[RR] North American August 2022 Round Robin - The "It's Hotter than Blazes" Edition - Closed!

#29 - One postcard to report!

#18 @LaurenceB - Thank you for this lovely owl family! The owl stickers are amazing too! Hmm, owls at an aquarium…that’s interesting. I guess I’d take an owl anywhere! :laughing:

#21 in receipt today, #15 @AccentOnHakes , #28 @TwoDoggies

#15 Karen as I love the cold this was ideal for me. Brrrrrr

#28 Terri, I love to read about ladies on The Bike, what I know for sure, it is never to too late to live your dream NEVER. Your fashionable lady is so appropriate for me. No doubt this lady would never be seen on a bike wearing that…lol I have a Vespa lol


the remainder of my Aug cards will mail today.

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#2 reporting

#12 @Yarn-Lady sent The Danmark, a ship that helped train cadets at New London during WWII, thank you Cynthia! All those ropes look like a tangled mess to me from mast to ship, haha. The men in the lower left corner remind me of pirates. :smile:

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#22 uconn

#12 @Yarn-Lady cool roller coaster card, thanks

#16 @jacieslar thanks for this Gauguin art. We could use some rain here

#18 @LaurenceB great Paul Frank skull, and stamps. Thanks!

#29 @melvnoble awesome skulls, I want to visit this museum. I’ve read some books from here

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#27 @beatriceh reporting

#3 @Cruzin A Midsummer Night’s Dream is dear to my heart. I wrote about it in my dissertation and somehow managed to still love it. And yes, cats are the best! Thank you!

#4 @jenhart Shrimp and grits are one of my favorite meals. I’ll have to take a trip to Fort Mill one day :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the Minnesota card!

#13 @ladybug513 And another lovely A Midsummer Night’s Dream card. I’m being spoiled. Thanks! I went to a play once and someone’s phone went off. The actor stopped and just waited for the person to turn it off. It was quite awkward.

#24 @roxy Love this card! My oven has been broken for a month! I was finally going to get a new one last week and the delivery truck accidentally drove into the oven when delivering it :roll_eyes:. They are delivering another one tomorrow.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip I love vintage Chicago cards. I have a bunch I’m saving for the na wbmp . I’m sure this view still exists, if not from a condo, then from some executive’s office. Thanks for the card!


#16 @jacieslar reporting

#4 @jenhart I really like this vintage style1900’s postcard of Lake Minnetonka. As a child I spent every summer weekend on Lake Erie and have many fond memories of those times.

#8 @Shesa-Renegade Thank you for the lovely postcard showing Richard DeSpain’s depiction of the Old Statehouse in Little Rock, Arkansas. I think the museum there as well as the Clinton Presidential Library would be great places to visit.

#12 @Yarn-Lady. The postcard of the Oregon coast looks sooo inviting. Thank you! We’ve had a lot of rain but have been spared the excessive heat.

#13 @ladybug513 The Washington Crossing Historic Park looks like a beautiful place. While getting lost there probably wasn’t funny at the time, your recalling it made me smile. I’m glad you found your way out!

#19 @ellistrations Thank you for the wonderful Lantern Press animal silhouettes card as well as the great stamps and stickers. Your card is going into a frame and added to my collection in the travel trailer.

#22 @uconn The postcard showing Spaceship Earth is great. Thank you! I’m probably one of the few people on the planet who has never been to Epcot but it sounds like a fun place to visit.


#26 received: #3, 8, 13, 15, 21, 25, 27, 28, 29

3 @Cruzin - lori, thank you for the kpop-themed (maybe enhypen?) card haha i hope you found some goodies at the store - i, personally, have zero self-control when it comes to buying postcards (and stickers lol) when i find them :joy: the stickers you used are so cute as well!

8 @Shesa-Renegade - rené, thank you for the fun viking card and i hope you enjoyed minneapolis! i dont think i’ve been to minnesota - i grew up next to a tiny mall so i cant wrap my head around a mall with a rollercoaster haha i looked it up and it looks super fun! :roller_coaster:

13 @ladybug513 - susan, i hope you enjoyed your family vacation~ a two week stay at the beach sounds lovely! :beach_umbrella: thank you so much the the lucy parsons postcard - one of my favorite things about this hobby is learning new things especially when it comes to the history of activist movements; i really enjoyed doing more research on her! i also found out that there is even a bookstore named after her close by!

15 @AccentOnHakes - karen, i’m so sorry you had such mess of a night! there are definitely days when things feel like the universe is actively working against you lol but i hope things have improved! :two_hearts: i really love the strange planet postcard you sent; i feel like this is me whenever i get sassy at work haha. thank you so much!

