[RR] North America Themes Round Robin [NA Themes]

North America Themes Round Robin (NA Themes RR)


  • Welcome to the new Round Robin in the NEW forums! Thanks to lrp124 for hosting previously.

  • Any members located in North America may join.

  • If you are new to the group please pm me with your address.

  • Post in the thread which group number you would like to sign up for; postcards sent must relate to the group theme.

  • Once a group fills up you will receive a PM of the group participants and their addresses.

  • You have two weeks to mail postcards from the time you receive group addresses.

Remember to write on your postcards: NA Themes RR or NA~T, Group #, and your forum user name.
For example, all of my cards will say NA~Themes, #500 Angeldreamer if the group # is 500
Do not abbreviate it to simply NARR as there is a RR already like that.

  • It is OK to send multiple cards to the same person in an envelope to save postage. If you would rather someone did NOT do this you may ask that I note that when I send out addresses.

  • Please post in the thread when you send your cards and once you receive cards and the user name you received from so that we can keep track.

  • Send only professionally published postcards. Ad/free cards or handmade cards are only allowed in groups specifically for that style.

  • New themes are always added so check back often. Have a theme suggestion? … post in the thread or pm me.

  • If you move please PM an updated address.

  • Have fun!

  • Flickr Group <~~~~~ to share photos of postcards you receive from the round robin.
    (I didn’t start the flikr group and know nothing on how to maintain it…one day I will look into digitizing my collection. I am sure I would love it, but it takes time I don’t have right now)

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Open Groups

Group J – Christmas memories what was your favorite christmas tradition as a kid? Or fondest christmas memories in general

Group K – Yelowstone let’s talk some TV–do you avidly watch this show? Favorite characters/what you hope happens etc

Group L – Christmas decorations do you decorate outside? Just inside? Not at all? What signals the change of your décor each year?
1 Susaninutah
2 jocrafts

Group M – Christmas Movies do you watch the xmas countdowns on tv? Favorite movie to watch every year, or favorite channel…or favorite plot etc.

Group N – Beaches any card showing a beach
1 kanosis
2 Susaninutah
3 jocrafts

Group O – OMG Snow any card showing a ton of snow
1 kanosis

Group P – Poinsettias are from Mexico cards showing poinsettias, Mexican or Latino traditions or someplace in Mexico
1 kanosis


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Traveling Groups

:email: is when the addresses were sent out
:pen: indicates the cards have been sent
:mailbox: indicates all cards have been received

Group 132 – Foreign Places any card not from North America (:email: apr 17)
1 MonkeyBrain :pen: rec 2 3
2 coleandjojo :pen: rec :mailbox:
3 AlbertaGirl71 :pen: rec all
4 angeldreamer :pen: rec :mailbox:

Group 133 – Beachy Let’s take some virtual vacations to warmer places! (:email: apr 25)
1 dnrhott :pen: rec 4
2 angeldreamer :pen: rec all
3 GeoJosh :pen: rec :mailbox:
4 jewelldelis :pen: rec :mailbox:

Group 134 – Multi-views :email: may 10
1 melvnoble :pen: rec :mailbox:
2 AlbertaGirl71 :pen: rec :mailbox:
3 BarbL :pen: rec :mailbox:
4 dnrhott :pen: rec 2

Group 136 - Storyline pick a card and make up a story about what is happening in the scene, or why you bought it/inherited it/found it….maybe this should be called Bullsh!t-outlandish and creative will surely make the receiver’s day! :email: july 6
1 alcott1 :pen: rec all
2 angeldreamer :pen: rec all
3 coleandjojo :pen: all
4 dnrhott rec 1 3

Group 138 – National/State/Provincial Parks
1 dnrhott rec 2 3
2 JasonDavid :pen: rec all
3 scoutingbear :pen: rec all
4 angeldreamer :pen: rec all

