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Group 206
@tia272 sent this lovely plant card and cute stickers! My grandma taught me how to make shelf-stable jam years ago, and now I’m the only one in the family that makes it, so if anyone wants The Jam, they have to stay in my good graces, haha! I recently learned how to make “trash jam” which just uses the leftover fruit from the week to make a fridge jam, and I LOVE it!
I wish you luck making box mixes - I have a recipe for scratch buttermilk pancake mix, but have never tried cake!

Thank you!


Grp 179 from @TeachLittleKids I haven’t been up to NC in a while – next time I go, I’m gonna look for this place! Cute frog sticker too.

Grp 184 from @TeachLittleKids I just read today that they have started preparation to bring down the International Space Station! It’s going to take them until 2030 to wrap it up.

Grp 185 from @TeachLittleKids I sent this same card to my friend who loves goats!! His little face is SO CUTE!!

Grp 186 from @uconn This is so cool!! I’ve never seen these formations before, and the only ones in the world are in the States. Super interesting!

Grp 188 from @sleepyhippo1 I love black & white photos, too. This is a nice one!

Grp 190 from @brooklynh This is cool! Reminds me of Providence Canyon in Georgia!

Grp 200 from @ellistrations What a beautiful view!!

Thanks for the great cards, stamps, & decorations!


:us: :fireworks: :recycle:

Grps 205 & 207 going in the mail!

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May I join 204 & 212?

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Group 193 from @teachlittlekids
Has sent me a card with fish… I just wish the card markers told you what kind. I also love musicals. The one I listen to the most is The Wiz and The Secret Garden.

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Group 200

@TeachLittleKids - thank you! Oh, yes, we have seen them for months. We had a couple weeks without them then another round of cicadas, so I saw one just yesterday. I thought their shells were so neat, too.

@prssrp - thank you! It’s been way too hot and humid lately, I am ready for the leaves to change and the cooler weather. We keep our apt cold, so sometimes I wear socks and a hoody, haha!

Group #205

Thank you @saoirse253 for the awesome Mount Rainier postcard! I bet you had a wonderful time on your trip! :hugs:


Can I be added to groups #209 and #212? Thank you! :purple_heart:

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Can I be added to group #211 as well? thank you! :hugs:

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@TeachLittleKids Thank you for the fun elephant card! The San Diego Zoo is the best!

@CalicoBeer Thank you for the lion card! I wasn’t a cat person until I moved in with my partner’s cats. Now I love em.

@uconn Thank you for the African Sausage Tree card! I’ve never heard of it, but it looks so interesting.

@Cynovian Thank you for the beautiful wave card! I need to do a good Spotify clean out like that, but I don’t know if I have that kind of patience!
@CalicoBeer Thank you for the sea creatures card! I agree, I really love looking at sea life. I love to go snorkeling!


194 - @faxvr - moon and half dome. I have yet to visit Yosemite. Some day.

207 - @SharonMI - cranes. These are great.




#201 Domesticated animal @CalicoBeer

Llama is absolutely a domesticated animal :wink: So classy yet funny haha. Thank you!

#195 Coastal Views @saoirse253

No i havent visited the coastal part of WA but would love to do the Seaside volleyball tournament one day. Ocean shores sounds lovely, I’ll have to visit one day. Thank you!


Group 207 is in the mail.

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@prssrp cool Iceland photo. I don’t see a dinosaur either

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Group 200

@CalicoBeer - thank you! This is a great card! I love that you made your cat photos into stickers, she is so cute!

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Thank you @saoirse253 for the cute cat with plants card! Group 203


Grp 204 ready for mail!!

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Received grp 205 from @saoirse253 love this! I went to Mt Rainier once, years ago, but it was just a drive. I’d love to go explore.

Thank you!!