[RR] NA Nature & Its Elements RR (New - OPEN)

:earth_americas: How to join:

:rosette: Post on this thread which group you would like to join.

:rosette: Send me a message with your address and which group you are joining. You only have to send your address once. Please let me know ASAP if you have changed your address, especially if you have joined open groups prior.

:rosette: When a group closes, the host will send a Private Message with the names/addresses for the other members.

:rosette: Post on this thread when you have sent and received postcards. Don’t forget to write the name of the RR and the Group # on your cards.

:rosette: Please send your cards within 2 weeks. Be honest and honor your promises. If after 3 months, none of the other members received your card/s, I kindly ask you to resend.

:rosette: Nature is filled with so many beautiful wonders from underground to outer space!

:national_park: Let’s have some fun!

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Open Groups

Group 4 - Elements

  1. Sends Water - @sarahaeyo
  2. Sends Fire - @ellistrations
  3. Sends Earth - @Ukucaitie
  4. Sends Air -

Group 5 - Outer Space (Stars, Planets, Galaxy)

  1. @sarahaeyo
  2. @sleepyhippo1

Group 7 - Farm Life (Animals, Gardening, Orchards, etc)

  1. @leggert
  2. @sleepyhippo1
  3. @Ukucaitie

Group 8 - Insects (Bees, Butterflies, Dragonflies, etc)

  1. @ALMcDowell
  2. @ellistrations
  3. @journeyforth

Group 10 - Reptiles / Amphibians

  1. @leggert

Group 11 - Landscapes

  1. @salemhouse
  2. @journeyforth
  3. @scoutingbear

Group 13 - National Parks

  1. @scoutingbear
  2. @angeli91

Group 14 - Wild Cats

  1. @LaurenceB
  2. @journeyforth

Group 15 - Potted Plants

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Traveling Groups


Group 1 - Water Features (Streams, Falls, Rivers, etc) Addresses sent 7/7/22

  1. @TwasBrillig :snail: :dove: ALL
  2. @salemhouse :snail: :dove: ALL
  3. @Beachyblonde :snail: :dove: 1, 2
  4. @ALMcDowell :snail: :dove: ALL

Group 2 - Mammals Addresses sent 7/7/22

  1. @LaurenceB :snail: :dove: ALL
  2. @Beachyblonde :snail:
  3. @ALMcDowell :snail: :dove: ALL
  4. @CrimsonKing :snail: :dove: ALL

Group 9 - Marine Life Addresses sent 7/30/22

  1. @DCMdVa :snail: :dove: 3, 4
  2. @LaurenceB :snail: :dove: 1, 4
  3. @uconn :snail: :dove: 1, 4
  4. @ellistrations :snail: :dove: 1, 3

Group 12 - Flowers Addresses sent 8/5/22

  1. @DCMdVa :snail: :dove: 4
  2. @Ukucaitie :snail: :dove: ALL
  3. @sleepyhippo1 :snail:
  4. @CrimsonKing :snail: :dove: 1, 3

Closed Groups


Group 3 - Birds Closed on 7/28/22
:peacock: LaurenceB, CrimsonKing, uconn, ellistrations

Group 6 - National Parks Closed on 8/5/22
:national_park: LaurenceB, angeli91, CrimsonKing, scoutingbear

Bringing an all-encompassing nature RR to North America!

If you have any ideas for a new group, I’ll be happy to add it on as groups rotate. I have so many group ideas, if there is one you feel you’d like to see more often, I’ll be happy to create it more frequently.

Icon Key:
:recycle: - Updated
:snail: - Sent
:dove: - Received

Reserved for Host

Reserved for host

Well, good for you, starting something new!

I will sign up for Water Features.


:recycle: Yay! Thank you for joining! :relaxed: I have added you to Group 1!

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Yay!!! I’ll join 2, 3, 6 :grin:

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:recycle: Welcome to the RR! I’ve added you to those groups. :blush:

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excited about this new rr! :two_hearts:

may i join 5? PMing my address!

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:recycle: Welcome! :smile: I’ve added you to group 5!

I will join group 1 (and send my address).

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:recycle: Welcome to the RR! :smile:

I’d love to join group 6 for national parks. Love this idea, thanks! :slight_smile:

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:recycle: Yay! Welcome to the RR! :relaxed:

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Woohoo!! Congrats on opening up this RR! :tada: :tada:

May I join the Water Group?! As well as the Mammals group?!

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:recycle: Welcome to the RR, @Beachyblonde! :smile:

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I’ll join groups 1 and 2. I’ll send my info!

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