Group 139 – Wishlist – give 3 categories you would love and sender will pick one (if categories are too specific sender will send something as closely related as they can but will not be specifically restricted)
1 alcott1 - architecture, weather, transportation :pen: rec all
2 angeldreamer - fantasy, patriotic, summer flowers :pen: rec all
3 Agneau - lambs (of course), costumes, the ocean :pen: rec all
4 Allayne22 - mushrooms, pigs, colorful :pen: rec all

Group 140 – Something FUN funny card, funny story on the back, something fun to do…whatever :email: oct 6
1 scoutingbear :pen: rec 4
2 TwasBrilig :pen: rec all
3 GrammieSuz :pen: rec all
4 angeldreamer :pen: rec all

Group 141 – Sunrise/Sunset :email: nov 21
1 Cmleonard630
2 kanosis rec 3
3 susaninutah sent all rec 2?

Group 142 – Autumn Scenes…let’s beat this heat and dream of cooler days :email: nov 21
1 AbiG sent all rec all
2 angeldreamer sent all rec all
3 susaninutah sent all rec all

Group 143 – If $$ were no object…my next vacation would be to …… (choose a card that corresponds :email: nov 21
1 jewelldelis
2 dnrhott sent all rec 3
3 angeldreamer sent all rec 2

Group 144 – Patriotic, have some red, white, blue–or just red/white on the card, or even the flag! :email: nov 21
1 TwoDoggies
2 angeldreamer

Group 145 – Something Local What is your town’s claim to fame, fortune, misery or boredom :email: nov 21
1 alcott1 sent all rec all
2 angeldreamer sent all rec 1
3 scoutingbear sent all rec all

= = ============

addresses need to be sent


Incomplete groups

Group 71 - Homemade-- I’m dreaming of… :email: May 21 **cards should be :pen: by June 4
1 Radala (USA) :pen: :mailbox:
2 NikkiCanadian (CAN) :pen: rec 1 *angeldreamer resent
3 Angeldreamer (USA) :pen: rec: :mailbox:

Group 72 - Homemade-- This Summer :email: May 21 **cards should be :pen: by June 4
1 Radala (USA) :pen: :mailbox:
2 NikkiCanadian (CAN) :pen: rec 1 *angeldreamer resent
3 Angeldreamer (USA) :pen: rec: :mailbox:

Group 130 – Christmas themed cards (:email: Dec 9)
1 Savagepink (USA) :pen: rec 4
2 MeaganMS (USA) ** never sent
3 CrimsonKing (USA) :pen: rec 1 4
4 Angeldreamer (USA) :pen: rec 1 3


Do Not Delete Please


Group Number, Theme, Participants

  1. Maps - DeeDeeQ5724, carlissa904, Hyshu65, hootnoodle
  2. Red - AccentOnHakes, DeeDeeQ5724, hootnoodle, koyohtay
  3. Animals -DeeDeeQ5724, carlissa904, alm74, koyohtay
  4. Flowers - koyohtay, VeniceSunrise, sleepykitty, iwritedeb
  5. Touristic City Name - lrp124, DeeDeeQ5724, AccentOnHakes, alcott1
  6. Black and White, lrp124, Hyshu65, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
  7. Lighthouses - koyohtay, Savagepink, cj23, carlissa904
  8. Illustrations - Steresem, alcott1, iwritedeb, dariasmith
  9. City views at night - lrp124, alcott1, Hyshu65, DeeDeeQ5724
  10. Montages - AccentOnHakes, cj23, lrp124, (DeeDeeQ5724 did not send)
  11. Vintage - alm74, DeeDeeQ5724, koyohtay, sleepykitty
  12. Wishlist - lrp124, woven, nowaglas, DeeDeeQ5724
  13. Colorful - DeeDeeQ5724, hootnoodle, gbnaabennett, Blue_Fox
  14. Not my Country - lrp124, woven, gbnaabennett, AccentOnHakes
  15. National, State/Territory Parks - koyohtay, technoruby, lrp124, (DeeDeeQ5724 did not send)
  16. Fantasy/Imaginary - technoruby, woven, sleepykitty, DeeDeeQ5724
  17. Sunrise/Sunset - boyana, dariasmith, iwritedeb, spicyricecake
  18. Green - Carlissa904, AccentOnHakes, VeniceSunrise, alcott1
  19. Movies - technoruby, iwritedeb, Steresem, Gbnaabennett
  20. State/Province - AccentOnHakes, alcott1, Steresem, cj23
  21. Tell a Story - technoruby, sleepykitty, Steresem, AccentOn Hakes
  22. Last Vacation - boyana, lrp124, VeniceSunrise, AccentOnHakes
  23. Wishlist - woven, lrp124, iwritedeb, Maliciaguilucha
  24. Large Letter - alcott1, cj23, alm74, Gbnaabennett
  25. Water - ChristineC, AccentOnHakes, Carlissa904, CMSnailMail
  26. Book Related - books, authors, libraries, people reading ChristineC , dariasmith , technoruby, sunnydays - didn’t send
  27. Cityviews - AccentOnHakes, koyohtay, lrp124, dariasmith
  28. Dogs or Cats - dariasmith, sleepykitty, Gbnaabennett, stinkypaw
  29. Maps - mikeyz1, Gbnaabennett, dariasmith, austen777
  30. Mountains ~ dariasmith - (missing alm74), alm74, hootnoodle, angeldreamer
  31. Not My Country - cj23, lrp124, woven, mikeyz1
  32. Lantern Press - spicyricecake, technoruby, cello15, AccentOnHakes
  33. Disney-cj23/ technoruby / angeldreamer / kyvintage
  34. Famous People mikeyz1, alm74, hootnoodle, dariasmith - (missing alm74)
  35. Wishlist - mikeyz1, woven, stinkypaw, sleepykitty

