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@travelingyogibear nice ADG card–Malibu! We are having a few days of warm weather and I’m enjoying it (if trying not to think too hard about global warming…)
@jocrafts a nice brown bike. Reddit seemed to indicate that many polling locations on election day had no line with how many people voted early. Too bad it rained for you!

Yellow-20, from Jocrafts

Received a bright yellow and well decorated card. I love those squirrel stickers! So cute. Thank you.

Brown 20 (all are now received for this group!)

@AccentOnHakes - Beautiful bison! Never seen bison in person before. How amazing that you got to see them, and baby bison!! :smiley:

Click to see!

Yellow20 from @iwritedeb a beautiful yellow sky and plenty of yello decorations and a big Bird stamp. !
I don’t know why I never seem to have colored stamps to go with colored cards.

Thank you.

Blue 20

@kyvintage thank you for the card showing the Virgin Islands. I’m so jealous of your cabbage haul. I love sauerkraut!

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Brown 20, all received now

@melvnoble sent a vintage Buffalo Bill card…I got my first passport in 2013 and have almost filled up the pages. I can’t wait to get a 2nd one soon!

@jocrafts I am glad you waited and voted. In Washington the entire state is mail-in so I got to vote from my couch…

Blue 20

@Travelingyogibear sent an illustration of the IBM lab complex that is very blue, with blue stickers, tape, and writing on the back - and a stamp with a blue jay. Well done, Carrie! Thank you! :wink:

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Purple-20 is in the mail :mailbox:

Some updates! :mailbox_closed:

Group Pink-19 :heartpulse: I have received all.

  • @PamUSAOhio sent a lovely vintage postcard print of cherry blossoms :cherry_blossom: in D.C. I love them so much! We’re still counting the days post-election now.
  • @MichelleW a wonderful Circle of Life in Spiral galaxy with a great Brooklyn botanical gardens stamp with pink florals.

Group Orange-20 :orange_heart: I have received all.

Group Yellow-20 :yellow_heart: I have received all.

  • @iwritedeb a Buddha sculpture. You have such an elegant way with words! I agree; my thoughts bombard me whenever I try to meditate.
  • @anon69164625 I love the great scientific minds collection, too. I agree, Halloween :jack_o_lantern: was just not the same this year.
  • @kyvintage a Pantone PC; yes, yellow is always such a happy color! Thank you for the great stickers, too!

Group Brown-20 :brown_heart: I have received all.

  • @melvnoble a lovely vintage PC of a cowboy, but even more fun is that it is in a gallery in “WALL DRUG” :stuck_out_tongue: I have been trying to get back into bullet journaling, too, but mostly that has been buying journals without using them. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • @AccentOnHakes a PC of University of Illinois’ Illini Union South Lounge. I have actually visited this exact lounge several times. U of Illinois has some of the best COVID testing regulations from what I hear. I have several friends from my virtual knit night group who are still in academia, and that was the general consensus. It must be nice to have a shorter drive to visit your sister now.
  • @travelingyogibear a lovely painting of a Byzantine head by Alphonse Mucha. Please send me a link to your on-demand yoga! I may dabble in it :slight_smile:

Group Purple-20 :purple_heart:

  • @AccentOnHakes a delightful purple glitter postcard. I did not like GI at all during the first 2 years, but it became one of my more favorite areas in the clinical years (because it’s mostly tubes that you worry about).

Thank you all! :heart:

I would like to join. rainbow20

Yellow20 from @jocrafts sends a beautiful yellow car and woman with many yellow decorations and stamps. I’m so sorry you had to wait in such a long line to vote I voted early and only had to wait about 10 minutes.

Yellow20 from @corinae since the Great Harry Potter card of Luna and a giant lion costume. The biggest struggle for the house was moving a two-story Log Cabin to the property to become the Edition on the back of the house. We had to put on an addition because the walls were too thick in the Stone House to run any Plumbing.

Blue20 - all received now

@ckip sent an ADG Beale Street for the Blues! Thank you.

Purple 20 - A purple glitter card from AccentonHakes–haha, Barney? I love you… you love me…that’s why we’re a family…
Yellow 20 - An interesting image of a guidance computer from Emerald Mist. And yes, slow but sure wins the race.

Please add me to the black and white group.

Thanks all!

Hi! Can I join the Rainbow-20 group, please?

@melvnoble sent me Buffalo Bill painted in brown tones. Guinea pigs aren’t uncommon pets. I miss mine! I want to get more pets after I graduate school…I’ve been thinking that rabbits might be nice. Just wishful thinking for a couple years, though.

@jocrafts “She believed she could, so she did.” I needed this! School has been so rough recently. I love love love the silly stickers you used on the card. Thank you!

Purple 20 went out today.

I received Purple 20 from jocrafts a dark purple nebula. Cool!

Yellow 20

I received a vintage cruise card from @joCrafts! I’m so glad you exercised your rights, but it sucks that you had to wait so long!

I will join black & white

Dropping off all my cards for Rainbow-20 in the mail tomorrow.

(my pens were especially smeary today, sorry for the messier-than-normal writing some of you might get :frowning: )