will meet again. Continue to sprinkle kindness and Craig you matter. Your efforts are appreciated.
À bientôt



@Cruzin #3 Found your card hidden in my junk pile! :o Thanks for the cute pic of the rabbit and panda sharing tea. I hope you enjoy tile with the FIL and also get some time away when needed! :wink:

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@volvomom #11 Awesome virtual meetup card from January 2020–woah, that brings me back! Good to see you back, and thank you for the wonderful card for my collection!
@beatriceh #27 Thank you for the peaceful forest scene. I don’t bake very often, but I would be so annoyed if my oven were out of commission for over a month! I hope you finally got it replaced!


I’m told the new one will be here at 1:00pm today!

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#29 - A few more postcards arrived over the weekend!

#1 @cawindt - Thank you Craig for this postcard from an ancient Olympic stadium in Greece! How neat to be able to walk (or sprint!) around a place like this! It’s so amazing how much is still available after so long and simultaneously so sad how much has been lost or destroyed. So glad you got to visit and had a great time!

#6 @mikeyz1 - Thank you Mike for this postcard showing the Brier Hill Works of the Youngstown Sheet and Tube in Girard, Ohio! I have not been to the Industry and Labor Museum yet but I have a friend who visits often to look at the archives. It makes sense this would be a place you’d visit! I hope you enjoyed it!

#7 @mere5oh - Thank you Meredith for this postcard “The Rose Garden at Wargemont.” I did have to look up the painting since the description was in (I think) Russian. Google Translate wasn’t having it, but at least a reverse image search worked! Such a pretty painting! I had a lot of fun with Zigzagoon community day too!

#27 @beatriceh - Thank you Charisse for this postcard of Mary Church Terrell! I appreciate getting to learn about new people in history, so thanks for introducing me to her! I thought that ghost, but not a ghost, story was funny last month, but hearing more is fascinating! The poor guy! It’s sad he felt he had to hide, but I’m glad to hear he had support once he was found. And honestly, living the rest of his life as uneventful is probably the best way to go!


#25 reporting nine received:

#1 @cawindt - Thank you for the beautiful postcard from Greece! It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, so it was lovely to receive this postcard. I hope you had a wonderful time there! The list of places I want to see just keeps growing. I also love the stamps you sent, thank you so much!

#3 @Cruzin - Thank you for the camping postcard. Unplugging every so often, and just being out in nature, has always been important for me. I hope you are enjoying Sandman, I have yet to watch it. Death is definitely such a delightfully snarky character! And thank you for the stickers and washi tape.

#6 @mikeyz1 - Thank you for the postcard of such a unique museum! I agree, it would be a lot of fun to do a road trip just to see all of these kitschy places! I love things like this! There’s a website called roadsideamerica.com that has a huge list of roadside attractions, should you ever attempt such a road trip. And thank you for the wonderful stamps.

#7 @mere5oh - Thank you for the lovely Picasso postcard. I also wish I had a more artistic mind, but I am so happy to see what those that do are able to create. I have a sister who is a very talented jeweler, and I consider her pieces to be art. I always love seeing what she makes. I hope your daughter enjoys her art class!

#11 @volvomom - Thank you for the Southernmost Point postcard! What an interesting attraction that is! It’s always fun to be able to say you’ve visited the ‘most’ something, isn’t it? I have family in Florida, so perhaps I’ll try to see this place for myself!

#16 @jacieslar - Thank you for the fantastic map postcard of New Mexico! It has so many interesting little details! Your grandchildren are very lucky to receive such important wisdom from you; I hope it serves them well. Enjoy your Jodi Picoult novel! And thank you for the adorable dog sticker and the beautiful washi tape.

#18 @LaurenceB - Thank you for the Strange Planet postcard! I absolutely love these. I enjoy that the artist forces us to think about our daily lives and actions objectively; it’s always funny to see ourselves through a different lens. And thank you for the fantastic stamps (especially the hockey stamp!), sticker, and washi tape.

#27 @beatriceh - Thank you for the Action Comics postcard! I absolutely love Action Comics. My dad read Superman comics growing up, so I was drawn to anything Superman when I got into comics. My dog sounds like your youngest kitty- he always wants snacks! He has even learned to ‘trade’ with me for them (by picking up something he shouldn’t, and making me bargain with him to drop it). He has me trained very well.

#29 @melvnoble - Thank you for the wonderful Philadelphia postcard! Whenever I visit a new place, I love finding things like this that make the city unique. If I’m ever in Philadelphia, I’ll definitely look for this statue. Also, I’ve added you on Pokémon Go, thanks for your code! (my username is Missymon2020) Thank you for the adorable Pikachu washi tape!