Group 36 - Night Views AccentOnHakes/ alcott1/ Steresem/ Jocrafts /Angeldreamer
Group 37 - Special Effects - cards with special features like lenticular, 3D, holographic, glitter, metallic, foil, etc// woven (assumed all rec), Kyvintage, alcott1 , butterfli75
Group 38 - National Parks Angeldreamer , AccentOnHakes , koyohtay (missing angeldreamer), Kyvintage
Group 39 - Local Culture Angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes, Kyvintage
Group 40 - Your State/Province Kyvintage, AccentOnHakes, Savagepink , cj23 (missing kyvintage)
Group 41 - vintage photos (before there was color film) Savagepink, Angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes, kyvintage
Group 42 - Entertainment (books, movies, sports, games, festivals, famous people) Kyvintage, Angeldreamer, jocrafts
Group 43 - Books, Libraries Angeldreamer , Savagepink, Radala, jocrafts
Group 44 - Cartoons Angeldreamer / Savagepink / Kyvintage
Group 45 - Dogs Angeldreamer, Savagepink, cj23
Group 46 - Animals Angeldreamer / AccentOnHakes / koyohtay / Kyvintage / Savagepink / Alcott1
Group 47 - People Kyvintage, Angeldreamer, jocrafts
Group 48 - Art Kyvintage , Savagepink, mikeyz1, Angeldreamer
Group 49 - Map of your state/province Pezimaniac , koyohtay, mikeyz1 (missing koyohtay), Kyvintage
Group 50 - Large Letter “Greetings From” your state/province Pezimaniac, Kyvintage , koyohtay, Angeldreamer
Group 51-Flowers Angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes, Kyvintage (missing AccentOnHakes), VeniceSunrise
Group 52 - Roadside Attractions SavagePink, jocrafts, angeldreamer, alcott1 (missing Savagepink)
Group 53 - Disney/Pixar Angeldreamer, Kyvintage , cj23 , emotis
Group 54 - TravelPosters AccentonHakes/ Kyvintage/ Savagepink / Angeldreamer
Group 55 - Dreaming of a Vacation–where would you go? Angeldreamer , alcott1, Radala, jocrafts
Group 56 - Cats Angeldreamer , Savagepink, tandemStoker, Radala, jocrafts
Group 57 - Handmade - Valentines DorH / Angeldreamer
Group 58 - Handmade - Try something new// jocrafts, Shesa-Renegade, Savagepink (missing Shesa-Renegade), GigiDegas (assumed received all)
Group 59 - Spring Radala / jocrafts / Angeldreamer
Group 60 - Dogs Savagepink, Angeldreamer, jocrafts
Group 61 - How to spend a rainy day Radala, Savagepink, Angeldreamer, jocrafts, mikeyz1
Group 62 - What makes you happy? Angeldreamer, jocrafts, mikeyz1, femamerica13, sleepykitty
Group 63 - Tickle my funny bones … any funny card…or write a joke on a card jocrafts, angeldreamer, AccentOnHakes
Group 64 - If Life had a do-over switch, I would… jocrafts, Angeldreamer , mikeyz1, SavagePink
Group 65 - I’m stuck at home, but not without my… Radala (missing alcott1), AccentOnHakes, jocrafts, alcott1, Angeldreamer
Group 66 - Homemade–homage to Warhol art (your interpretation of his many shades painting) TandemStoker, Angeldreamer , jocrafts, Radala
Group 67 - Vintage things femamerica13 / angeldreamer / jocrafts (missing angeldreamer) / Shaack (missing femamerica13)
Group 68 - WWI or WWII related Radala, AccentOnHakes, jocrafts, Angeldreamer
Group 69 - Sports related Radala, Angeldreamer, SKlenotic, SavagePink
Group 70 - Food related jocrafts / savagepink / andgeldreamer / radala (only reported jocrafts…assumed rec’d all)