21 @mdmsamm - sam, ahhh this card is so cute; i love your photography as well as the little story of his journey to me! it looks like usps’ machines might have censored him a little though lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth: thank you for writing a short note to my carrier too he really appreciated it haha

25 @Missy99 - melissa, thank you for the art installation card~ i bet it cast really cool shadows on the ground when it is sunny out! omg yes duck tours are definitely a top recommendation for people when they come to boston :duck: great for all ages! i love doing touristy thing even as an transplant that has been here for forever haha.

27 @beatriceh - charisse, thank you for the gorgeous alice card featuring cheshire cat~ :cat: thank you! my dad moved down for a job when i was younger and initially moved by himself, but over the years one by one, the family moved down to join him! i think i’ve been down here ~15 years? my sister ended up moving back to canada for work, a few years ago, but this gives us a couch to crash on when we go back to visit her and extended family :see_no_evil:

28 @TwoDoggies - terri~ thank you for going through my favourites and sending me a miffy card! i think miffy’s dutch name is nijntje :rabbit: she is one of my favourite cartoons! the netherlands is on my vacation wishlist; i hope i get the opportunity to go within the next couple of years!

29 @melvnoble - mel, thank you for sending this lantern press poster-style card of independence hall! i hope you enjoyed your trip i really love visiting philadelphia and it is only a quick amtrak train ride from boston! :train2: great food and sites, all around!


I dropped all my postcards in the post office mailbox this morning.

#29 - One postcard!

#10 @emotis - Thank you Erin for the adorable Russian Blue Cats knitting! I tried to reverse image search to find the official name of it, and if Google Translate is correct, it’s called “First Snow” or “November’s First Snow.” I didn’t notice the snow out the window, so that’s a cute one. Knitting is definitely an obsession! I love buying new and pretty yarn, but my partner says I need to actually make something with the yarn instead of hoarding it! :laughing:

#5 reporting:

#2 @crimsonking – a postcard showing vintage paper dolls. I love it! I loved paper dolls when I was a kid. And no, I’ve never received a card like it. Thank you!

#29 @melvnoble – A new (to me) Monet water lilies painting. There are so many! Thank you. I’ve never been to Philadelphia. It’s not so far – I should.

#30 @RockyRoadTrip – Yes, I see you there on this Massachusetts map. Hope and trust you’re having a wonderful time. Thank you.

My Flickr album with these cards is here.


#11 has sent all her cards! Enjoy!

My thanks to:
#1 @cawindt Traditional Greek dance. I think you had the right idea! Enjoying the local drinks sounds like the thing to do.
#11 @volvomom Vermont. Hooray for spending time at your happy place!
#24 @roxy scary vintage ad featuring “Pream”… a powdered coffee creamer that both lightens your coffee AND can be used to make delicious entrees. Just trying to imagine using coffee creamer in anything but coffee…
#29 @melvnoble Cool Philly LP card. Glad you had fun! And is there such a thing as “way too many postcards”?? :smiley:

To Receive: * 7, 9, 20, 21, 23

#14 reporting
#13 @ladybug513 I never thought of hippos as an aquarium animal! It would be cool to see them swimming around!

#4 again with more to report:

#7 @mere5oh : lovely impressionist art. Enjoy your exchange students … how lucky they are!

#12 @Yarn-Lady : beautiful Oregon coast. I hope your poor garden has recovered a bit

#13 @ladybug513 : Lantern Press Philadelphia. I want to visit the art museum there!

#24 @roxy : beautiful Ohio lighthouse. Who could have believed in 2020 we’d still be living with Covid the way we are?

#29 @melvnoble : fabulous Philadelphia. My husband is getting ready to head there. HE better bring me back postcards!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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#11 has sent all the cards! Enjoy!!!

Also, today #11 received from #10

Thank you, @emotis, for the great bear card! We have a momma bear and cubs running around the neighborhood at the moment, so this card was very appropriate! Please let me know when you’re back in Boston!!!

#2 received

#3 @Cruzin sent Mickey Mouse skiing, thank you Lori! Love the Mickey washi tape too, hehe. I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disney World, not sure I have the desire to go with a lot of people there. Was there a certain meal you and your husband would get each Sunday evening for dinner? :slight_smile:

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#22 uconn

#6 @mikeyz1 cool stamps. Thanks for this Hoover Library card

There is a restaurant called The Blue Bayou that seats inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean. We would eat there, then since it was Sunday night and all the tourists were gone, but the park was open till midnight we’d go on rides. You could go on the most popular rides and at the end they’d ask if you wanted to go again because there was no line!

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