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:purple_circle: Group #102
@Angeldreamer sent a classic movie poster. I have been watching the CBS Star Trek series too - just started S2 of Discovery. We are getting a new TV on Friday so I think I will wait until then watch the next episode. Picard was great, will they make more? :heart:

:red_square: Please add me to 124 and 130.

Thanks Cynthia! :kissing_heart:

117 – @AccentOnHakes beautiful Wyoming landscape, where I live, there is a pretty good mix of both evergreens and other trees. We have a few on our property but none near the house…I would have liked a big one in the front yard to be an outdoor xmas tree. I fell in love with a tree I saw on my trip back east a few years ago…we want to plant one…maybe this year. alaskan yellow cedar

120-- @ellistrations omg never thought I would think a photo of a snake was cute, but you are right! the photographer really made this one look cute!! lol

I am catching up on reporting today (my one day off this week). will update sunday or monday for this group. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

I have received Group #122 from @jocrafts! Thank you for the wonderful scavenger hunt cards and messages! I loved reading about your autumn memory. I was one of the 60 percent to accept the new flag, so I share your sentiments. :slight_smile:

I am mailing out Group #122’s envelopes tomorrow, 11/30!

@kyvintage sunset over a lake. Wow. I bet the vacation was lovely!
@Cinpy beachy sunset. Mystery cards are always a fun surprise. Thanks!

I’d like to join 130 please!

I’ll join Group #130, as well!

@jocrafts - fish, thank you! Funny thing is, when I thought of scaly animals, fish never occurred to me! I am slightly allergic to salmon, but it is still my preferred fish to eat. I also find tilapia flavorless… I have to add extra tartar sauce to it. I enjoy fish every now and then, but not too frequently, though I wish I enjoyed it more.


unless something awful happens to Patrick Stewart I do believe they are making lots of money on these streaming only shows and they will continue this one. I love it! I bet the cgi is getting cheaper and cheaper every year

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updated traveling groups…the arrow next to my picture will take you right there :innocent:

updated the open groups…the arrow next to my name will take you straight there :innocent:

i went from having the week off to working the whole week…somewhere, somehow I will get caught up on my cards to y’all. it’s feast or famine in my post office and I guess I got jumped to the front of the line for the feasting at the moment.

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Group 120

  • @ellistrations – a crocodile! or an alligator? I have seen several growing up in the south. Fried alligator is quite tasty!
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Group 125 is in the mail :mailbox_with_mail:

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I would like to join Group 130 please. :blush:

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I would like to join 123 please!

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Group 117
@AccentOnHakes sent a beautiful card about snowy range medicine bow national forest Wyoming. Thank you Karen.

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My cards are done for 125 and 117

I would like to join Groups 123 & 130, thank you! :blush:

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traveling groups have been updated…the arrow next to my picture will take you there. Open groups have also been updated. I will send out addresses for the 2 groups that closed tonight :innocent:

Groups 123 & 130 are going to the post office today. :blush: :christmas_tree:

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