Group 73- Something on my bucket list… jocrafts, Angeldreamer, Shaack, Radala
Group 74 - Something local to your city/state/region jocrafts, AccentOnHakes, Radala , mikeyz1 , SKlenotic
Group 75 - Quotable, has a quote on the card, or take a nice card and write your favorite quote on the back jocrafts, tandemStoker, Radala, alcott1, Emilyann, Angeldreamer
*RAK accentonhakes got jocrafts
Group 76- Spirit of '76 (in any era) jocrafts, Angeldreamer, Radala, Savagepink
Group 77 - Virtual Vacation–a postcard of where you will be going and maybe a tale of what you did Radala , emotis, jocrafts , angeldreamer (missing emotis) , AccentOnHakes (missing jocrafts)
Group 78 - Domestic Animals (any animals of North America) alcott1, angeldreamer, Radala , Savagepink
Group 79 - Thank goodness my delivery person brought me… jocrafts, mikeyz1, angeldreamer , femamerica13
Group 80 - Let’s remember the 80’s–postcard showing an 80s trend or write of your memories Shaack, jocrafts, angeldreamer, Radala (missing jocrafts)
Group 81 - SURPRISE! anything goes AccentOnHakes , femamerica13, jocrafts, Radala, axiomatic , roxy
Group 82 - Cats Radala, Savagepink, angeldreamer, sleepykitty
Group 83 - Disney/Pixar SKlenotic , jocrafts, cj23, femamerica13 (missing SKlenotic)
Group 84 - Movie talk (any nice card related to entertainment and write about a movie you have seen recently) SKlenotic , jocrafts, Savagepink, femamerica13
Group 85 - Book related SKlenotic , Savagepink, mikeyz1 , femamerica13
Group 86 - Architecture mikeyz1, Savagepink, Angeldreamer, Radala (missing savagepink)
Group 87 - Anything goes… Angeldreamer, jocrafts, roxy , ellistrations
Group 88 - Sunrise/Sunset AccentOnHakes, jocrafts , Angeldreamer, ellistrations, Radala
Group 89 - Oceans (from above or below) AccentOnHakes, femamerica13, Angeldreamer, Radala
Group 90 - What should I see when visiting your home town? Angeldreamer / Jocrafts / Radala (never reported-assumed all rec’d)
Group 91 - What I miss most… mikeyz1, femamerica13 (missing mikeyz1) , mcquay , jocrafts
Group 92 - Moments of wonder–what have you noticed while having this free time? femamerica13 , jocrafts, Shaack, Angeldreamer
Group 93 - My favorite tv show growing up… femamerica13, jocrafts, Angeldreamer, MeaganMS
Group 94 - Hot summer days…love’em or hate’em? femamerica13, jocrafts, Angeldreamer , Radala
Group 95 - Magic of Summer (making memories, lightning bugs…what will you tell your grandkids etc) femamerica13, alcott1, Angeldreamer, Radala
Group 96 - In honor of June being PRIDE month (rainbows or LGBTQ themes are appropriate) femamerica13, sleepykitty, Angeldreamer, Radala
Group 97 - Where were you in 1997? Angeldreamer ,ellistrations, sleepykitty , jocrafts
Group 98 - Summer Foods – it wouldn’t be a BBQ/Picnic/Get-together without your favorite foods, what can’t you pass up? femamerica13 / jocrafts (missing femamerica13/ MeaganMS / EverettGal
Group 99 - Secret Addictions (old or new, what are you secretly…or not so secretly…addicted to…food/activity etc) femamerica13/ jocrafts/ angeldreamer
Group 100 - 100box (send a card you got in a box of 100 cards) CrisB, femamerica13 (missing CrisB) , alcott1 , jocrafts , Angeldreamer , ellistrations , AccentOnHakes
Group 101 - Food-- what is your signature dish or means the most to you and why? femamerica13, Savagepink, MeaganMS, JannCady
Group 102 - Movies/TV–What is in your binge watching lineup? Savagepink / Angeldreamer / mcquay/ femamerica13
Group 103 - foreign cards…depicts a foreign place or is a card you bought or swapped from a foreign country mcquay, AccentOnHakes, alcott1, EttaHenry, CrisB (missing EttaHenry & JannCady) , jocrafts, JannCady (missing Savagepink) , Savagepink
Group 104 - “Four”–open to interpretation…4 views, 4 items, a list of 4 things about you… AccentOnHakes, jocrafts , alcott1, sleepykitty, femamerica13
Group 105 - Autumn EttaHenry / jocrafts / CrisB (assumed rec all)/ angeldreamer
Group 106 - Disney/Pixar jocrafts/ yelena / CrisB (assumed rec all)/ angeldreamer
Group 107 – my favorite xxxx (send a card that repre:pen:s something that is a favorite to you…color, flower, tree, state, city, activity JannCady (missing jocrafts) / femamerica13 / sleepykitty / jocrafts
Group 108 - What if there were 8 days in a week…describe your idea of 8th day, how would you spend it and what should it be called? MeaganMS / angeldreamer / femamerica13 and JannCady (missing MeaganMS)
Group 109 - Let’s talk Breakfast…yes/no? cereal? full on meal? MeaganMS , jocrafts, femamerica13 , EverettGal
Group 110–Foreign locations AccentOnHakes , femamerica13 , angeldreamer, EverettGal
Group 111–A celebration of the number 1 – find a card with only 1 thing/subject of focus // Angeldreamer / femamerica13 (assumed rec all) / JannCady (missing femamerica13) / EverettGal
Group 112–Back to School memories –happy or sad day? MeaganMS / Angeldreamer / ellistrations / femamerica13 (missing MeaganMS and angeldreamer)
Group 113–Labor Day plans, how are you spending your extra day off …assuming you get one // Angeldreamer / femamerica13 (assumed rec all)
Group 114–Autumn themed homemade card angeldreamer, EverettGal, EttaHenry
Group 115–Memories of 2015 jocrafts / MeaganMS / femamerica13 (assumed rec all) / angeldreamer
Group 116–Sunrise/Sunset AccentOnHakes / Angeldreamer (missing Cinpy) / Kyvintage / Cinpy
Group 117–Mountain views AccentOnHakes /Angeldreamer / Cinpy
Group 118–Ocean views from above or below ellistrations / AccentOnHakes / femamerica13 (assumed rec all) / angeldreamer
Group 119–Birds EverettGal / yelena / JannCady / angeldreamer (missing JannCady)
Group 120–Scaly animals jocrafts, ellistrations, angeldreamer
Group 121 –Winter themed cards coleandjojo / angeldreamer / jocrafts
Group 122-- Scavenger hunt -5 cards in one envelope — MeaganMS (assumed rec all) / jocrafts / Angeldreamer
Group 123-- homemade Christmas themed Ckip / Angeldreamer / AlbertaGirl / CrimsonKing
Group 124-- The letter C savagepink / angeldreamer / scooby39 / katie333
Group 125 – My favorite Halloween costume was - jocrafts / Angeldreamer / MeaganMS never sent
Group 126 – Valentine’s themed coleandjojo / andgeldreamer / jaqueposts
Group 127 – humorous jocrafts / alcott1 / angeldreamer
Group 128 – Botanical….anything that grows jocrafts / alcott1 / purplepiccolo / angeldreamer

Group 131 – Snowmaggedon alcott1 / Angeldreamer / MonkeyBrain / jewelldelis

Group 135 – Dogs vs Cats…which are the best pet MonkeyBrain / FrogSalad / alcott1 / angeldreamer

Group 137 – Freaky cards jewelldelis / uconn / alcott1 / angeldreamer


reserved for host…I will reformat the above categories when I have the time and patience to learn how to make the colors work again.

Yay! Happy to see this here :slight_smile:

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might be a while for everything to migrate, but really no reason for groups not to begin again :slight_smile: I will likely not do my holiday group for a while tho…it will get way too crazy.

Completely understandable. I’m glad we have a few months for the transition.

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Last I heard from @MichelleW colors are gone now. I just moved my RR over and spent time reformatting it to use emojis instead of color. I think I’ll like the new system, but for now the adjustment is a bit rough. Luckily the old forum is still there for three months!

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Thank you…I did the tutorial and didn’t see anything on changing the fonts and colors, but it is still html based… there has to be a way. I will ask my dad, he is a forum guru. I like the visual differentiation of colors and font sizes. Maybe I will have to use more border graphics or something. I don’t plan on switching the holiday forum for a while… it is way too chaotic. Maybe in January when the bulk of the chaos is passed.

Group #115

I received an Indian Paintbrush and Texas Bluebonnet card from angeldreamer! Thank you for it and for sharing your memories of 2015 with me. :slight_smile:

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Group#114 NA autumn theme homemade card - I just got the most AMAZING handmade card from Cynthia (angledreamer) - apparently it was delayed in the mail but I’m SO GLAD it got through, it is one of the most beautiful cards I have ever received. Thank you so much!!!

right now I would blame just me. lol I can’t seem to get caught up on ANYTHING! glad you got it and loved it!


HI, I wanna join Group 116–Sunrise/Sunset and Group 117–Mountain views

group 111–
janncady- cute heterochrome cat. My animals have probably saved my life more times than I can count. I will never be without at least one pet in my life!
femamerica13–greetings from San Francisco :slight_smile: I like your goal to use up what you have…then ask for more! lol

group 115- MeaganMS -- gorgeous artistic card of the milky way over a rock arch. I love the colors in this! You have great memories of 2015 and happy 5th anniversary of Postcrossing!

group 118-
femamerica13 – Cornish coastline town at dawn, looks so charming!
ellistrations --interesting aerial view over clear Hawaiian waters full of kayakers. I think we all wanted to be mermaids at one time…and still do most likely!
accentonhakes – a sand bar in the Dominican Republic that looks like it was perfectly placed for picnicking. I love having quick and easy meals to pull out of the freezer!

group 119 –
EverettGal -bird closeup- oh wow…a personal photo from Australia…yes, I have experience with those beggars and how insistent they can be about claiming one’s lunch! love this!
Yelena-- Hawaiian state bird, I never knew they had a native goose. I have only been in the Honolulu airport, twice…the trip over and back from Australia when I was an exchange student in high school. sad to say I have not kept up the traveling in the decades since.

updated. will get addresses out for the closed group as soon as I find where the new person’s address went. lol I know I saw it at some point!!

group 116 in the mailbox!

Group 115 I have received all!

  • @MeaganMS what a cute Anime witch postcard! My 2015 memory is about my husband, too :heart: What a wonderful time for romance!